Tabletop Escapades - Official Discussion Thread [Spoilers]

  • Just made a post about potentially starting a D&D group on EZA in Gaming Discussion for those interested:

  • Episode #50. Really nice energy with the group again. Kyle seemed to have a good time there, laughing so hard to many things, like Pomper's thoughts. And that whole Yogalla/Janine banter was a great surprise for the episode. :D And gators, baby. :)

  • I really enjoy the show. at the moment on episode 21 so I am a bit being. I actually used to play DnD back in the 1st and 2nd edition age. I just signed up on roll20 and looking for a group to played with just because the show sparked the fire in me again.

  • @Paper-Lion said in Tabletop Escapades - Official Discussion Thread:

    I look forward to new episodes of Tabletop Escapades all week. It's so good! :D

    I really hope they get to another town soon. They've only been to two towns so far in the story, but both towns were utterly destroyed by the time they left.
    They're 2 for 2 in that regard. Like a walking calamity or something.

    Called it. Everything is on fire again. :D

  • Last week's episode was sadly a very boring one. We haven't had those in a long while, so this really stuck out. Practically no progression at all, the whole hour in the same alleyway. And did the fight actually even manage to start after all that? Ääh. Hopefully today they'll return to the normal routine that I so enjoy to follow, meaning unexpectedness and lots of humour. And ok, I'll give you that Yogalla's ghost hound was pretty cool, something totally different than grease (which has its moments, too!).

  • Well the fight started today. Lol

    "You going somewhere, bud? "

  • Yes, this was really good again. :)
    Kyle covering his face on that alley, "We're all psychopaths!". Pomper's giant arm, "Well... that kinda helped." :D And shortly after: "Yogalla, say something cool." "Your face looks stupid!" lol

  • Pomper definitely needs a realignment at this point. No way can we call this boy Lawful Good anymore. Chaotic Good, maybe but I think this crew may have dragged him fully into the Neutral zone. Kalveed destroyed that sweet boy.

  • @logic__error Yeah, I've been hoping Ben would call him out for awhile now. I love Huber to death, but his characters due tend to end up very similar, whether it be Hogger, Law, or now, big ol' Pomper.

    I'm also hoping Pomper opens up a law firm and refers to himself as the strong arm. Kinda a shame no one pointed out how he was complimenting the strength of an arm and then got a beefy one himself.

  • @SabotageTheTruth It's definitely been needed for a while now! The line between Huber and his characters can be muddy. I think sometimes the surprises and entertainment value it it brings grant him a pass and sometimes he comes up with a legitimately good reason for the actions. Hopefully things either get reigned in a bit or he gets an official alignment shift, as long as it is addressed in some way.

    Seeing what weird hijinks Huber will come up with is still one of the best parts of watching them play DnD though :)

  • Really liked this week's episode for whatever reason. Skull hype and one of my favorite moments coming from Necator -

    Great speech Pomper.

  • Aaaaaaaaaaannnndd a punch in the face.

  • I think only in TTE is a punch in the face used as a cliffhanger for the next episode.

  • I'm really curious to see where things go after this... I mean, I enjoyed the episode a lot and I'm glad we're getting more background into this world and the central conflict but I really wonder where the group goes from here.

  • Likewise. I found myself wondering at one point that what will be the ultimate goal in everything, so to speak. I mean this is now some serious big picture stuff here in the Black Rose. Curious to see what happens, I'm ready for another 50 episodes if they're as entertaining as we've seen so far.

    And yeah, this was a really nice episode, surprising things happened. It makes me smile that just behind the door Therese is fighting some giant vulture alone outside. Like maybe Yogalla opens the door a bit at some point, casts grease, and shuts the door again. :)

  • "Is that a BBT reference?"
    And there was much rejoicing in the lands of the EZA chat.

  • I finally have enough free time and clear thought to catch up on Tabletop Escapades. I'm currently on episode 38. Tabletop Adventures is what finally helped me get into actually playing D&D, I'm glad to see that it was able to come back when GT reformed as EZA.

  • I can't watch the show anymore, it might spoil me on BBT.

  • @SabotageTheTruth I hadn't watched the episode yet but I saw your comment in the preview thing. I didn't know what it meant but thought oh no is something going to be spoiled for me in this episode? I don't want that. I loled when I found out.

  • I'm sure this question has been answered at some point, but I'm about to go on a long work trip and would like to catch up on Tabletop. Is there anywhere I can download the audio feed for the episodes?