Tabletop Escapades - Official Discussion Thread [Spoilers]

  • This week's episode brought to you by...

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  • "That thing will never leave!" :D

    I don't even

  • Almost caught up! "A Wizard Transformed" killed me. I knew from the title it was going to be hilarious.

  • #60: Some really cool moments at the last 10-15 minutes, had to get up on my chair and follow more closely. These kind of moments are the best. :)

    Also loved Yogalla's relationship with the puffs, being so mean all the time, lol.
    And Kyle had some good thinking accusing Olaf of being the Big Bad all of a sudden. Well played.

  • Ok everyone, I'm going to need to see some fan art of...

    Pomper and Ren charging the Umber Hulk with an army of Puffs hopping behind holding imaginary weapons.

  • Why does the E3 week have to affect Tabletop, meaning no show? I mean, they're all pre-recorded anyway. (Unless they're actually out of episodes right now and have to film more on upcoming weekend or something.)

  • @Sentinel-Beach maybe they want people to focus on the coverage? Just a possibility but it makes sense since they're putting alot of work into it.

    But who knows.

  • @Bosman Kyle, how do you spell your phantom steed's name? It's almost like some weird cocktail. :)

  • I really enjoyed #65. That dynamite plan has been one of the worst they've had and for the same reason so good. I love it. :) And Yogalla's somewhere deep behind the enemy lines, it's gonna get chaotic.

  • With the way the last episode ended, I'm kind of hoping that Yogalla is essentially transformed into the main antagonist. I think that could actually be a pretty cool dynamic.

    Either way, interested to see what happens.

  • And if Necator and Therese start to pair up even more like this with Pomper running around on his own businesses then Huber will soon become that fabled "third party" himself he holds so dear in games and films. :)

  • #66: Cliffhanger for the ages. I mean next week we'll see something absolutely crazy. I can only hope it'll be Yogalla going all Gandalf the White on that cave full of enemies.

  • @Sentinel-Beach

    totally a crit failure, gonna be hilarious.

  • I can only hope that if Yogalla wins his challenge that his godlike powers somehow manifest themselves as "Infinite Grease".

  • Have to say I was a bit disappointed with the episode. Felt like it was bogged down by continuity issues and just general DnD related questions.

    The only thing that really happened in the episode was Pomper and crew making their way to Therese and Necator.

    The cliffhanger was just last weeks cliffhanger with some rolls.

  • Yeah, I felt like we didn't really get anywhere in the latest episode. We got the stuff with Crystalized Ren but that was about it. Hopefully that means next episode will have more going on, it is tough when the party is so divided to give equal time to each group.

  • #67's out.

    Yogalla... :'( It feels so weird to continue now. But the end is close anyway.

  • Easy Ally

    @Sentinel-Beach said in Tabletop Escapades - Official Discussion Thread:

    @Bosman Kyle, how do you spell your phantom steed's name? It's almost like some weird cocktail. :)

    ZanSeim Evadarroa Peach

  • @Sentinel-Beach

    I loved that episode so much! I think either result would have made for an amazing moment in the story but Yogalla dying because of his greed, and literally becoming part of the object of that greed, was so tasty. Too bad he took so many cool objects with him (The badass rings!!!) but the loss of those things he greedily took for himself and never made use of just makes it all the sweeter. Good thing Therese was holding all their magical bags!
    Plus, I am so excited for Kyle's new character! Ahhhh!!!

  • Like the Game of Thrones discussion, I think it's fair game that people can talk freely regarding the latest episode. I'd be a little more wary of this if for example patrons could view it early.

    And with that, What a wonderful way to go.I have to admit I was a little disappointed at first as I did like the idea of Yogalla being so consumed by power that he would become the main villain however it was certainly a fitting way to go.

    Huber all round was brilliant in this episode. I just found everything he did to be extremely entertaining.

    I have to say, I'm a bit curious about the patrons in this universe and if their characters are aware of any of this.