What Are You Listening To?

  • I have been listening to Blue Stahli and Beartooth a lot lately. Both bands can be found on Spotify.

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  • Welp, we've got some artists with new singles. Let's dig in.

    Youtube Video

    Every time I heat something up, I think this song will come to mind. Spoon is such a diverse band and seemingly push themselves into unexplored waters with each album (aside from the last release) and if this single is any indication of the quality of the album as a whole, this may turn into one of my favorites for the year.

    Youtube Video

    THE GORILLAZ ARE BACK! THE GORIL... wait, what is this? Hype deflation my friends. While this track isn't necessarily bad, it's not necessarily... much of anything. It feels like a filler track on an album that gets skipped yet this is their first showing of their album. Such a strange choice, I hope this vibe doesn't carry over to the rest of the record. I Hate Everything (a great content creator) has one of the top comments on the video currently - "Weird thing to lead with, makes me think of those art video installations you see in various exhibitions which you watch through once and never really think about again. Not bad necessarily, just not Gorillaz to me particularly. Relax though everyone, I'm sure when the album finally releases it'll be worth the wait."

    Youtube Video

    Chaz (from Toro y Moi) collaborating with the Mattson 2 creating some chill sounds. The video for this premiered today, yet I can't find it through YouTube and can't be bothered to search properly for it. Still, this sound is more reminiscent of his second album, Underneath the Pine, which happens to be my personal favorite so... I'm hoping this develops into an album if it hasn't already.

  • I've been listening to the album Teens of Denial by the band Car Seat Headrest. It's an Lternative rock album that released last year but sounds like it came out around 2004. It's got a solid mix of soft and loud tracks with the two biggest standouts being drunk drivers/killer whales (soft) and destroyed by hippy powers (loud.)

    I would highly recommend this album to fans of Franz Ferdinand, the shins, the killers, super grass, the white stripes exc. This band doesn't really sound like any of those bands but if you like those you will probably like this.

    Happy listening!

  • @lifetimeofnot one of the greats, same here

    All King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard stuff - particularly Paper Mache Dream Balloon, which for some reason I will forever associate with Dark Souls 3 (Trapdoor is such a dark souls song and that video too)
    Ty Segall - Emotional Mugger and all others (the new self titled album is great)
    Wand - Ganglion Reef
    Foxygen ...and Star Power
    Chance the Rapper
    other stuff but can't think of any more

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  • Youtube Video

    Figured I would share a remarkable cover for a game known for its soundtrack. Juicy!

  • I like to pick up a new album every weekend for my collection, the most recent being this gorgeous monstrosity:

    Youtube Video

    Don't know about the overall status of Ally metal fandom, but I'm perfectly happy to carry the flag solo if needs be...

  • Welp.

    In old news, I've loved this song from the very moment I've heard it but it seemingly keeps popping up randomly for me the past week. If I was forced to do a top 10 song list, I think it would rank - but even the thought of constructing such a list gives me anxiety.

    Miike Snow - Silvia

    Also! Animal Collective dropped their new EP today. Back in my days of lesser sobriety, this band was an absolute must listen, but as I've aged along with them, I've found their previous two releases to lack any sort of cohesion, instead going for abrasive dissonance. This EP however is a return to their more fluid form, certainly worth a listen.

    Animal Collective - Jimmy Mack

  • Youtube Video

    I, uh

    yeah I don't know why either. But I dig it. All three albums in general (Sounds, Silence, and Moods) but this is a personal favorite.

  • Banned

    Been listening to a lot of trillwave lately.
    Enjoying this little subsection of AMVs made exclusively with trillwave.

    Youtube Video

  • The new Spoon is out!

    Youtube Video

    Unfortunately, my favorite tracks haven't found YouTube releases yet but it's definitely deserving of the great reviews it has been receiving. Excellent production combined with a band invested in fully exploring their sound has resulted in an incredible album with layered goodness. More of an emphasis on the keys as well; I honestly felt some distorted Billy Joel vibes flowing through tracks like First Caress. The first great album of 2017 has arrived.

    There's also a new Real Estate so I'll update on that one once I've given it a spin.

  • Youtube Video

    Future Islands is a band that has been in the biz for a long while but didn't really find success until their last release, thanks to some really great late night show performances that went viral. I quickly made sure to catch a show of theirs after hearing of them and I gotta say, probably one of the best live acts I've ever had the pleasure of catching/dancing to. This album is another one from them that is just great all around, solid tone throughout, with more introspective lyrics than what I was expecting. Worth a listen.

    I really wanna check out Joni Mitchell now thanks to the most recent Frame Trap.

  • @SabotageTheTruth Future Islands is a great band! They're locals where I went to school so I was lucky enough to catch them live a couple times.

    In other news.. a friend of mine got me listening to a lot of Brand New again. I was never a huge fan but I'm really enjoying rediscovering them so to speak

    Youtube Video

  • @Faaip The Devil and God are Raging Inside Me happens to be my favorite album of all time. I was lucky enough to see them perform all of it up in Seattle back in 2007.

  • @SabotageTheTruth Dude nice! It really is an incredible album. I hear they're breaking up in 2018.. so I'm definitely gonna try to catch them live before that happens.

  • @Faaip In the great words of Ian Hinck, "LCD Soundsystem is playing Coachella this year. Sometimes a finale isn't really final, you know?" So I'm hoping they don't break up but it certainly has been awhile since they released anything.

  • @SabotageTheTruth That's true, a lot of bands come back after "breaking up". I'm hoping The Chariot does that heheh I never got to see them live.. oh and for the love of god Fugazi

  • Lately, lots of They Might Be Giants. Especially the older stuff.

    Probably because I was in New York, and they mention NYC a lot in their older songs, so it was cool to go to places they mention or where they filmed their videos.

    Don't Let's Start was somewhere I actually got to go to the filming location of (the old 1964 New York State Pavilion in Corona Park, Queens)