Tabletop Escapades - Official Discussion Thread [Spoilers]

  • Really enjoyed how loopy that last episode was. Can't wait to hear what they plan on doing for the next season.

  • Part of me wishes they'd just start from scratch. It'd freshen things up and make it easier for new viewers to get in.

    But I realize Ben has put a lot of work into the current campaign (that the boys continually find ways around his plans, lol).

  • So if all the Green and Red Dragon energy is gone (based on Dragonborns not existing anymore), does that mean King Puff is gone as well ;_;

    Also in Pomper's backstory he had a dream in which a dragon told him to stop a demon from coming through a portal and that's why Pomper left his family in the cave and sneaked aboard that ship.... Calling it now, the black robed guy is "the Father" that gives Therese her powers AND the foretold "demon" from Pomper's vision.

  • The recap episode is out. At least one big surprise:

    Brad will also create a new character! I mean I knew Kyle would, but Necator leaving came as a surprise. Excited to see two new faces!

  • Getting some withdrawal syndrome here, is there any news as to when the new episode will be up? Can't wait for more shenanigans!

  • @Wrynnax The schedule says next Wednesday.

  • @Olf_Himself thank you, good sir!

  • Something old and something new, season 2's here. I think I like Brad and Kyle's new faces. :)

    Youtube Video

  • Love the new characters and can't wait for the first battle.

  • As someone who never watched TE before, i really enjoyed the episode. All of them played their role hilariously well, and Kyle's immersion-breaking joke just caught me off guard so much lol. So excited for the next episode!

  • Kyle's accent alone sold me on his new character, what a hilarious tone of voice! And can already tell that his oath will be the cause for much laughter this season!

  • #2. I really like Birdcough and how Brad took a completely different turn this time with his character. Funny dialogue between him and Villiand. "Your circus will be a den of sin." "No, just pure music." And at the bottom of the tower: "Birdcough, you're clearly the smartest of us." "Mmm." "What's happening here?" "Evil stuff." :)

  • #3. Yes, Brad! Birdcough's killing it with his lines and Hmm's. :) Really funny stuff, and really cool new magic and tricks, too! And Villiand's THAT phrase become immediately legendary, what a moment.

  • Really liking Birdcough and Villiand. So happy Kyle is playing a pro-active character again. I hope he doesn't turn into a contrarian like Fame that refuses to go along with the rest of the characters.

  • #5. Not a very good episode, sorry to say. It started strong, things were both funny and interesting, but then all that battle talk really killed the mood. It lasted so long and didn't even finish, and I don't really want to hear about those tentacles again for a good while. Man, that's slow dice rolling with them.

    And of course the whole balance was off with the characters, as Brad and Huber only got a few minutes in at the beginning and then we spend an hour with Ian and Kyle. But sure, the others said that they wanted to wait for Therese and Villiand before moving on, and so we kinda have to go through all this battle, but still, a scene or two of birdwatching wouldn't have been a bad thing.

    Anyway, looking forward to all four being together again soon.

  • @sentinel-beach
    I'm actually the opposite. I really liked the battle sequence because I enjoy the mechanics of the game. I did not enjoy the part with Brad and Huber because I've kind of grown tired of Pomper and I really dislike Potbelly. His voice breaks my immersion for some reason. Love Birdcough though.

  • I like the accidental combo between Kyle and Ian, but just like @Sentinel-Beach said it made the combat longer which took half the episode.

    PS last week when kyle said he had a small hammer i know he missed up because of my WoW experience, i was hoping he had a 2 handed mace.

  • @a7x458 Kyle needs a Warhammer since he uses a shield.

  • I really enjoyed the latest episode too. I kinda struggled with the end of last season with all the long battles but I didn't feel that in this particular episode to be honest.

    Been a good start to the season so far.

  • Villiand is so good.