What is your job/occupation?

  • @Fridge-man Consumer goods. Electronics, toys, furniture, etc. We get hired by manufacturers to make their stuff look good =P

  • Just graduated and looking for work as an engineer.. hoping to start the application process for Army OCS soon though

  • I'm a design engineer for building construction.

  • I'm self employed as a Dog Walker and Pet Sitter.

  • I'm an Emergency Department Nurse.

  • I write. Usually for businesses, like the blurbs on their websites. Most of my time is taken up by school though. Hopefully I can get an internship soon.

  • I'm a programmer and Linux admin for a multinational advertising conglomerate. Frankly, I'd rather be a janitor at a radio station.

  • I'm a game designer, mostly specializing on quest/level design, and I've mostly worked on RPGs so far. Gotta say I'm loving it :)

  • Probation Officer. 10 years in the field as this week. Feel like I'm ready for retirement already but still got another 30+ years to go!

  • I'm a patent examiner in the ChemE arts. It's a really great job if you find both tech and law interesting.

  • I'm an order selector at a grocery distribution warehouse...

    Real life application of Tetris essentially :P

  • @kirkking2000
    Feel like you might enjoy this old gem:

    Youtube Video

  • Bookseller/everything-else-bookstores-sells-nowadays seller

  • @flower_arrangement Funny yes, but doesn't quite apply. Strictly warehouse here. We ship the stuff to the stores. Thank God I don't have to deal with the average consumer, otherwise I don't think I'd have as much L&R in me haha.

  • I wear a couple different hats.

    I'm currently a communications manager at a not-for-profit. I create magazines, shoot photos, set up media appearances and design websites. Our office has a full bar, so it's not uncommon to knock back a Jack and Coke on Friday afternoons. It's fun, laid back and rewarding.

    I also serve as editor-in-chief for a lucha libre magazine, called Rudo Can't Fail. So I write stories, shoot photos at events and lay out each issue monthly. It's totally in English and easy to flip through.

    Aside from that, I also write for a few websites, make sardonic comments on Twitter and host a wrestling podcast with my wife.

  • @Pat Just an FYI, Journalism is dying in gaming right now. I was just like you, I wanted to work for EGM when it was hot. But the turn of the century came, and everything moved to the internet. Been writing for websites for as long as 10 years now. I decided to launch my own business doing Journalism in gaming, but that turned out to be hard, and still is hard. Very hard. With GamerGate, and "crappy" journalism, its an uphill battle until someone revolutionizes game journalism. Sorry, but true.

    Just keep that in mind when you're in school doing this.

    I've now pivoted my company to be a network of niche websites to grab users in the hot areas. Future plans include esports, tournaments, and streaming. All hot sectors right now.

    As a side job, I work in retail, the checks go towards operational costs of my company while I continue working on getting investors onboard.

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    I work for my familys cleaning service we clean houses, offices, schools. Also they run a restaurant inside a gas station selling mexican food. I help with busy work there wash some dishes, sweep, mop and take out trash.

  • @Mechanoid It's so much fun! Most likely going to stay on for two more years before moving on. Awesome to hear from a former JET on here though! :slight_smile:

  • @Carlos Thanks for the reply but don't worry Carlos, I'm looking for gaming and normal Journalism, both take my fancy me greatly, any type of writing actually. I know it will be hard, but gotta chase those dreams, and something else might pop up on the way.

  • @butterxcup It's one of the best things I've ever done! I hope you have a great time! L&R :heart: