Tabletop Escapades - Official Discussion Thread [Spoilers]

  • well now that the cat grain hybrid is probably gone from the story since the city is all but lost, I wonder where Ben was planning on taking that plotline

  • This show is so hype! I'm legit more excited for the next episode than I have ever been for any game of thrones episode.

  • On the one hand, so jolly,. On the other, so intense. I love where this wild ride has taken us.

  • I'm hoping Law is the last one fighting, but dies to the big bad of the campaign. Maybe than Huber can make a character that isn't Hoger 2.0

  • @siegeh I'm really curious as to how he'll catch up with the others (if he survives) as he has no idea where they're heading.

  • @Alex840 Therese could send his familiar as a raven with a letter with directions

  • @TheHashtag0nist Damn, you solved it! Law for the win!

  • @TheHashtag0nist Why would she, though? What would be the motivation? As far as the other 3 are concerned Law made his choice and they went their separate ways already. Maybe they could hear about it in terms of some rumour in a pub or something, but actively searching for him makes no sense.

  • @Paper-Lion
    Well if the whole siege scenario with Law is all about buying enough time for someone to appear to rescue them if he succeeds Law could very well come out of this with a lot of new influence/prestige/etc. Dunno how well word gets around in Etros but Law gaining status could definitely be a motivation for the group to try to ask him for some favors at some point. That said who knows how he would feel about it given that they kind of abandoned him.

  • I feel that in the long run it would become really difficult to start building an entire other side story around Law alone if he were to still survive this all (which I don't believe he will). Huber would just have to talk to Ben's different characters, and the other three would always sit quiet that whole time.

    Ääh, why did they split up? Or why did Law keep his mind like this, to be specific? No more dialogue with the others, no group dynamics, no back-and-forth banter etc. A quick get-together somehow in the next few episodes could still save the situation, but otherwise I say let the group meet a new Huber character in the next port they anchor.

  • @Sentinel-Beach Because Huber's character isn't a coward, while the rest of them value their lives more.

    It may seem like Huber decided to split off, but the character lore actually guides the players to do what they should be doing in roleplaying games.

  • @Whoaness Yeah, I understand this made sense characterwise. I'm just not comfortable with the possible result this could lead to. But we'll be much more wiser after a week from now regarding the upcoming events.

  • @Alex840 if he survives, obviously he's going to be taken prisoner and teleport to where the others are so they can save him.
    in a book sense, he wrote himself into a corner

  • The last episode I watched was episode 4, but since then I've been too busy to watch. But every time a new episode comes out, I want to watch it (but can't since I need to watch the previous episodes). So I decided to binge watch the episodes starting from ep. 4. So far I've only got down 1 episode, but hopefully I can do an episode a night from here on out.

  • @trugs26

    At some point someone hopefully writes up a synopsis of the most important stuff that has happened so it is easier for new people to jump in and people that have become lost to reorientate themselves again. We just passed the first arc as well so a perfect point to get caught up through a hypothetical summary.

  • A new episode is out! And it was good.

    I love it that things went the way they went, mainly because the four are now together again. That was my main concern last week, that the roads would split for a long while. So this is good.

    And Law... "He just wanted to talk to the baron." What and end. o7

    And Pomper nearly bit the dust already, too. An unexpected first-meeting behaviour from a lot of bunch, lol. Do we now have a new "Kuo" in the main group in the form of a Dragonborn?

    I really liked it when Ian sort of caught Kyle off guard at the end with "Zhi Zhi", Kyle seemed to enjoy the surprise himself as well. :)

  • @Sentinel-Beach Use the spoiler tag. It's the thing with the eye crossed out.


    Why did Yogalla try to kill Huber's new character LOL! I mean, I can understand the roleplaying, but Bosman needed to establish motivation beyond just doing what the Captain says. I wish it was mentioned that Yogalla thought that Pomper ate Zhizhi.

    Pomper distrust of Yogalla +10

  • Unedited footage of Law


  • SpoilerThe distance Law would have fallen would have depended on the angle of the catapult and his initial speed. Interested in what happened to the city in the end, the cat monster that was unleashed into the night, Kuo the fishman, freaking Moof and the city in general post invasion. I imagine they could have burnt it down and killed everyone in it, or they may occupy it and use it for a base of operations in which case I can see the party returning one day to liberate it.

  • RIP Law, but I'm already liking Pomper from what little we've gotten of him so far. Also, I think it'd be awesome if it eventually turns out that the real Zhizhi was alive all along and eventually shows up.