Let's talk about Deponia Doomsday

  • Only just got around to playing this game, even though it originally came out in March (I didn't know it existed until about a month ago).

    I'm going to start off this post with a spoiler free TL;DR

    There is a trilogy of point-and-click adventure games called Deponia that, as a whole, is my favorite adventure game of all time (the protagonist is my avatar). The third game had a very controversial ending among fans, prompting the developers to release a fourth game (Deponia Doomsday) 3 years after the end of the trilogy. The game is basically a long, creative "fuck you" to people who didn't like the original ending.

    spoilers below

    So personally, I thought the original ending was great. I felt it was thematically consistent even if it was a downer and put a great cap on the whole adventure. It's a big part of why I love the original trilogy so much. Before playing this game, I was really worried about this fourth game messing up the story, but it totally doesn't. In fact, the whole game is pretty much the player trying to change things for the better while only making things worse, at the same time there is very unsubtle commentary from various characters about why the original ending is the way it is. Very, very meta. As someone who liked the original ending a lot, I got tired of the constant preaching, but I do think it could sway people who wanted the "better ending".

    As a game, I was really blown away. I honestly expected the game to be mostly reused assets, but there was a ton of work put into the game. I think you visit just one old location, and even then there are only 2 reused screens (which are additionally changed from their original appearances). Some characters return, but mostly as cameos and the returning characters that are present for a lot of the game get a visual change meaning they had to redo all their animations. The new characters they added are good as well and I loved the new companion (McChronicle). Overall I think the creativity in locations and story really floored me. So much cool, creative stuff that you had to do, even if I didn't think the puzzles themselves were all that great. The plot is really off the rails, way way more than in the original games.

    Ultimately, they did the thing I feared they were going to do and changed the ending. But they did it in a way I wasn't expecting and I do think it's superior now. I'm just glad that the Deponia team stuck to their guns for the most part and kept the heart of the ending the same.

    The actual fall of Rufus wasn't as good, however. The image of him laughing while plummeting to his doom always stuck with me: a man doing the ultimate "selfless deed", but still as childish as ever. Now he falls with a face of fear, which takes a lot out of the acceptance of his death.

  • I played the first game and a little bit of the second one, but after I got spoiled with the original ending which I thought was terrible I just lost all interest in this series.

    Deponia Doomsday feels like a ME3 band-aid situation.

  • I think I have all of the Deponia games on steam, it's on my list of adventure games I want to play, but when and if I get to them is a great question.

    I remember that I got them because i liked how they looked, and I really liked the trailers, but I can't really comment on the games themselves, at least for now.

  • Been playing thru the recent Console release on PS4, bought the first part on my PC, but well my PC just kinda sucks for games (nothing like a 4 minute loading screen between areas)