Tabletop Escapades - Official Discussion Thread [Spoilers]

  • Hey, would anyone be interested in helping set up a Tabletop Escapades Wiki?

    I have the bare bones of one set up at the moment but i want to see how many of you would be interested in using it, especially if the series continues much farther into the future.

  • Hello everyone, the latest episodes inspired me to draw something and i wanted to share it with all of the allies :D alt text Hope you like!

    .S. I don't know if there is an actual tread for fan art, if so please let me know, Thanks!

  • @silverEEPS Nice! It just needs the black one-eyed cant overlooking the scene to add that extra ominousness. Tweet it to them if you haven't. They don't check forums as often as Twitter.

  • @Whoaness Thanks! yeah the black eyed one is a good idea, i'll probably add it sometime soon :) I'm also thinking of adding poster of the "Law trial" on the floor or something

  • Disagree with most complaints here. I didn't even have a clue what D&D was about before this show besides knowing pen and paper RPGs are the basis for video game RPGs.

    The comedy aspect of this kills me and I think a serious campaign may turn me off. Huber is exactly how I play RPG games; emotionally, and uncompromising. Causing chaos and dealing with consequences makes everything much for fun than playing normal imo.

    I'm super unseasoned to DnD tho. How long does a campaign usually last? Also is there any chance and hell my friends and I would be able to handle playing DnD at zero experience if I bought a set, or does the DM have to be really pro?

    Lastly, can somebody like me to the first episode of Tabletop Adventures? Seems to be a few different starting points on the GT YouTube.I'd like to watch from the proper start. I've heard Hogger was also a mess.

    Thanks lads!

  • @silverEEPS said in Tabletop Escapades - Official Discussion Thread:

    Hello everyone, the latest episodes inspired me to draw something and i wanted to share it with all of the allies :D alt text Hope you like!

    .S. I don't know if there is an actual tread for fan art, if so please let me know, Thanks!

    AMAZING! Aha

  • A new one's out.

    Change was in the air big time now. The whole city will be gone. I was both really impressed but also kind of scared by the image Ben painted of the attacking forces. I mean, whoah, it was all in: trolls, Nightingales, mages and orcs. Basically a battle you can't win. Really, there's no way. And yet... there's Law. This'll be his final stand. Godspeed, you crazy dwarf.

    It was nice getting some big steps this time, like the mage from before and the almost-whole group following him out to the sea. Made me remember that there's a plot in here, too, and it felt really interesting even. Especially after so many stunts in the city. Which were fun for the most part, I'm not saying otherwise, but the time was really now to take this huge step into another direction. It just feels right.

  • @GoTaco This playlist has everything in the order they did in chronological order including the side stuff they did on off weeks, and stitches the multi-video sessions together:. Some of it's re-uploads and not on the official GT channel though if that matters.

  • What the hell was that noise? They looked horrified, the poor buggers (appart from Bosman).

    Great episode again. The climax at the end wa intense.

  • @Barnacle They said it wasn't gunfire, but that definitely sounded like gunfire to me.

  • Law is like one of those people who try to talk their way out of being pulled over by a cop by saying it is their fault, then gets completely shafted.

    Those youtube videos are so funny and cringey.

  • I think Ben went a LITTLE bit over the top there with 200 orcs and a bunch of trolls.

    The crew hasn't gotten any experience in 10 episodes and it seems only Law is going to fight here.

    Looking forward to how this plays out

  • @TheHashtag0nist Law is gonna die I think. He's an honorable character so maybe he'd want to go this way. Ben had mentioned before that he had a few ideas for if we lose Law so that probably won't be the absolutely last time we see him.

    On another note, it was really cool how they brought the shady mage full circle even though it took many many episodes. It was funny but also interesting he was at the cat races. Seems like Yogala and this mage will have to have the final showdown.

  • @TheHashtag0nist Well it definitely feels like Ben is doing what he can to keep the group together by giving them a lot of chances, like that third cat race, but Law is a rebel!

    He is off to valhalla!

  • Law has got to die next episode... I can't see any possible way that he could survive that scenario.

    Also, brilliant fan-art silverEEPS!

  • @luckywallace Yeah, Law is so screwed, my initial reaction at the end of last episode wasn't "I wonder what's going to happen to Law." but instead "I wonder what kind of character Huber is going to create next." There's no way he survives. He's facing an army, and even his companions left him behind.

    I think even Huber is trying to kill him off now. He realised he made a character that is too good, to the point where roleplaying Law necessitates doing the stupid but nice thing every time. If someone is in trouble, even if it's an obvious trap, Law has to just charge right in and try to help regardless, because there's the tiniest chance they might really be someone in need of help, and he couldn't just leave that person to die. Just like when one of his companions was framed for murder, he immediately turned himself in.

    He basically made Batman, only without the gadgets, or the superhero level combat ability, the justice loving allies, or the unbeatable plot armour.
    And that just wasn't gonna fly.

    Still, Law was a funny character. I'm not disappointed he existed.
    A crazy dwarven monk with a justice-boner, who almost killed himself by stuffing his wound full of grain and broke his own arm punching through a steel bar gate. xD

  • @luckywallace I think he kind of has to live if he somehow rolls really, freakishly well and gets nat 20s on catapult rolls or something, but yeah I agree anything less than that he needs to die and not get saved by some deus ex machina or anything, because it'd reduce the tension for it to be that hard for someone to die.

  • @Paper-Lion Yeah, you are definitely right here. Huber is trying to kill him off in a fun way and still entertain everyone watching. It's definitely starting to feel like he's being kept alive after all of the events in the city. Ian has said it a few times in each episode "He wants to die, just let him." - And Kyle is also taking that path. Brad was the last to agree, and finally has.

    I think you really hit the nail on the head with "Doing the stupid but nice thing every time".

  • @Whoaness I'm happy for that third race, the guys were really screwed being broke and also hated by the entire city they were in. He can't really give them quests, as no one likes them... - Giving them a chunk of money and a boat is the best way to get the story moving.

  • Here is a quasi-full circle prediction [DISCLAIMER] I don't know the ins and outs of DnD so maybe this is impossible, but maybe Law dies protecting the city and the city prevails in which the Priest who Law knows all to well ends up saving him after the battle??