Tabletop Escapades - Official Discussion Thread [Spoilers]

  • After I found this show I binge watched the first 7 or 8 Episodes because I'm either crazy or this is the greatest show in the universe! Or both. I laughed soooo much!!!! Can't wait for more. I love these guys!

  • I had no idea what DnD was even about before watching this show. Seeing everyone being so creative and fun with it really caught my interest!

    It really makes me want to try the game myself one day, but it seems super hard to find people who are into DnD alt text

  • New one's out!

    Law with his inventory check and the return of the crowbar. Man, I laughed. :) And the fact that Kyle left Yogalla just sleeping, ignoring the "reached-out hands". Nice. The few 1's from throws were also well timed, Huber got to make his story for the thief canon, lol. :)

    There's going to be some real showdown with all the group soon at the Baron's place, I'll tell you that.

  • "I have a molotov cocktail" was pretty damn fun!

  • Oh man when Ben said even the Baron would be asleep, I knew Huber was going to try to confront him!

  • Hmm I need to start from the beginning.

    I haven't played D&D, but I played Warhammer and Shadowrun. I prefer D6 games.

  • I loved the latest episode. Ian's old man voice and RP was awesome, Law doesn't have a plan but he has a crowbar. Pure comedy gold. :grinning:

  • Finally a new episode!! And oh man Law! :laughing: Epic :laughing: Everyone is so great! Really enjoyed Therese and Necator trying to hide and figuring stuff out. Episode was amazing! And I'm totally convinced Ben's main story is forever lost now :smile:

  • If TE was adapted into an anime, or television show then I think it would make for very compelling content. Though that doesn't mean it's not so now. The out-of-character banter, and everything in between makes this show.

  • I would love to see this go suikoden style with them recruiting an army of NPCs as they go :smiley:

  • I love this show so much and even though the epic story introduction and the high stakes at which the journey started are currently not present I would not change a thing.

    I thank the guys for playing their characters to the max! The crazy shit that happens is just magic. Every episode makes me happy and I hope this goes on forever! I seriously had no problem if they would stay 5 more episodes in the city before they sort out what to do next.

    Big shout out to all of the guys but especially to Ben! He is so good at keeping up with the craziness around him. It is just impressive!

    Cannot wait for the next episode! Have a nice week guys!

  • Love the show, keep up the good work guys!
    Am I the only one who hope Pervince will do a cameo as like a shop keep or something?

  • Pervince doesn't exist in this world unfortunately... maybe some kind of spiritual successor to good old Pervy.

  • Episode 13 is live!

  • Some great moments in this one.


  • The group is finally together! Sort of. Not really. But close to each other! By the bush. :)

    Oh man. They need to get out of that town, just leave it all behind, but the hole just keeps getting deeper. I need to see where it all ends.

  • That episode was amazing.

    "Right out this way, past this bush" :D

  • Episode 14 is live!

  • Omg when Bosman says

    "Not leaving without Zhizhi" and Ian points "she's right here". Sophie jumps on the table. Sophie is RPing Zhizhi! LOL

    alt text

  • Sometimes this is the only appropriate reaction to Law's shenanigans.

    alt text