Instant Game Collection and Games with Gold

  • I created this topic to see if people play there free games given to them for their Playstation Plus or Xbox Live Gold subscriptions. EDIT Also EA Access.
    I'm a Playstation gamer so I only have PS+ and had PS+ since the first week. The games I list are PS+ games I played during 2016.
    I have a PS3/4/Vita
    Currency is in Australian Dollar.
    Subscription cost $74.95

    1. Rayman Origins (Vita) $22.95
    2. Shadow of the Colossus (PS3) $26.95
    3. Ico (PS3) 22.95
    4. Tomb Raider Underworld (PS3) $14.95
    5. 'Sam & Max' The Devil's Playhouse Episode 1: The Penal Zone (PS3) $11.95
    6. Journey (PS3) $22.95
    7. Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown (PS3) $19.45
    8. Mafia II (PS3) $39.95
    9. Virtua Tennis 4 (Vita) Not on the PSN Store
    10. Shatter (PS3) $11.95
    11. Critter Crunch (PS3) $8.95
    12. Helldivers (PS4) $29.95BOLD
    13. Rocket League (PS4) $29.95
    14. Freedom Wars (Vita) $32.95BOLD
      The games in bold are games that were PS+ games in 2016. My list might not have alot of 2016 PS+ but I plan to play them in 2017

  • Great idea! I'd love to do it, but looking through the downloads list on the site is a nightmare. But yea, I had totally saved a ton of money because of PS+!

  • @parasitepaladin you could go through your trophy/achievement list.

  • To make it easier to reply and compare, here is a list of all Games with Gold titles of 2016 compiled by TrueAchievements:

  • @Eric-Tobias Compare to what, did you read my OP.

  • Not much to be fair but I did play Sunset Overdrive with my friends who got it when was part of GwG.
    I'm still committed to play Sherlock Holmes and definitely will get my friends to play some Paradise.

    In the other hand, I have used a lot of EA Access. I spent all my trial of BF1, have been playing a lot of Battlefront with my brother, some Garden Warfare 2 with a friend, FIFA 17 with my dad, and basically I spent half of my 2016 with Inquisition (I have it physical but I played it using the EA Access' license).

  • I really like this idea. I'll definitely have to compile my list later when I'm home.

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    awesome! I am about to get some visitors, but I shall reach into this thread after the weekend and write some! I have been a PS+ subscriber since early days, so I guess I have quite a few

  • I've played some of them

    On 360

    • Sleeping dogs, loved it

    • Laura Croft Guardian thing, it was okay, not worth finishing

    • Assassins' Creed 3 was okay

    • Dishonored was awesome

    PS3 (havent' had it since then)

    • Batman, liked what I played, but save got corrupted and wasn't going back

    • Tomb Raider reboot, terribly boring and average

    • Deadly Premonition, terrible

    • Vanquish, it was average, didn't make want to keep playing it

    • Kingdom of Amular, average and didn't make me want to keep playing it

    • Dragons Dogma, similar to KoA, though I didn't like the gameplay as much

    • Saints Row the third, had fun with it, beat it

    I have a bunch of others, but will probably never get to play them as I don't see myself renewing my ps+ account, really love that Xbox its your game for life.

  • I am on year 3 or so of stacked Black Friday PS+ deals, so I think my sub cost me like $40 this last year American.
    In 2016 I played these PS+ games that came out this year.

    Rebel Galaxy (19.99)
    Furi (19.99)
    NBA2k16 (39.99)
    Tropico 5 (29.99)
    Zombi (19.99)
    Gauntlet: Slayer Edition (19.99)
    Super Meat Boy (14.99)
    Journey (basically free. Been free so many times)
    Oreshika: Tainted Bloodlines (19.99)

  • I've had PS+ since the PS4's launch and have downloaded everything available but almost never play them immediately. I'm not sure when these game were offered so they might not all have been released in 2016 but that is when I played them. I usually go and play a couple in between my main games or when I just want something new for a lazy weekend.

    Subscription cost - $40.00

    Rocket League ($20.00) - I hadn't started playing this until very recently and oh boy was I missing out. I started off just playing split screen seasons with my roommate but this Christmas two friends got PS4s and we have been playing a lot of competitive.
    Lords of the Fallen ($20.00) - This was my first venture into a Souls-like game and I loved it. I always thought I wouldn't like the genre but since it was free I figured I'd give it a shot. I bought Bloodborne immediately after beating it and will play that soon.
    Resident Evil ($20.00) - I gave it a shot because if Huber's hype and it was free and I did not enjoy it. I played for a couple hours to give it a chance but in the end the game is just not for me.
    Nova-111 ($10.00) - I enjoyed this game a decent amount, fun little puzzle game. I had heard something good about it somewhere and needed something to kill some time before Final Fantasy XV.
    Transformers Devastation ($40.00) - I played this a decent amount but did not end up finishing it. I was having fun but then Final Fantasy XV came out and this wasn't fun enough to get me to beat it.
    Journey ($15.00) - Finally played it one night after hearing good things about it and definitely enjoyed it. Definitely worth spending the couple hours on it.
    Nom Nom Galaxy ($15.00) - I had a lot of fun with this game for a while but its not something I would put a ton of time into or probably ever go back to. It was fun building these autonomous factories though, I'm sure you can build some crazy things in the late game.
    Ether One ($20.00) - I never completed it. It was alright, not my favorite. I played for a couple hours and felt like I had played enough.
    Limbo ($10.00) - Fantastic game that I had always heard about but never played. Glad I finally got around to it.
    Galak-Z ($20.00) - I thought this game was a lot of fun but was very disappointed with the lack of the final chapter.

    Total - $190

    This was a cool idea and I'll definitely keep track of what PS+ games I play in 2017.

  • @LordBaztion I forgot about EA Access, I'll add it to the opening post.