Gametrailer closure

  • It was a nice sunny morning, i was all geared up for the work ahead of me. While having McDonald's breakfast meal in the front of the van, i was catching up on Twiiter when I came across a tweet from the GT account: GT was to close and its staff was let go. I didn't know how to feel, it wasnt a close friend moving, or pet that had passed, but it did hit me harder than I ever thought it would.

    It's weird that somewhere, thoasands of miles away, there are some people who have entertained me and if pushed I may even call them friends. Its a different, rather one sided friendship, but a friendship non the less.

    So where was everyone else when they found out and did you react?

    P. S. Sorry for my poor grammer

  • Prolly from NeoGAF. Watched the final stream that evening.

    Holy hell, was it sudden.

  • @Oscillator That's for sure. It must be weird to have the thing you co-founded get closed by someone other than yourself. I felt for all the team that day, but my heart really went to Brandon.

  • I found out when a revised Bloodborne review went up with a 10/10. I instantly knew something was wrong. I don't live on twitter or the old forums, but I did some quick research, and figured out what was going on too late to catch the last stream.