Some reflection on 2016

  • @Bloodworth maybe not you, but the Allies commonly gravitate towards playstation and nintendo system, be it because of games or system preference. These two things walk hand in hand.

  • @Bloodworth, Thank you so much for taking the time to address the comments and discussion @Nillend started.

    I have been a long time fan since the GT days, and was excited when EA launched. I also have commonly found a pretty strong Sony bias on the material and opinions EA represents.

    This weeks podcast highlighted it again. Ian mentioned that Xbox's resolution should be, and I have to paraphrase, to be less corporate and relate more to gamers. I find Kyle many times has had to challenge opinions on Microsoft that seem to stem from the admittedly bad reception of the initial launch of the Xbox One.

    And to be fair, Xbox damage control has been pretty spot on since. Between the total abandonment of DRM and the Kinect, to the implementation of backwards compatibility and Play Anywhere, Microsoft's focus has clearly been on delivering what people who buy games for Microsoft platforms want. No one still talks about how out of touch Sony was when they launched the PS3.

    I'm not suggesting anything needs fixing or changing, but I appreciate someone has mentioned how rough Microsoft gets it during podcasts and discussions at EA while Sony praise comes pretty easy. My friends and I who enjoy EA have long discussed how much value someone with a stronger interest in Microsoft's offering would bring to discussions.

    At any rate, thank you again for engaging with the people who enjoy what you do.

    All the best.

  • @kariwgoebel In that same podcast, the entire panel mentioned that Games for Gold was a much better value this month and that overall, it was the better option last year. In previous episodes, Kyle pointed out Xbox was outselling the PS4 and the panel discussed as to the reasons behind this. It feels disingenuous to say Microsoft has it "rough" when the Allies discuss it. I personally find the conversation (at least in regards to consoles) to be relatively balanced. What it comes down to is exclusives for this generation. Sony has had a ton that have done well both critically and financially. Microsoft's exclusives largely fall into the category of "more of the same." Gears 4 didn't do anything to shake up the formula, Jones still gave it a decent review, and Huber still streamed it for a lengthy amount of time.

    I love the Vita. I think it's a fantastic handheld that still does have great games released for it and it is by far my handheld of choice. However, I don't get upset that they hardly discuss the Vita or that the 3DS is brought into the conversation more often. I fully realize that Sony made some errors in support/marketing and that the 3DS is the dominant device. Expecting them to cover the Vita more often and then feeling alienated if they choose not to is unreasonable to say the least.

    Easy Allies is a vast gaming umbrella that covers many different bases but it can't cover them all, there's not enough time or resources to do so. I'd much rather have them play what they want to play, review what they want to review, and phrase things how they wish to. If we as a community begin to nitpick to the point where we need them to say disclaimers before recommending a game/movie/TV show to us, or we begin to focus on the percentage of which our favorite consoles are covered, we really lose sight of what this is all about. We are given so much content and with such high quality, I'm grateful for it all. If actual issues ever arise, I'm all for discussing them but nearly every complaint lodged in this thread feels misguided or entitled. Basically, we're throwing gasoline on a non-issue.

  • @SabotageTheTruth Awesome and thank you for the response.

    I particularly enjoyed the first paragraph. I brought up a point and you had a counter point. That's sufficient.

    I was not suggesting anything needs to change or needs to be defended, or registering a complaint. I agree that disclaimers on statements of opinion are a symptom of some awful new social rules, yet somehow similar disclaimers I included in the original comment seem to be overlooked.

    I like the coverage from EA, E32016 was great. I still remember how Ian and Huber suggested that Play Anywhere made owning an Xbox irrelevant. I think the general attitudes of the Allies are indicative of the larger market overall in regards to the competition between Sony and Microsoft. And that view is biased.

    Again bias isn't a problem. Sony has earned it.

    Just a side note to the Gears 4 review, Brandon's review is in the bottom 10% of the almost 97 reviews on Opencritic. I'm not saying he is right or wrong, it's a review, but from a sheer statistical standpoint based on that criteria it's in the minority. One of the critiques about the ending also seemed to demonstrate a lack of knowledge on what the ending meant in the Gears franchise. That might be a fair criticism on the Coalition being a little too subtle with the implications. Still I didn't bring it up mainly because Bloodworth already addressed it and in a much more convincing way might I add.

    Sometimes I wonder why I post comments on the internet at all. Misguided, entitled, I'm neither of those things nor have they been demonstrated. Why do we only have to discuss issues? Can't we also discuss things we like? Can't we discuss things we notice and feel? And maybe I am wrong, can't we discuss that too?

    All the best

  • @kariwgoebel I should have been more clear. The first paragraph was a direct response to your comment, the rest of what I said wasn't really directed towards you, just the conversation as a whole. When it gets to the point where people are offended strictly by phrasing (especially if they're aware of intent) that's where the entitlement comes from, which is probably the part that bothers me the most.

  • @SabotageTheTruth OK awesome. I actually didn't agree with most of what was posted in the previous comments on the thread probably the same ones you reference. Thanks for taking the time.

    If we are offering suggestions however, get Bosman a studio.

  • @kariwgoebel Get the whole team a studio, absolutely.

    To spin this more in a positive light, I really hope that goal is reached this year. I know there's about $10,000-$12,000 left to go but just seeing what this team is capable of operating out of a garage makes me realize some fantastic stuff is on the horizon. Spread the word, up donations (if financially plausible), share videos on social media, whatever it takes to increase exposure. I seem to always get compliments on my Love & Respect shirt, so it gives me a chance to plug these fellas.

  • @kariwgoebel Thx for reply. What I wanted to say the most with original post is that EZA is obviously more inclined towards PS4 and Nintendo. These can be seen as from the general attitude they have during podcasts, as you have mentioned, as it can be from reviews. Almost every multiplatform game was reviewed on PS4, with very few exceptions.

    The arguement from before that Microsoft doesn't get so much attention because it doesn't have so many exclusives or games is void. Nintendo had quite weak line-up and it gets a headline in the majority of podcasts.
    Do you know how many PC exclusives they covered in 2016? 1: Civilization 6 (If you don't count Banner saga 2 and Hyper light drifter, both of which got a console ports the same year). And PC had HUGE library of fantastic games this year.
    And it gets passed over majority of time. Kyle said in the latest podcast again: "That's a PC game." in a very disinterested tone and moved on.

    Yes they TRY to cover all areas, but a vast gaming umbrella, as @SabotageTheTruth said, they are not. Not that they don't cover other stuff, but they get masively, MASIVELY overshadowed by Sony and Nintendo, to the point where I think it is indeed an issue worth discussing.
    I never said that their content isn't great, but it is meant for a very specific audience. With their favoritism, which IS NOT A BAD THING, they are clearly moving focus towards a certain area of gaming, but they are losing viewers like me in the process. And I'm not alone here.

    And sorry if you all got upset about the pharaphrasing of recommendations. I made it bigger than I had to, but it is another clear indicator where their priorities are when it comes to coverage.

    I just think that it is an issue that is worth addressing and one that could be easily fixed. I addressed it because it's a forum, meant for expressing opinions. I gave a honest feedback, which I'm not regreting. You won't make something better by ignoring the issues.

    If anyone would like to discuss and debate all the positives abou EZA so far, then make such post on forum. Take innitiative. I really encourage you to do so and I will contribute list of things I liked, longer than this thread.


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    @Nillend said in Some reflection on 2016:

    Do you know how many PC exclusives they covered in 2016? 1: Civilization 6 (If you don't count Banner saga 2 and Hyper light drifter, both of which got a console ports the same year). And PC had HUGE library of fantastic games this year.

    Now you're getting pretty overboard to make your point. Reviewed is not the same as covered (and I find it pretty funny that you count it against us that PC exclusives we did review came to consoles months later).

    I get it that the main podcast leans away from PC because Kyle is the producer, but there were multiple shows that had episodes dedicated to WoW. Damiani streams FF XIV at least once a week. Four of us have streamed Owlboy. We've streamed quite a few Vive games. We did a Retrospective on Deus Ex that was almost entirely PC capture. Ian covers tons of indies that are often only on PC. Not to mention there are quite a few multiplatform games we did review on PC. I'm not saying we can't do better, but you're choosing to exclude a lot of what we do to paint your picture.

  • I'm genuinely happy to see a thread like this for a few reasons;

    @Nillend while I don't particularly agree with things that you have said I respect that you're saying them! I think its great that 1. you felt that you could say them because even though I disagree I think its always useful to have constructive conversations about our different viewpoints 2. you took the time to respond and attempt to clarify your points (again going back to the importance of not just making a statement but having a conversation)

    @Bloodworth thank you for your responses and thoughts. I really appreciate that EZA is a community where these kinds of conversations are not ignored but engaged in in a respectful way. I also think its great that you as a member of EZA feel comfortable to critique back and actually engage in the conversation instead of making some PR level statements.

    The part of your comment @Nillend that made me stop and think a bit is how you mentioned that in your viewpoint EZA has gone from journalism to entertainment. I think this is a fascinating comment and quite insightful in many ways but after some reflection I would posit to you that this change in your perspective has more to do with you (or us as the consumer) vs the EZA crew. I think this is directly because we now pay for EZA by being patreons and whether we realize it as a conscious thought or not there is a shift in mentality that happens when we take money out of our pockets to pay for something. There is an automatic expectation that gets placed on whatever item we are paying for. I think this happens automatically on multiple levels but this shift of perspective is true for anything we pay for. Part of this is probably that we are used to paying for "entertainment" whereas we are less used to paying for journalism but the true answer lies deeper in the psychology of human behavior I suspect. And just to be clear I'm not trying to say you're wrong in your statement, I just thought it was interesting and these are my thoughts on it. \

    I wonder if some of your criticism is a reflection of a discord between the expectations (either conscious or subconscious) that you have placed on EZA due to now paying for it versus what EZA offers. Again, I don't think this discredits your points on any level. Just food for thought.

    Personally for myself I know that I need and appreciate communication, so If EZA was less engaged in their community or not as responsive this would create a discord for me and I would perhaps be making a similar post like yours (I'm not sure I would have the courage and energy though which is why I respect you for posting your thoughts and engaging in conversation).

    In any case, thanks for letting me ramble on and I'm thankful for your post as it has reminded me how grateful I am for EZA and this community (including you!)