What is your job/occupation?

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    I work for my familys cleaning service we clean houses, offices, schools. Also they run a restaurant inside a gas station selling mexican food. I help with busy work there wash some dishes, sweep, mop and take out trash.

  • @Mechanoid It's so much fun! Most likely going to stay on for two more years before moving on. Awesome to hear from a former JET on here though! :slight_smile:

  • @Carlos Thanks for the reply but don't worry Carlos, I'm looking for gaming and normal Journalism, both take my fancy me greatly, any type of writing actually. I know it will be hard, but gotta chase those dreams, and something else might pop up on the way.

  • @butterxcup It's one of the best things I've ever done! I hope you have a great time! L&R :heart:

  • Tech service sales, but not cold calling. It's nice. I enjoy it. People call us for help and we help.

  • I'm a part-time music marketer. I graduated last year and have just got this job so it's still new, but it's fun and I've been able to meet some cool people.

    One of my first internships I got when I graduated was helping organize some spreadsheets for an entertainment company. I wrote a sketch for a fairly popular podcast years ago as I knew the hosts and after showing that to my boss it turned in to me writing a few sketches for them that they hired George Lopez to star in. Which has led to me being a freelance writer.

    Less glamorous, but still important, I work part-time in a retail store. I'm a bit of a workaholic.

  • working to get my teaching credential for middle/ high school

  • I work as an optometrist

  • Voice actor by day, game designer by night. Not that great at either.

  • Financial Analyst in Procurement for a Fortune 50 Company

  • I'm a scriptwriter. I write for movies, television and web. So far only for a danish audience. I would also like to write for games.

  • Human Resources recruiter in an insurance company

  • Music teacher & musician!

  • Assistant manager at a Bakery/Deli, before I used to work at one of the hotels in tourist town setting up for conventions or conferences, one time a mini Victorias Secret show. But I ran around doing sound, lighting, setting up projectors, ect. Pay was great, especially for it being my first real job, but man where the hours inconsistent (Like work 60 hours 1 week, then be off for 3-4 weeks)
    And before that (And between the downtime of the hotel job) I worked at a local pizza, while being off the books.

  • I work as a projectionist at a movie theater. Basically, a more sane version of Tyler Durden. It's great though, gives me time to hang out on these forums.

  • I'm a Game Guru at a board games cafe. Basically I teach people how to play board games all day.

  • In the day time I'm a furniture salesman. And in my spare time I'm a cartoonist. I have a Youtube channel and make weekly shorts. This is the one that people seem to enjoy the most.

    Youtube Video

  • @Greymarch said in What is your job/occupation?:

    I'm a Game Guru at a board games cafe. Basically I teach people how to play board games all day.

    I've always wanted to visit a board game cafe. That's so neat!!

  • I am an archaeologist by trade but I currently have two jobs to support myself. I have a contract with a Cultural Resource Management firm. Basically we go around the southeast working for private companies that want their land surveyed for archaeological sites and materials. They don't want to get into trouble for building on land that is of historic or prehistoric significance. It's a cool job, I dig holes and find stuff for a living!

    Other than that I do transcription online. It's not the most exciting work but it pays the bills when I don't have an active project through my CRM firm.

  • I'm a research geologist working on carbon sequestration/enhanced oil recovery projects.