Tabletop Escapades - Official Discussion Thread [Spoilers]

  • @luckywallace I think he kind of has to live if he somehow rolls really, freakishly well and gets nat 20s on catapult rolls or something, but yeah I agree anything less than that he needs to die and not get saved by some deus ex machina or anything, because it'd reduce the tension for it to be that hard for someone to die.

  • @Paper-Lion Yeah, you are definitely right here. Huber is trying to kill him off in a fun way and still entertain everyone watching. It's definitely starting to feel like he's being kept alive after all of the events in the city. Ian has said it a few times in each episode "He wants to die, just let him." - And Kyle is also taking that path. Brad was the last to agree, and finally has.

    I think you really hit the nail on the head with "Doing the stupid but nice thing every time".

  • @Whoaness I'm happy for that third race, the guys were really screwed being broke and also hated by the entire city they were in. He can't really give them quests, as no one likes them... - Giving them a chunk of money and a boat is the best way to get the story moving.

  • Here is a quasi-full circle prediction [DISCLAIMER] I don't know the ins and outs of DnD so maybe this is impossible, but maybe Law dies protecting the city and the city prevails in which the Priest who Law knows all to well ends up saving him after the battle??

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    Hey, would anyone be interested in helping set up a Tabletop Escapades Wiki?

    I have the bare bones of one set up at the moment but i want to see how many of you would be interested in using it, especially if the series continues much farther into the future.

    I saw your previous post, and I think it might be wise to try teaming up with the folks trying to set up a wikia for EZA in general and make a TtE wikia within that wiki

    Try looking over here:

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    Hello everyone, the latest episodes inspired me to draw something and i wanted to share it with all of the allies :D alt text Hope you like!

    .S. I don't know if there is an actual tread for fan art, if so please let me know, Thanks!

    I am sheeking (dat Bosman accent) . . . feline shelebrations

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    @luckywallace Yeah, Law is so screwed, my initial reaction at the end of last episode wasn't "I wonder what's going to happen to Law." but instead "I wonder what kind of character Huber is going to create next." There's no way he survives. He's facing an army, and even his companions left him behind.

    I think even Huber is trying to kill him off now. He realised he made a character that is too good, to the point where roleplaying Law necessitates doing the stupid but nice thing every time. If someone is in trouble, even if it's an obvious trap, Law has to just charge right in and try to help regardless, because there's the tiniest chance they might really be someone in need of help, and he couldn't just leave that person to die. Just like when one of his companions was framed for murder, he immediately turned himself in.

    He basically made Batman, only without the gadgets, or the superhero level combat ability, the justice loving allies, or the unbeatable plot armour.
    And that just wasn't gonna fly.

    Still, Law was a funny character. I'm not disappointed he existed.
    A crazy dwarven monk with a justice-boner, who almost killed himself by stuffing his wound full of grain and broke his own arm punching through a steel bar gate. xD

    Frankly, I disagree, he made Hogger. Nothing nice or good about him, just impulsive

  • Ben is doing damn good job DMing this episode. I super enjoy the flow of everything when he cuts back and forth and what he allows etc. Like yeah I'm kind of a D&D newbie but it still felt like I was watching someone be very skillful about handling the different stories.

    I only wish I knew where to look up the different class skills.

  • @Holundrian If you want to look up the different class skills you can use the Player's Handbook for 5th edition D&D. Also sites like Roll20 have compendiums that have a lot of the information about classes, races, and monsters if you're interested.

  • @Israel-Silva said in Tabletop Escapades - Official Discussion Thread:

    Player's Handbook for 5th edition D&D.

    Thanks! That's what I needed I just didn't know what to google for pretty cool now I'm getting excited about levels seeing the possibilities in the future.

    Spend the last hour skipping through the handbook I got so many Etros/general D&D related questions now.

  • Only the damn Baron can save us now.

  • @TOPHATANT123 Or the Order of the Gilded Dawn could show up, since they sent all of them here in the first place, but it's unlikely. I'm secretly hoping that Emperor Dread shows up leading a army of monks to save Law's life.

  • There are people who are in doubt
    this thread REEKS of disbelief


    I wonder if Law still has some lucky charm grain in his inventory

  • The Baron is cowering in his keep!

  • well now that the cat grain hybrid is probably gone from the story since the city is all but lost, I wonder where Ben was planning on taking that plotline

  • This show is so hype! I'm legit more excited for the next episode than I have ever been for any game of thrones episode.

  • On the one hand, so jolly,. On the other, so intense. I love where this wild ride has taken us.

  • I'm hoping Law is the last one fighting, but dies to the big bad of the campaign. Maybe than Huber can make a character that isn't Hoger 2.0

  • @siegeh I'm really curious as to how he'll catch up with the others (if he survives) as he has no idea where they're heading.

  • @Alex840 Therese could send his familiar as a raven with a letter with directions