EZA Sleuths: Resident EVII: Biohazard Mystery (Update: demo part 2) it begins!

  • Demo update should go up on the 17th fyi

  • It has already updated. It's pathetic. A couple more things you can do in the attic and then hints that there might be yet another update some time in the future.

  • @Sheria
    Patch started downloading right after I posted that.
    Anyway found a basement, handgun ammo, and a message scrawled in blood in the attic.

  • @DMCMaster it's started already!? Can't wait lol.

  • @CGamor7
    Just redownload the old demo and the patch should come along with it.
    Anyway some info about the CGI RE movie


  • I found the hand, and its missing 3 fingers and a thumb.

  • @DMCMaster there is also some bullets as well. I feel like this update is more teaser until another update. I think I'm gonna wait this one out until more pops up.

  • You guys make me feel like I jumped on that Hype train too soon. As I don't have a PS4 and haven't seen Huber's stream yet, is it just more of the house?

  • @TheChrisGriffin I'm excited for the game. The first time I've been excited for a resident evil game in a long time. I don't even care for horror games lol. But demo part 2 is an extra room with a few new items that do nothing. So instead of getting to carried away with the update im just gonna wait a bit. I've read on neogaf something about a press conference Saturday, and maybe another update? It's a bit strange they just updated it to pretty much troll everyone again. Worked the first time. Probably not as effective the second time. give Hubers stream a watch. I probably should too.

  • @CGamor7 Yeah, I'll definitely watch Huber's stream. I agree though this is the first time I'm excited for a Resident Evil game in awhile. The demos have a great atmosphere, but have just been disappointing. I think I had a P.T. level of hype for the demos.

  • Well thanks to the update the demo is now free for everyone, except in my country since it's 18+ content so hooray for US accounts, anyway, didn't find it very scary, and not very Resident Evil.

  • I think there's something a bit smarter going on here. First of all, it's doing something different with the nature of a demo (who the fuck updates a demo in the first place?!). It's drip feeding us piece by piece, slowly peeling back the veil and giving us information as to how it will play out.

    It's obvious there will be another part due to the new areas, doors and items. I love the subtle hints and cryptic elements of narrative we're starting to get, for example the hint toward's Umbrella's involvement. If anything I'm actually more excited after the second update as it's adding more to the mystery and there seems to be a level of control. It feels more like they know what they're doing this time around.

    I'm glad they've changed Resident Evil up and that we're getting more of a horror vibe this time. Even though there are different elements, some of the sound design and small details actually feel very Resi to me. And I can't help but feel some vibe of the Resident Evil 4 beta with the possible appearance of ghosts.

    I haven't been excited about Resident Evil for quite some time. Consider me hyped!