EZA Sleuths: Resident EVII: Biohazard Mystery (Update: demo part 2) it begins!

  • Hi Allies,

    Uodate 4

    Demo 2 is now available as an update.

    Update 3:

    Here's an update from the ambassador program.

    Kotaku Article

    If you read the NeoGaf post people are speculating based on the calendar a release date for part 2 of the demo.

    alt text

    Update 2

    As i stated in my last reply and based on this Interview there is probably not much more to the demo. Im assuming when they say the demo is not in the final game that they mean the scenario itself isn't. Im starting to think we will see the same house and the footage in the E3 reveal thats not in the demo in the final game. For those who wish to keep trying, feel free to read on. This isnt a complete list of all resources but its a start and will direct you to other places people are discussing the demo and possible theories. If capcom says anything officially, I'll make sure to post it on here for everyone.

    Original Post:

    This is a thread for anyone who is interested in discussing and sharing thoughts and theories on the Resident Evil 7 demo that is now available for PS Plus users on the Playstation Store. There is a lot of information behind this demo and why people are still trying to solve it in below links. I suggest you start there if you want to learn more. If anyone has any other good links to the topic feel free to post them. The reason why people continue to look is because the demo is actually been said to be a standalone experience that wont be included in the final game. The interesting thing about this is that both the E3 reveal and the trailer for the demo show many areas and story beats that people have yet to see. Some people think there is nothing more, while others think there is but until Capcom officially says something I imagine a small group of people will continue to look for now, or this may just become a Game Sleuth episode one day if it continues to elude people.

    Background information:

    There is probably a lot more links to information that can be used but here is a foundation for what has been done according to KarmelCHAOS from reddit https://www.reddit.com/r/residentevil/comments/4p7v0x/resident_evil_7_demo_faq/



    My best guess is that after doing a series of specific events, you will wake up in a different part of the house as shown in the E3 reveal which will continue the demo and eventually escaping. But who knows....

    If you have played the demo already you will see what i mentioned about areas or story that have not been seen in the demo as of yet in the trailers below. Or you can watch for your enjoyment.

    Youtube Video

    Youtube Video

  • have you been to the attic yet? just found the picture and the phone ringing but i feel like there's more to it maybe. also that finger.... and the drawer in the kitchen could never open it.

  • @filiam Yeah I've been through the demo as far as anyone else has. The finger and the axe are still a mystery to people. You unlock the drawer that has the axe in by finding the lock pick in the VHS world (its found in between shelving where the microwave is on the floor) and picking the locked drawer. When you return to the non VHS world the drawer has the axe in it. As far as anyone knows the demo ends by being knocked out after 3 different variations of phone calls and when you step outside.

  • @CGamor7 wow i totally missed the lock pick haha must go back and keep digging. ill try to do stuff with the axe as well. can you equip it and it shows in your hand? or like the other items just stays in your assigned inventory?

  • @filiam It automatically equips and you can swing it. L2 gives holds the axe up for a different swing.

  • @CGamor7 ok after reading much of the links i can say there is so much i didn't know! 7 ghost sightings!! wow i need to replay it a lot, now i'm intrigued

  • @filiam lol good luck.

  • I don't have a PS4 so I've been unable to play the RE7 demo, but I've been intrigued with the mystery! Keep us posted if you find anything new!

    I've been seeing people say that you may have to do things in a specific order, such as use all the items, then end the demo with playing the piano and a new ending will appear. No such luck by anyone I've seen.

  • @TheChrisGriffin Yeah its been people running in circles. It most likely is a specific order of things. Do you have an xbox or pc? will be coming to those soon im sure.

  • I mentioned in that other RE7 thread that this demo should truly be hard to solve.

    Kojima said for P.T., he expected people weren't going to be able to solve it for at least a week. Most believe it was luck or a bug that allowed the first person, Soapy Warpig, a lady in the UK, to beat it in 2 hours, 6 hours after P.T. released.

    This one will probably take a lot more effort.

  • Hopefully not to much effort. I think ppl have already started to lose interest. So either capcom will have to say something, or this may have to become an episode for Game Sleuth one day lol.

  • Very strange, games like these. I went through the whole thing and thought yea it was quite good. Watched someone else's playthrough and he died. I didn't even know you could die.

  • @CGamor7 Yeah, I've got both an Xbox and PC, have been impatiently waiting for the demo to hit one of them so I can test out and see what I can find. Seems that there's still a lot more to find!

  • This should be an episode of Game Sleuths. This seems right up Damiani's alley.

  • @TheChrisGriffin
    Could have sworn they said the demo was PS exclusive

  • @DMCMaster I've seen something Saying it is coming to Xbox and PC later. But maybe don't quote me on that for the moment. I'll try to see if I can find it. However the VR experience is only on playstation.

  • @CGamor7 I don't remember seeing anything saying it was hitting Xbox One/PC, I've been checking. I could be wrong too, but I am hoping!

    Either way I've been invested in the mystery of the whole thing.

  • I'm starting to think there is nothing more to the demo. I think there was a slight miss direction on campcoms part. When i initially read through much of the neoGaf topic thread for this there were lots of interviews stating that this demo wont be in the game and the footage in the trailer was taken straight from the demo. However after reading this interview I'm starting to think what they mean is that the scenario of the demo wont be in the game. The footage seen in the E3 trailer and the house in the demo could be. If thats the case Capcom is probably riding on the mystery to promote their game.

    As for the dummy finger, ive read on neogaf that Capcom had done the same thing back in the resident evil 3 beta where there was a dummy key that did nothing and was placed there to make people talk about the game.

    At this point in time, im going to assume what i stated above is correct until proven wrong lol. We will for sure see what the final game looks like soon and we will probably have a better idea then.

  • @CGamor7 said in EZA Sleuths: Resident EVII: Biohazard Mystery:

    As for the dummy finger, ive read on neogaf that Capcom had done the same thing back in the resident evil 3 beta where there was a dummy key that did nothing and was placed there to make people talk about the game.

    I read this somewhere, so I have no real evidence, but I believe the dummy finger simply leads to a green herb in the end. :confused:

  • @aer0blue That would be better than nothing at this point lol.