What Are You Listening To?

  • @sabotagethetruth I co-sign on this very much.

  • No Man's Sky's soundtrack is pretty sick.

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  • @bam541 Yup, I still listen to it pretty regularly. The atmosphere/B-sides are great too. Departure/Shortwave/Noisetest, Borealis/Contrastellar and definitely Outlier/EOTWS_Variation1

  • @tokeeffe9 I don't know b-sides existed for this! I'll check it out immediately

  • @bam541 I'm not sure if they're exactly B-sides but they're all on the second disc. Called Soundscapes here. 47 minutes onwards

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  • Lot's of great music has been coming out lately.

    First up is Twice with their new "What is Love?" comeback. I know pop music isn't super popular on these forums, but I think that the MV is worth watching just for all the great movie references! Also the song is catchy as hell, I think this might be my favorite era for them.
    Youtube Video

    Next up is EXID. Great 90's throwback, LE's verses are great as always, I think Hyelin really stepped up for this comeback. All around, and awesome track.
    EXID - Lady MV

    After that is Egoist from Loona's 12 and final girl Olivia! Her color is black, and surprise, her animal is the wolf! I'm so psyched for all the members to be revealed, I can't wait for their official debut! Egoist is up there with Eclipse and Heart Attack for my favorite Loona song. I think that generally Loona has been a little weaker in the vocal department, obviously there are some exceptions, but I think that their biggest strengths are their visuals and their wide range of styles. Not every style gels with me, but I admire their dedication to giving each member a distinct identity within the group.
    Olivia Hye - Egoist

    And Here's Some Slightly Older, but equally good stuff!
    WJSN - DCT Live (Ugh, this choreo and song are so good. I'm obsessed.)
    CLC - Black Dress Live (Great comeback, I'm really glad their embracing the Hobgoblin concept again.)

  • @sabotagethetruth i have been trying to find new music to listen to

  • @the_andredal Scheck out this thread then! Tons of great suggestions all over the place, all sorts of genres as well.

  • Revisiting one of my low-key favorites, probably the most nostalgic-feeling album i ever heard. It's Little Joy's self titled.
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  • R&G
    Lee malls

    I like some weird music

  • I want to spend most of this upcoming week highlighting remixes I love. So here we go! (Feel free to join in, the more, the merrier).

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    So it's hard for me to say if this is better than the original considering they both take up such different spaces. The original is dark and kinda somber at times, this is upbeat and a bit of a trip with all the vocal manipulation used, yet the spirit of the original is alive. Most of the other mixes I'll be sharing throughout the week aren't exactly the best to dance to, but this one would be an exception. Another fun side note, this is just remixed by two members of Miike Snow, so they're really showing their variety off with this one.

    Original can be found here.

  • I'm usually not a big fan of remixes, but the Baardsen remix of Dan Croll's From Nowhere is probably one of the few times i actually like a remix as much as the original. Turns it into a sassy and upbeat EDM dance tune from the original's more grounded and somewhat playful nature.

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  • I just wanna preface this by saying Grizzly Bear is one of my favorite bands in existence and the release of Shields is what made me initially fall in love. So the idea of remixing the dream-like album opener Sleeping Ute is immediately appealing and then add in the fact Nicholas Jaar is doing the remix? Perfection.

    Youtube Video

    The ending of the original slows waaaaay down and hits this really somber note before dissipating into the next track. Jaar takes this and expands upon it, exploring some of the darker territory of the song. This is a very slow and deliberate mix, taking its time to build and flesh out its sounds.

    Original can be found here.

  • Listening to FFXV's music again. I remember staring at the menu for a pretty long time when i started the game for the first time, just listening to Somnus. FFXV's OST as a whole is 10/10, but this track specifically is just pure bliss for me.

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  • Guile's Theme.
    For some reason Guile's Theme.
    It has been stuck in my head for about a week.

    Luckily for me it goes with everything.

  • If you've ever wanted to know what pure mania sounds like, look no further than the OST for Stretch Panic. I was listening to it earlier today and it reminded me how upbeat, yet unsettling that game is. Honestly I feel like if I listened for too long I might have a nervous breakdown or something, how did they make this music so...chaotic?

    Youtube Video

    Youtube Video

  • Whew, I meant to post more remixes I dig last week, but I pinched a nerve in my hip and had a fun week of not being able to walk. Don't get old, that's the lesson I'm learning.

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    There's an entire album of Intimacy remixes and it is absolutely fantastic, but if I had to pick one song in particular, I'd go for this one. The chorus here is ridiculously infectious, improving on the original in a lot of ways. There's already a lot of energy in the original but I find a lot of the effects added here really place some interesting layers on what was initially presented.

    The original can be found here.

  • @sabotagethetruth I'm going to be that person and say I really miss Bloc Party's old stuff. Silent Alarm is incredible and A Weekend in the City is very good. Still listen to a lot of Silent Alarm every so often.

  • @tokeeffe9 A Weekend in the City and Intimacy are probably my favorites. Four was decent, but woof... that last release was really rough. I'd kill for a return to form from them.