What is your job/occupation?

  • I am an in-house mortgage loan originator. Which is a fancy title saying that I can give mortgage financing, but I mostly work as an executive assistant and project specialist for operations. Amongst other things....

  • Truck driver, currently working nights. :-)

  • @ablank2
    Sorry but I have to ask, did you buy this hat?

  • I work in medical writing/quality control at a biotech company.

  • @aldaira That's the job I wanted. ;~;

    Haha, but for now I'm an appointment scheduler at a healthcare organization. Lots of opportunities to move up though so that's nice.

  • I work on an automotive assembly line.

  • @Jergingha oh, cool - yeah, I really enjoy the industry, and the work we do. good luck with the job you have now, and with hopefully finding one you're more invested in in the future!

  • @DMCMaster Not yet, but it's a must buy in my near future.

  • I'm unemployed and volunteer my time as a reserve cop for the past 4 years. And do some things with my local church with plans to expand our community involvement. A week ago, we did a park cleanup operation with a city based non-profit group that takes care of local parks.

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    Currently back from a interview as a Graphic Designer at a small company. Hope I get that as I just finished University.

  • I'm a game dev working as a generalist artist in VR. Just launched The Gallery Episode 1 for the Vive, working on Episode 2 right now and porting everything to Rift and PSVR. It's a dream come true.

    Before this Iwas working on hilariously awful 3DS and mobile games, but regardless of how bad they were I was just grateful to be in the industry (I'm a South African who moved out to Canada specifically to pursue a career in games). Actually learned a lot too.

  • I used to be the Store Manager Trainer of a retail chain, but I quit and went back to school to finish my degree.

  • Project Manager for a CRM company that deals directly with Car Dealership's Service department. Our company does calls/emails/etc for dealerships, which made that Firewatch story about that Ford dealerships ad very close to home haha

  • Convocation where I got handed a shiny piece of paper telling the world I have a Bachelor's Degree was at the beginning of the month, in the fall I am going to graduate school. I study Physics, and in grad school I'll be specializing in medical physics. I am kind of feeling it might not be for me before I even start but... We will see.

    I've always wanted to work in the video game industry, but I don't feel like I have many useful skills and just a lot of ideas.

  • @Carmichael the two guys who started bioware were doctors. just sayin :)

  • @Carmichael said in What is your job/occupation?:

    I've always wanted to work in the video game industry, but I don't feel like I have many useful skills and just a lot of ideas.

    I can relate to that, but I want to give you some advise up front: think real hard if that is exactly what you want to do before actually pursuing that dream.

    I wanted to work in the music industry for a long time. And now I am, as a marketing/brand manager at a dance music company. I really enjoy the work, as I managed to turn my biggest pasttime into my everyday job. But that change, from having something as a form of entertainment in my spare time turn into something related to work, kind of 'destroyed' the magic of it. Now that I know how the music industry works behind the scenes, how the politics are, how the marketing works and deals get made, most things I used to think were great are not so great anymore because I can 'see through them'. I still enjoy my job and will keep working in this industry, but being a fan of music and working in the music industry as a professional are two completely different fields.

    A few years back, I thought about overthrowing that music dream and getting into the gaming industry instead. But I didn't. Because I didn't want my second biggest pasttime to lose that 'magical' side as well. And I'm glad I didn't, because now games keep that special touch for me. If I would've switched industries, I wouldn't have been crying at that Sony conference the way I was now.

  • @sblomkamp Interesting, I wonder how that came about, have they ever discussed it?

    @Krauser I can understand that fear and the possibility of it happening. Just watching interviews with people in the industry, some definitely become jaded, while others come to love games even more. It's difficult to say where I would end up.

  • I'm a Software Tester at Bungie.
    -Break all the things!
    And a Community Cartographer for 343 Industries on Halo 5
    -Occasionally help with community maps/game-modes for matchamaking

  • Still a student. I work in customer service and I’m apprenticing to become a florist.

  • i'm a Debt Collector and Customer Service rep.