Classic games that you hate?

  • I thought of another (it must seem like I hate all games, lol), Limbo. Can't stand it.

  • Dark Souls (that's old enough to be classic right?)
    The world is just so bland and borring. The gameplay is okay, but there was nothing in the game, that made me want to continue. Now originally I only played it for a couple of hours, and then said, fine this isnt for me.

    Then Bloodborne came along..
    What a masterpiece.
    In Bloodborne they created a fantastic world, and felt like you would turne a corner, and there would just be a crazy beast, that your mind wouldn't even comprehend. It was magnificent.
    The combat, was also way better than Dark Souls.

    After I got the platinum in Bloodborne, I decided to give Dark Souls another go.. but man, even after about 25 hours, it was just a drag. I can see why the game would appeal to people, but to me the world was just too borring.

  • @MonsTruz You gonna try Dark Souls 3?

  • @DarthAmmii

    Yes, I actually did play Dark Souls 3. I thought what the hell, they must have learned something from Bloodborne, and I think they did. I have not played Dark Souls 2, so I don't know how big the different is between 2 and 3.
    But the lvl design in Dark souls 3, was very good. The world itself, is nowhere near as good as Bloodborne, but the actual lvl design, how everything was connected and so on, was probably even better than Bloodborne.

    The game still didn't captivate me as much as Bloodborne, and then another game came along (Uncharted maybe), so I never got around to finishing it. But I might go back, I defiantly had a better time with Dark Souls 3, than the original game.
    But I they announce a Bloodborne 2, I'm going to be all over that.

  • @MonsTruz I don't like the world the Souls games are set in, yet I love the look of Bloodborne with it's Frankenstein'esque atmosphere. But Nioh is my kinda jam, totally, I love ninjas lol.

  • This thread is depressing, ha. So many games I love.

    Witcher Series

    Those are a few of the most popular franchises I just don't get much out of although I wouldn't say I hate any of them. They just end up boring me.

  • @SpyKi I just went with click-baity title lol. But as someone who absolutely loves Grand Theft Auto games, I can see why a lot of people dislike them.

  • @DarthAmmii
    Yeah Nioh looks really amazing!

  • @MonsTruz Is there some weird way to download the demo off of the PSN? The Download button won't show on mine. :(

  • really hate Hogs of War

  • Ecco the Dolphin really grinds my gears. It was one of three games I owned on the SEGA Genesis besides Sonic, the other two being sports games (NBA Jam, NHLPA 93). My parents got it for me because it seemed like a peaceful,. non-violent video game.

    Little did they know how angry a person this one game would make me. Not only could I not beat it, but I didn't have the attention span to even get past the second level. The puzzles were RIDICULOUS, and in an age where there was no internet, I just had no clue how to proceed at times.

  • I can't believe I'm using my first post for this: Final Fantasy Tactic. I tried. I tried a lot. I just hate this game. It looks SOOOOOOO good but I just can't play it :(

  • I don't hate any games however I dislike bad ports of games like Pac-Man on the 2600

  • While I'm sure they have good production values, I've never played a GTA game because I'm offended by its use of sex & violence for the sake of sex & violence. I can kind of get around Mortal Kombat, because fighting is all it is, but GTA makes excuses as to why it's so graphic.

    I played The Godfather game once, and although the game itself was clunky, I respected how it presented the violence; pacing it out, blending it with the story, not too gory.

    Also, my dislike of traditional JRPGs aside, I don't see why Final Fantasy's soundtrack gets the wide acclaim that it does. Aside from its magnum opus, Dancing Mad, It all sounds like bland, dumbed-down classical. Zelda's soundtracks are both more tuneful and more emotional, yet Koji Kondo gets slagged for being too "easy", like a John Sloane painting... -_-

  • Hate is too strong a word but I really have a hard time with Zelda II: The Adventure of Link. The game has such a wild difficulty spike early on that I just stop most of the time. It's gotten better over time, but I just shudder every time I think about it.

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  • Hate's a strong word but I don't like Earthbound at all and think it's genuinely one of the most overrated games I've ever seen.

  • Is Halo classic now? was never a fan of the series, didn't like the look or characters. I get why people like it but at the time I found it to be a downgrade to the FPS's I had been playing on PC. I suppose I do have a Microsoft bias ever since Windows 2000 and how I couldn't play some of my favorite games on it.
    I wouldn't say I hate Earthbound but first person RPGs are just not my thing. (as in you get into random turn based battles but cant see your characters.) Love turn based rpgs over action rpgs though.

  • I can't think of any games that I hate, but I really don't care for the GTA series.. GTA V is the only one I played through (since it came free with my PS4) and I don't know.. its just not for me.

    As for games that are always on top 20 lists, I'd have to go with Skyrim. I used to hate on it but I eventually came around and played it and enjoyed it.. but I really don't think it deserves to be called one of the best of all time

    I'll also add an honorable mention for the Halo series.. I loved Halo CE (its probably one of my most replayed games) but I kind of just lost interest in the series after that. Also I never owned an Xbox...

  • @DeweyDTruman said in Classic games that you hate?:

    Hate's a strong word but I don't like Earthbound at all and think it's genuinely one of the most overrated games I've ever seen.

    Well I hate Earthbound SOOOOOOO MUCH. Its mind numbing, no brain battle system, its confusing story filled with facepalm "jokes", and the worst 16-bit track I have ever heard (especially the theme during the Alien Invasion which I wanted to rip my ears out).

    I have no idea how this game has a cult following.