PREY to be Best game of 2017?

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    And heres the reason why.

    First off its not standard FPS game. its Immersive sim in the vien of System shock. it has RPG elements and Deep and complex level design. something that was missing in last generation.

    Arkane is a great studio who knows how to make immersive sim. it has people from looking glass studio.It play like Old school FPS/Immersive sim games. with no regen health, cover mechanic, weapon limit and fully inventory system unlike the early prey 2 which always looks terrible. with cover, regen health, see through walls. I never understood why people were excited for that and dissapointed by this.

    It has unique Gameplay mechanics like turning into coffee cup we may have not seen in FPS games before.
    there it is. people consider bioshock infinite as system shock successor but the way i see. PREY is true successor. no more non sense heavily scripted mechanics.

    the way i see. i think this is what gaming need today. this is modern day System shock. I see Highly anticipated games of 2017 like mass effect or red dead redemption 2 eaten by todays market because of background developer logo.

    This is the game of 2017 that need more attention. I think this will be easily best game of 2017. what do you think?


  • Why make a new thread when you already made a thread like this? Because I'm pretty sure it was you.

    That said I think the enemy design is horrible.

  • I think it looks fine, some mechanics look interesting but something on the gameplay turned me off.

    From what I've seen I'm a little intrigued about it, but unless I see something radical that changes my mind, I doubt I'll be getting this next year.

  • @suplextrain Because that's how Black Cell works.

    Probably not, and definitely not for me.

  • I'm definitely interested in this, though as always, I'm cautious with every game release these days. While being hyped is fine, keeping that hype in check is highly recommended.

  • "I think this will be easily best game of 2017" Damn, that's a brave statement. Have you checked everything that is coming 2017. Most of it isn't even announced yet (probably). I do admit it does cool though. Unless EA or Activision Do something outstanding, it's currently a favorite for the best shooter. Definetly worth checking out.

  • After DOOM, Dishonored and Dishonored 2 there is a degree of confidence that one could say that it has potential to be a 9/10. Realisticly it could easily fall as a 7-8/10 which means it won't be the best game of 2017. It might make a lot of top 10 lists.

  • Everything Bethesda puts out that isn't only an online multiplayer game is great in some way, so this game is probably a lock for me. Unless they do something stupid like releasing it a week after Zelda or something.

  • @Haru17 I think this will release on 11.11.17, unless they reserve that for Quake Champions.

  • Well, you know... it simply can't be the best game of the year with Persona 5 coming out.
    But that's for me, and yeah... Prey was never gonna be on my top list. But I'm super happy that it looks good, for you. I'm always happy to see good games get made.

    I will say that I always wanted that Prey 2 game. That trailer seemed to be a perfect game for me.. I want a bounty hunting in space with shooting game.

  • It won't be the best game of 2017 if it gets delayed... which wouldn't shock me at all with this one.

  • no in a year when Bioware releases a game.
    Also there is this little thing badly called Red Dead Redemption 2
    I'm hyped for Prey, though

  • Lol, Red Dead's not coming out this year.

  • @Haru17 it feels unlikely, yes, but evidence so far suggests fall 2017 release.