Love or hate?: POP! Vinyl fiigures

  • I'm not a fan of unrealistic figures and statues, they just seem tacky to me.

    How does everyone else feel about them?

  • Completely hate them. They're lazy cash grabs that people just gobble up.

  • @ObbyDent Those Loot Box things certainly push them, too.

  • I think some of them have interesting designs, but looking at a wall of them and seeing all their dead beady eyes, they all tend to look the same.

  • I hate Funko Pop! figures. They all look the same, and they're everywhere. Completely kill any good art direction or design of the characters they make figures of. Is there anything worse? The knockoffs, probably.

  • They're mass produced imitation Nendoroids without the uniqueness and ability to pose them.

  • Man, a lot of hate in here.

    That's good cos I don't really like them either lol. They look horrid.

  • Oh I hate them.
    Why clutter your room with cheap figures. When you could have 1 nice one that Brings character to your desk.

    Really how many versions of batman do you need.

  • I like them. I have a Loki one I got for my birthday a couple years back. I think it's about not overwhelming a display with them. I feel the same with Amiibos. Too many together and the collection just looks too busy. I just place them randomly and balance out the display with other objects.

  • I personally think they are depressingly bad however I have seen I think they're called Dorbz? made by the same company I think, those I kind of like.

  • Out of all the mass produced figures aimed at nerds that you can get they're probably my least favorite.

  • Banned

    I have a few. Daryl Dixxon, Colossus (X-Men), and Colossal Titan.
    I like em. Fuck the haters.

  • POP! figures? Not a big fan, but there are some beautiful one-offs/limited hand-crafted figures that are really amazing. A personal favorite creator is Rohby who has done some great Macross and Gundam stuff.

  • They're just so soulless. I mean sure, I can get a figure of obscure character #432 that will never get an actual figure, but what is that even worth when it'll just look like every single other thing in the line?

    You could say it's cheaper than buying a figma/nendo/etc. but even though nendos have a specific design philosophy in mind they're still unique and don't come across as just being basically the exact same thing from release to release.

  • Working at a store that sells them, and doesn't give enough space for them so we have waaaaaay too many..... I hate them now. I used to at least be interested in new announcements but now I just worry about where I'm going to store them.

    Like a lot of things that got popular, these were fine when they were unusual but now everything has a pop figure. They made ones for Evolve!

  • I hate them. Nendoroids FOR LIFE. The Kirby Nendoroid only is better than every single Funko.

  • I don't mind the ones that have some type of helmet or design that obscures the creepy eyes but overall they are pretty odd looking and not sure how they are so popular but I don't outright hate them and understand that some do like them so I just ignore them for the most part.

  • I'm not going to condemn or vilify people for pop vinyls, I'll never purchase one; unless I get my hands on that sweet Nine Tails Figure. But I purchased one Amiibo 3-4 months ago, now I have 18. Over half of them were on sale for $4 or $8 each.. but I'm a huge fan of them now :( I swore against Amiibos until I purchased Ike, now I'm hunting for the a select few.

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    Should I hang my head in shame? I'm trying to build a stormtrooper army... (and snowgies because they are so adorable).

    PS. Please excuse the lame filters. Pulled these images off my instagram. :laughing:

  • Indifferent to them. I normally would never purchase them but I bought each member of my family a Bob's Burgers POP figure for Christmas because we all love the show.

    Some designs translate ok and others look really bad IMO.