What Are You Listening To?

  • Have some Future Funk Everyone. I just spent way too much money buying all the Future Funk on iTunes and feel the need to share.

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  • The new wutang album "The Saga Continues". A few good tracks. And for some reason Tha Carter 3.

  • @Caleb_Aranda Yep, I've seen them 3 or times over the past 10 years. They put on a great show.

  • Probably my most listened to album of the last few months is Awake - Tycho. The Genre is apparently called 'Chill Wave' and it does describe this mellow electronic music, but I feel like it gives it a weird stoner-y connotation to it so I just like to call it relaxing. Really easy to listen in an out to while reading or studying (which is all I do nowadays) so its been constantly on.

    Another relaxing track that kinda has some ASMR in it would be Beneath the Mask - Persona 5. Except its looped between the instrumental and vocal version for 10 hours with added noise of rain hitting a window to complete the cosey feel. Another study track for sure.

  • Saw King Crimson tonight.. my mind has been blown.

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  • the best cover of Led Zeppelin ever
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  • Ok! It's been a great week for music! Here are my favorite releases from the past 10 days or so.

    DDD By EXID. EXID is in my top 5 musical groups for a reason, the really never disappoint. Solji is still on medical leave which is a bit disappointing but Hyerin did an amazing job covering main vocals. This song is just amazing, my favorite Kpop song from this year probably. (Epilepsy Warning on the Video)
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    Crazy, Sexy, Cool by Astro. I didn't stan Astro before, never really paid much attention to them, but this song is awesome. I really enjoy the song and the choreo that goes with it.
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    Black Suit by Super Junior. It's a little hard to wrap my head around the fact that the Suju guys are in their 30's and they're still going strong. It's really uncommon for people beyond the age of 27 or so to be idols in Kpop these days. But this song is very Super Junior, I hope it does well on the charts.
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    Likey by Twice. Twice always delivers. The views on their MV are skyrocketing fast, and they're setting records for album sales as per usual. It's refreshing to stan a group that's actually popular for once. You don't have to constantly be wondering when they'll disband. As for the song, it's really catchy and fun. I like to blast it in the car on my way to school.
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    Sometimes I get in a melancholic rut and I learned long ago it's better to just embrace those moments.

  • People here have great taste O________o

    A big part of EZA is '... of all time'.
    And Porcupine Tree's Anesthetize Live DVD is the best live concert DVD of all time!
    It's cathartic.


  • It's a weird phenomenon when you first hear a song or word for the first time and it starts to follow you around. For me, that word is fiduciary, as I first heard it at a friend's dissertation this week and then the podcast was just littered with it this week. I first heard this song last week and it just keeps following me around now.

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    I feel bad because these fellas are always visiting my town and I never bothered to listen to them. I'm a fan now!

  • is there anyone besides me that doesn't like the music that has been released lately?

  • @The_Andredal That depends on which genre/market the music is coming from. If we're talking American music I totally agree. Not much has really fit my sensibilities recently. As for alternative music I am one of few people who really enjoyed Humanz so I think stuff on that front is good. As for Korean and Latin American music, which is most of what I listen to, I think everything is A-ok. Majoor Kpop releases all come out around this time of year so there's been some really good music coming out recently.

  • @michemagius i don't really listen to just american music, i just don't see anything i like lately

  • @The_Andredal That's too bad. I've been stuck in a few music ruts before where I couldn't find anything I liked for a while, and that was always terrible. Whenever that happens to me I try to find new genres to explore, that's how I found Future Funk and Vaporwave.

  • the only thing that i've been able to listen to that's been new is Ed Sheeran

  • @The_Andredal I'm all about new music. Loved the releases of Grizzly Bear, Spoon, Portugal. The Man, Broken Social Scene, and Queens of the Stone Age this year.

  • It's been a crazy couple of weeks for Kpop. Things always get crazy at the end of the year though so I suppose I should have expected it. But to have bonafide legends and pioneers of Kpop like Sechkies and Super Junior, promoting next to current super groups/artists like BTS, Block B, Hyuna, IU, and Sunmi, next to small groups that lept up in popularity in a big way like EXID and Nu'ESt, next to mega rookies like Twice and Seventeen, next to smaller rookies/groups with really high quality songs like Sonamoo, Loona, and and Gugudan. With legendary, incredible groups and artists like Red Velvet, Miryo, Gain, and EXO comebacks announced for the coming weeks. There's no way to predict who will win on the music shows anymore. It's a complete toss up because everyone is so strong. To communicate this, rather than linking to like 15 songs, I'll just link a chart video.
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  • In times where I feel a little bit lost with what I should/need to be doing in my life, I usually turn to old albums that meant a lot to me in my past, so Cursive's concept album The Ugly Organ has been spinning around my head constantly this past week. I feel like I haven't done a decent job highlighting lyrics in this thread, but these ones need to be shared. Perfect mixture with the isolation the music itself lends itself to.

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    "I wake alone,
    in a woman's room I hardly know,
    I wake alone,
    and pretend that I am finally home

    The room is littered,
    with her books and notebooks,
    I imagine what they say, like,
    "Shoo fly don't bother me."
    I can hardly get myself out of the bed,
    for fear of never lying in this bed again

    Oh christ, I'm not that desperate.
    Oh no. Oh god. I am.

    How'd I end up here to begin with?
    I don't know,
    Why do I start what I can't finish?
    Oh please don't barrage me,
    with the questions to all those ugly answers,
    My ego's like my stomach,
    it keeps shitting what I feed it

    But maybe I don't want to finish anything anymore,
    Maybe I can wait in bed 'til she comes home and whispers,
    "You're in my web now,
    I've come to wrap you up tight
    'til it's time to bite down."

    I wake alone,
    in a woman's room I hardly know,
    I wake alone,
    and pretend that I am finally home."