Tabletop Escapades - Official Discussion Thread [Spoilers]

  • Some of the motivations in this one feel a little... strange.

    Pomper obviously cares deeply for Moof, basically vowing to protect him. Yet after smacking him with a mace and having the flayer come after Moof on the floor, Pomper decides to ready an action? I know it was cause for debate during the show itself but it just feels real off to me, especially considering how he quickly rushes to pick up Moof immediately after. Even if an attack wouldn't have stopped Moof's brain from being sucked out, it would have felt like he was trying to save the poor kobold's life. Between that and openly attacking Carl (while he was running away), I don't think Pomper should be considered Lawful Good at all. He's mostly looking after his own interests, isn't thinking things through, and letting his temper get the better of him. That said, I don't mind his character changing because stagnation isn't interesting either, I just sincerely hope he doesn't try to be the "good guy" when they regroup.

  • I'm kind of conflicted on the Moof situation.

    From a story perspective, I love Moof and think he's a great character who I'll be sad to see go or whatever happens to him.
    On the other hand, from a meta perspective I'm kind of relieved he's gone. I find that the players often used him to get out of doing stuff or making decisions themselves.
    If Huber doesn't want to make an important decision he forces Moof to do it. If Kyle doesn't want to do something he forces Moof to do it.
    Without Moof I hope it forces the characters to take more actions themselves.

  • @Olf_Himself I mean, they basically can't do much of anything right now. Necator is unarmed, and Yogalla is out of spell slots. Retreating was really all they could do.

    And I agree with that Pomper's decision was...weird. Didn't seem to fit the dynamic they had going.

  • @Minamik Oh I wasn't talking about this episode in particular. It's been a thing as long as Moof has been a member of the party.

  • @Olf_Himself I think they've just got a thing for trying to recruit more weirdos into their motley crew, lol. In another timeline, that fishing villager guy would have joined them on their journey, lol.

  • I don't know if they players, aside from Ian, could handle it but it would be really funny if they started multi-classing. Like Pomper goes Barbarian because of the events of the recent episode or something. Or Necator goes Monk because he's lost his weapon.

  • Out of the frying pan, and into the fire. TTE #38 is now up.

  • WHO AM I!?

  • This week, in the fan favorite show "Pomper Makes Everything Way Worse," we have some interesting developments!

  • I liked how Ben joined Kyle's hooded-up tradition when Pomper started his own jolly actions. :D

  • I'm lying in my head!

  • What an excellent episode this #39 was! It felt like it lasted way more than an hour, in a good way. A lot of great dialogue between the whole group and just generally the vibes were positive and fun. And of course there was some excitement in a good measure. Enjoyed it a lot, I mean to say. :)

  • Fantastic episode.

  • That really was an amazing episode, things just came together so right it'd be a fantastic script if it was preplanned, for it to happen naturally is even more incredible

    The fact Pomper has a legitimate reason to be holding the bag of gold and how that'll force Necator and Yogallah to care where they might otherwise have abandoned Pomper is SO PERFECT

  • This was a great episode. One of my favorite moments in all of Tabletop ____________ was when...

    Kyle describes casting the mount spell but then realizing that it takes a minute to cast. His RP-ing was great, and not backing down from casting it once he realized it didn't work the way he originally thought. So great.

  • I look forward to new episodes of Tabletop Escapades all week. It's so good! :D

    I really hope they get to another town soon. They've only been to two towns so far in the story, but both towns were utterly destroyed by the time they left.
    They're 2 for 2 in that regard. Like a walking calamity or something.

  • "Dear parents..." What a sweet and unexpected moment. :)

    And in general, a new city! Seems to be the biggest yet, too, I'd wager. Gonna be good.

  • Really excited to see them back in a city. Love when they interact with NPCs. Ten werehogs on Huber finding an equivalent to the Baron to get obsessed with in this town too.

  • @Olf_Himself I feel like it goes without saying at this point. Cities always hold someone dabbling in backdoor shady deals for Huber to fixate on.

  • @logic__error
    Or dabbling in imagined shady deals like the Baron.