Tabletop Escapades - Official Discussion Thread [Spoilers]

  • I feel like TTE would benefit more from a thread created for each individual episode and keep this thread for the overall lore. Spoiler tags end up limiting discussion IMO

  • @Lexad I was thinking of doing that for every show instead of sticky because anyone can create the thread and put in the correct episode youtube link instead of updating one thing. Imagine if an Ally wants to look at comments about the episode, it's so much harder to look for it in one megathread.

    Then just tag it to organize.

  • I laughed so hard this episode, that I actually got a minor headache.

    I'm curious how Huber will handle this new character. Lawful Good when the rest of them are Chaotic Neutral at best, and Neutral Evil at worst. Still, why is he Lawful Good? If he grew up in a cave in the wild, wouldn't he be subject to the laws of nature more than anything else, and thus be True Neutral?

    I hope since he doesn't know anything about the world he's more lenient with allowing injustices and the antics of the other members. I feel like Law just went dead straight against the opinions and decisions of the others, and didn't ever really yield to their desires. Which fits his character, but made for an awful group dynamic. Everyone else had to alter their plans to fit what Law was doing, more than anything else.

    I mean, an elven thief who only cares about being rich and famous, a psycho warlock, and a greedy cowardly wizard went to a trial to try to speak in his defense, even after being offered a substantial reward to speak against him. That didn't fit their characters at all. Trying to save Law from killing himself they had to break their own characters. That's not cool.

    What could be fun is if he starts out all innocent and "We have to save the world, guys!" but the others "teach" him about the world and slowly corrupt him into some sort of maniac religious zealot. SMITE ALL WHO DARE SPEAK AGAINST ALMIGHTY BAHAMUT!

  • There's no need for spoiler tags anymore, it's been over 24 hours already etc.

  • @Paper-Lion All of those questions are working from the false assumption that Huber puts any thought into his characters.

  • @TOPHATANT123 said in Tabletop Escapades - Official Discussion Thread:

    SpoilerThe distance Law would have fallen would have depended on the angle of the catapult and his initial speed. Interested in what happened to the city in the end, the cat monster that was unleashed into the night, Kuo the fishman, freaking Moof and the city in general post invasion. I imagine they could have burnt it down and killed everyone in it, or they may occupy it and use it for a base of operations in which case I can see the party returning one day to liberate it.

    He had a ballistic trajectory so he likely would have impacted the ground at greater than terminal velocity in any case, which would incur more than 20D6 in damage by necessity.

  • I wonder what the story would have been if Huber rolled nat 20 for that moment.

  • @Whoaness said in Tabletop Escapades - Official Discussion Thread:

    I wonder what the story would have been if Huber rolled nat 20 for that moment.

    Something like this I imagine

  • @Whoaness
    The city would gloriously celebrate their hero "Cannonball Law", chant it!

  • @Holundrian and orcs and trolls and nightingales would sing "I fought the Law and the Law won!"

  • Hey guys, I dunno if you seen it, but I made a thread where we can participate in TTE and make up our own stories based off real TTE events.

    Come check it out:

    I'm going to be doing this for every ep regardless if people participate because I think this is fun, and I think the Allies will appreciate it.

  • I can't help but feel a little underwhelmed by Pomper. But I respect Huber's desire to do something creative.

  • @Whoaness

    The motivation to me was that Yogala is just a hot headed street wizard who saw some twirp dragonborne try some silly tricks which ticked him off. I had a great laugh at it. I would have done the same.

  • I can already see the conversation with Ben

    MH: I want to play with a handicap

    BM: Well there are these dragonborn . . .

    MH: FUS ROH DAH!!!

  • Banned

    I Have been watching the eps

  • All Ian has to say is

    "I'm the Captain now," to the voice next episode.

  • So much blood shed and carnage over an illusion of a dead cat.

  • Kermit voice is canon for Pomper now. Get on it, Huber! xD

  • I really liked how Brad took the initiative at the beginning, I think Necator should have a bit bigger role in the campaign in general as well.

  • Ugh, I said I was going to update that game I made for new eps, but this ep didn't really have any moments in which D20s were thrown. It was all battle rolls. The only D20s were Huber climbing the ship and some mental check Ben did with the crew.