Idea: Easy Allies Dictionary/Thesaurus


    • "Love and Respect" - A segment on the Easy Allies Podcast where the panel answers questions from 5$+ Patrons. The segment starts with a jingle from an old McDonalds toy ( named Rufus by Michael Huber) followed by the words "Love and Respect".
      L&R also represents the positivity surrounding Easy Allies. Brandon Jones has released a video on his Patreon exclusive web series "Cup of Jones" discussing Love and Respect in depth.

    Context: The Easy Allies Podcast - April 20th, 2016 - Kyle Bosman explains how he came up with the name from the previous segment ""Well You're The One Who STARTED This Conversation!" on GT Time.

    Often used terms:

    • Jolly! / Jazzed! / Jacked!
    • Good vibes!
    • One of the greats!
    • Hottake! - Segment on the Frame Trap podcast. Originally pronounced "hot take" but changed to HOTTAKE! in the first episode by Kyle Bosman.
    • Podcast Halftime - A segment on The Easy Allies Podcast. Starts off with soccer music/ambient sound queuing followed by Kyle Bosman mid podcast saying "Wait, can you hear that? ITS PODCAST HALF TIME" followed by Brandon Jones mentioning the podcast sponsors.
    • Rank the Significance! - Segment/Game by Kyle Bosman. Basically each of the Allies must rank the significance of a game within a list of other games. Example: Most significant Switch game shown at the Switch presentation.
    • Take me/us to Valhalla - Often said by Ben Huber/Kyle Bosman.
    • Werehogs - Points given for winning bets. Inspired by Kyle Bosman's relationship with Sonic Unleashed back at GameTrailers.
    • Lock in those bets! - Kyle Bosman securing the bets at the end of the podcast.
    • Corrections music please! - At the start of the Easy Allies Podcast, Kyle Bosman starts by correcting the mistakes from the prior podcast. This basically just tells the editor (typically Brandon Jones) when to start the corrections music.
    • You're a subscriber now! - A collective jingle sung by the Allies to celebrate new subscribers on Twitch!


    • "The Crunch" - "The Crunch came from a story from Mike's brother with Taco Bell. Always save a hard taco for last. Crunch. Then it turned into them making it for a stream, crunching on a stream".

    Context: Brad and Damiani Play Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories (Pt. 2) (Written in by: Tragosaurus)

    • "Tom Brady" - Kyle Bosman's name for the snowball tossing snowmen in Banjo-Kazooie.

    Context: in by: Oscillator)

  • @Gloop I think it's a really good idea. I also wasn't around during GT so I feel you in regards to not knowing a lot of the sayings and whatnot. It would also be cool to have a links to the videos where they originated if possible to reminisce.

  • @Tragosaurus Great idea! I need to start finding some quotes to kick start the thread.

  • I like this idea too. It seems really jolly ;)

  • I'm watching the Brad and Damiani play KH:CoM VOD and finally learned the background to The Crunch. I never knew and since this thread just started and is relevant thought I'd post.

    "The Crunch came from a story from Mike's brother with Taco Bell. Always save a hard taco for last. Crunch. Then it turned into them making it for a stream, crunching on a stream".
    Youtube Video – [1:38:04..]

  • All I know is, I'm super jacked to see how this turns out.

  • @Tragosaurus Added to the dictionary! Thanks :)

  • @SabotageTheTruth What a jolly comment!

  • @Elyra Great! Working on adding more quotes. :)

  • Just a couple off the top of my head. I don't know where they originated from though.

    We're going to Yonkers - The first time I heard it was a group stream where mom (Blood) and dad (Jones) were gone but Uncle Don was there. Not sure if this was the origin though.
    Werehogs - Essentially points from Whose Line is it Anyway. I'm pretty sure the name is just because Bosman likes Sonic Unleashed, specifically the demo. I assume just generally mocking the name werehog
    _______ for meeeeee! - no idea. I don't even know what the first word is.

  • I feel these are kinda common phrases (I'm not sure though, they are all off the top of my head) :

    • [We're] doing a thing... [describes an event the Allies are up to].

    • Take me/us to Valhalla! Often uttered by Huber in epic fashion.

    • Double down. Often - but not necassarily - on Don.

  • A couple things. Love & Respect premiered on GT Time after Kyle got sick of the negativity of "Well You're The One...". The use of "jolly" may stem from Jolly Cooperation, an occasional segment that premiered on Mandatory Update where two people hold one controller.

    Also, Bosman v Wozniak probably needs it's own dictionary. :P Skateboard Uncle, Kill Yourself, I've Got Powers, Joey, Tetsuna, Jeff Goldblum Method, Dirty Tet, Tower Of Spite, Hyperbolic Time Chamber (which is a Dragon Ball reference), Hot Shots, Cleanup Crew, The Doos, Pilot The Buran, etc.

    ...FFS, somebody get Kyle doing a Final Bosman-esque show full time again. Money In The Bank! (Maybe add that too.)

    Oh, and don't forget the immortal "Lars Had Grain".

    And HOTTAKE.

    And all of the Podcast segments. Corrections, Podcast Halftime, Rank The Significance, That's My Pop-Tart/That's My Toaster Strudel, etc. Not to mention Odd Forms And Somber Tapestry!

    And (Thank You) Sweeney. ^_^

  • Break for meeeeee! Is from a Brad, Kyle, Brandon, and Huber stream on January 5th 2016 of the game Amplitude from the late GT days. During this stream they play a level of the game based on a song titled "Break for Me". The phrase "Break for me" was said by the crew as an imitation of Buffalo Bill from Silence of the Lambs. The version of the phrase we know and love is a take on Christian Bale's "Good for you!" from his meltdown on the set of Terminator Salvation. This deviation from the original Buffalo Bill "Brake for me" happened when Bosman was "bailing" from his lane around 44:15 in the video. This in turn led to the group reminiscing about and reciting said meltdown. Eventually at 56:00 in Ruaidhri18 in chat asks for "Break for me" in Christian Bale voice. And thus the EZA saying "Break for meeeeee!" was born.

    Here is a link to a video of said stream starting from the selection of the track "Brake for Me":

    Around 47:10 in this video someone suggests the name "Cup of Jones" for a solo Brandon show also.

  • "Tom Brady" - Kyle Bosman's name for the snowball tossing snowmen in Banjo-Kazooie.

    And what's the name of the little toy that plays the Love & Respect theme again?

  • @Brandon_Reister Ruaidhri18 :P

  • @Oscillator Added :)

  • @Oscillator Thanks again. Will add the rest of the comments later.

  • @Gloop said in Idea: Easy Allies Dictionary/Thesaurus:

    @Oscillator Thanks again. Will add the rest of the comments later.

    A suggestion to make the list more concise, you don't necessarily need to add everything. If a term is unfunny and/or barely used, it's probably safe to skip it.

  • @Oscillator Great suggestion, will definitely put the most used ones on top. I'm not the best person to create this list since I don't regularly watch the streams expect the occasional group stream archive so I might miss the good ones.