Tabletop Escapades - Official Discussion Thread [Spoilers]

  • I feel like with the last few episodes the group has just been able to not really engage with the story and avoided making any decisions.

    For example going into the maze, its been like what 3 episodes and the group has just been sitting there avoiding going in there. And whenever they have a decision to make or a challenge they seem to push it onto Ben to make it, similar to Pomper's decision about the dragon this week. I feel like in those cases Ben shouldn't have given into the Huber.

    Even in TTA the group was still doing DND things like actually examining objects, perception, you know "real" DND. But it was still super funny and entertaining. Don't get me wrong TTE is still amazing but seems like it just grinds to a halt for whole blocks of episodes because the group is just not willing to move forward. It feels like everytime an NPC asks group "A" or "B", group says "You decide". Loop till Ben gives up and decides or rolls for it.

    I'm not blaming Ben at all since he has been doing a good job as a DM and there is only so much he can do if the group is just not willing make decisions and keep forcing them onto the DM.

  • @DemonSwordsman There's some truth in what you're saying, yes. Especially that whole going into the maze was super slow. And it only got slower when Ben had to tell the separate Pomper story when he went his own way. Thankfully they're now together again and actually IN the maze.

  • @DemonSwordsman I agree. The sometimes unwillingness to move forward is the weakness of an otherwise super awesome show.
    And sure, you could say that they're role playing their characters and that's what they would do, but it's also both a game and a show and, in my opinion, I think it's possible to role play in such a way as to find ways to move the story forward. An example from the old TTA, Andry just sat in the wagon for several episodes and Kyle said that she didn't have any reason to go in there and was just going to guard the wagon. While that might be true, in my opinion he should then have role played a reason for her to go into the cave with the others, like in search for gold or whatever.
    Think of why a character would do something in order to move the story forward.

  • Personally, I love the two saga's so far. The Island really has had just as many great moments as the city. Blowing up the sailor with magic missile to euthanizing the Gold Boy #1 is just as funny to me as Law's demands to the Priest or punching a hole through a steel cell.

    The story has been relatively grounded until certain aspects of the Island as well as this mirror maze. Remember, we went almost majority of the series without much combat or many actual challenges (presented by DM as opposed to the bunch creating their own conflicts) so I'm certainly happy with the direction the last few episodes have taken. I don't see it going into semantics about meters and logistics like, say, the balancing floor did on TTA. Ben has already sort of taken Pomper on a linear path and returned him with great powers.

    I have to say that the Fiasco episode "Regina's Wedding" was very funny as well. I actually just bought Fiasco and it will be my first table top RPG experience. I cannot commit to DnD atm (nor afford the DM-guide, Monster Manual, and Starter Set) so I am excited to play Fiasco with my friends. We were built for that type of game. Thinking of beginning on Fiasco High or Regina's Wedding.

  • @GoTaco
    Check out Dungeon World. It's similar to DnD but both easier and cheaper to play and focuses a lot on role playing and relationships between characters.

  • @Olf_Himself

    Thanks man. In under 12 months I'll have graduated university and hopefully never have to worry about school work and guilty procrastination again. At that point I intend on learning and trying some new things and DnD or some sort of similar RPG will be one of them.

  • The newest, #29, was an absolute joy to watch. This time all that talk and dialogue just felt really great and fun to listen and it surprised me time after time. Especially Yogalla delivered big time this week. A really good episode.

  • @Sentinel-Beach Yep, this one was one of my favorites so far. Super invisibility and the heist in general had me cracking up.

  • <---- OST of Episode 29 (second act)

    great 'sode all around, tho what happened to all em sailors in the end? Shouldn't Pomper feel the burden of not actually rescuing them from the Mirrormaze, or is Pomper having some kind of Law syndrome?

    ...Who am I kidding? The main reason why im in love with Tabletop Escapades(/Adventures) is the true chaotic nature of adventurers; constantly forgetting the bigger picture and focusing on the smallest of details possible.... Just charging HEAD ON into the new settings and making Ben's plans for "real DnD" to fall apart with ridiculous consequences :full_moon_with_face: BEST IN THE BIZ, hands down

  • I burst out laughing when yogalla tried to convince everone that he also saw a green dragon

  • This most recent episode was arguably the funniest one yet. So many priceless moments. I also loved when Ben/Moof tried to steer the party in a different direction, only to be immediately shut down. Classic.

  • I skipped the 2nd spin off episode (ft Jones) just so I can catch up to the main story. Should I dedicate nearly 2 hours into watching that one?

  • @GoTaco It's fun so watch it if you want but it has no impact on the overall story so if you feel you don't have time it doesn't matter if you skip it.

  • Episode #33: Huber still has the best lines. :) Oh man, I had to take a break at that point and go make something to eat while all the while laughing and repeating that phrase. "You won't see me again."

    What was the thing that Necator and Yogalla hid behind in the cathedral? Started with a P, how do you spell it? That kind of church vocabulary is new to me.

  • @Sentinel-Beach It's called a pew, basically these bad boys.

    alt text

  • @SabotageTheTruth Thanks. I knew what he (Kyle) meant, but I couldn't google it, as I had this blackout that what's the term even in Finnish, lol. (They're just basically "church benches" here, as my mind now works again.)

  • A week to learn what the status of the moon is. I never thought I could anticipate such a small detail for a week, but I already know I will be.

  • When they were going over details from previous episodes, I immediately thought, "Oh, I wonder if they forgot about Yogalla's doom scroll." So happy they didn't!

  • Still haven't watched the latest episode but I have a question. Actually two:

    1. Does Pomper still have the staff from the powerful wizard he killed on the island? The wizard that the gang met in the city and followed on the boat and into the island? I swear he got his staff then it hasn't been mentioned much since or maybe I'm missing something?

    2. Isn't Necator invisible? He went into that dimensional portal invisible, no?

  • What did Kyle and Ben talk about at the end about the fan art? I didn't get the joke, I mean something about an episode taken down or something?