Tabletop Escapades - Official Discussion Thread [Spoilers]

  • @SabotageTheTruth Thanks. I knew what he (Kyle) meant, but I couldn't google it, as I had this blackout that what's the term even in Finnish, lol. (They're just basically "church benches" here, as my mind now works again.)

  • A week to learn what the status of the moon is. I never thought I could anticipate such a small detail for a week, but I already know I will be.

  • When they were going over details from previous episodes, I immediately thought, "Oh, I wonder if they forgot about Yogalla's doom scroll." So happy they didn't!

  • Still haven't watched the latest episode but I have a question. Actually two:

    1. Does Pomper still have the staff from the powerful wizard he killed on the island? The wizard that the gang met in the city and followed on the boat and into the island? I swear he got his staff then it hasn't been mentioned much since or maybe I'm missing something?

    2. Isn't Necator invisible? He went into that dimensional portal invisible, no?

  • What did Kyle and Ben talk about at the end about the fan art? I didn't get the joke, I mean something about an episode taken down or something?

  • @Sentinel-Beach Ben had said he wouldn't put up nude representations of the characters due to YouTube's policies and fear of getting it taken down. They had mentioned making an "after dark" video for patrons only, but I'm (fairly) certain that portion was a joke. With this group though, you never know. There was at least one story element with Law being drawn nude, so there's at least a canon reason for the art to exist.

  • After we watched the "Story So Far" episode, my roommate made a quick but thorough sketch of the demise of Law. It really made me laugh. I'm convincing him to paint it in time for the Fan Art episode.

    Let's just say the city looked small as a result of how far Law missed his mark. Very funny.

  • I hope Pepe and Timothy's wife eventually turn up in the show. I don't remember if Yogalla still has the nude drawing of her through.

  • @Olf_Himself I believe it was taken by one of the old men on the beach.

  • @Olf_Himself @SabotageTheTruth Ya, I believe Yogalla showed it to the old man, who decided to keep it for himself

  • Heh, I wonder if Pomper hasn't harmed Moof by accident way more than Yogalla ever did?

  • @Olf_Himself "You hear the snapping of bone...again"

  • This post is deleted!

  • Pomper, you monster! :o

  • Props to Kyle's RP but it's kinda slowing down the plot

  • @TheHashtag0nist Yeah, I mean both Kyle and Brad made it pretty clear they weren't going to do anything until something forced them to do something so coming back to them in the turn order was kind of a waste of time.

  • Some of the motivations in this one feel a little... strange.

    Pomper obviously cares deeply for Moof, basically vowing to protect him. Yet after smacking him with a mace and having the flayer come after Moof on the floor, Pomper decides to ready an action? I know it was cause for debate during the show itself but it just feels real off to me, especially considering how he quickly rushes to pick up Moof immediately after. Even if an attack wouldn't have stopped Moof's brain from being sucked out, it would have felt like he was trying to save the poor kobold's life. Between that and openly attacking Carl (while he was running away), I don't think Pomper should be considered Lawful Good at all. He's mostly looking after his own interests, isn't thinking things through, and letting his temper get the better of him. That said, I don't mind his character changing because stagnation isn't interesting either, I just sincerely hope he doesn't try to be the "good guy" when they regroup.

  • I'm kind of conflicted on the Moof situation.

    From a story perspective, I love Moof and think he's a great character who I'll be sad to see go or whatever happens to him.
    On the other hand, from a meta perspective I'm kind of relieved he's gone. I find that the players often used him to get out of doing stuff or making decisions themselves.
    If Huber doesn't want to make an important decision he forces Moof to do it. If Kyle doesn't want to do something he forces Moof to do it.
    Without Moof I hope it forces the characters to take more actions themselves.

  • @Olf_Himself I mean, they basically can't do much of anything right now. Necator is unarmed, and Yogalla is out of spell slots. Retreating was really all they could do.

    And I agree with that Pomper's decision was...weird. Didn't seem to fit the dynamic they had going.