What Are You Listening To?

  • @brawlman Same here about White Light. Definitely the worst song on the album.

    @SabotageTheTruth I get what you mean about Demon Days, i was happily bobbing my head up and down the whole way through like nothing bad is happening. Excellent production indeed.

    I'm listening to Plastic Beach as i type this, a couple tracks in and i'm already blown away. I'll post my thoughts later.

  • Just finished listening to Plastic Beach. It's my first listen, and oh boy i wonder why did i start listening to this album so late. I'm really impressed with this album.

    The instruments sound more interesting, playful and fun than in Demon Days. Most songs in this album evoke the feeling of cruising in the middle of the sea. It has the meandering-ness of not knowing where you're heading since all you see on the horizon is nothing, and the relaxing nature of the softly blowing sea wind. The album also has more of a hip-hop feel (especially in the first half of the album) than their previous works, which i actually don't mind at all for once (can't say i'm a big fan of hip-hop).

    Almost every track has a pleasant surprise that set them apart very well, i can't believe that the album starts and finishes with an orchestral piece (although that ending is a bit anti-climactic), and the fact that there's some traditional Indian music influence in White Flag still boggles me. Despite this, the album still manages to be quite cohesive from start to finish, although it loses a bit of that in the final third of the album.

    Also, Stylo is my favorite Gorillaz song for sure.

    For now i'm giving this album a 9/10. Could be higher as i listen to it more.

  • Now that E3's almost over, here's some sick tunes from E3 trailers this year.
    Cyberpunk 2077
    Youtube Video

    Devil May Cry 5
    Youtube Video

    Kingdom Hearts III
    Youtube Video

  • Gotta hand it to Don, he picked a hell of a game to bring to that E3 trailer showcase the Allies had. While watching the PC press conference, I noticed the devs of Sable were saying how excited they were to work with Japanese Breakfast, which left me searching for her music. It's real good ya'll.

    Youtube Video

  • Here’s a hot take, Humanz is the second best Gorillaz album. Plastic Beach is #1, and I can’t wait for The Now Now.

  • Also. Katie Kim FINALLY debuted, after escaping from YG’s basement and I am here for it. I’ve missed hearing her voice and her debut single is amazing.
    Youtube Video

    Also, Yubin of the Wonder Girls finally has her solo debut and it’s amazing. Especially since I live for future funk and retro music. (Even despite the stuff going on with Night Tempo)
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    Also, the new Chromeo album is fire.

  • Found this modular synth rendition of Clair de Lune. Reminds me of how Radiohead changed "True Love Waits" from the old acoustic version to the one on A Moon Shaped Pool.

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  • I've been listening to the Population: Declining album from Hail the Villian again. It's one of my favorite albums!!

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  • Youtube Video

    There's only a few situations where I can think of incredible debut albums that never turned into more music, but Frou Frou would be top of the list (along with The Postal Service). Some really well layered instrumentation with Imogen Heap's lyrics fluttering all over the place.

  • @SabotageTheTruth :o I haven't listened to Frou Frou in forever! Thanks for reminding me it exists <33

    also I got bored and added everything to a playlist...it's a wild ride of genres haha


  • @anonfriction That's really awesome that you did that, thanks!

  • @sabotagethetruth pretty sure I got everything ^_^ there were a few posts that seemed to be unavailable now though :(

    Also I think this should be posted here after e3 haha

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  • Listened to Unknown Mortal Orchestra's Sex and Food. Boring album, really disappointed by this. But, at least it has two fantastic songs. I already posted one of them here, so i'll post the other one.

    Youtube Video

  • Also finished listening to Jack White's Boarding House Reach. I'm not a big fan of his solo stuff, but man this album is something else. It started kinda weak, but immediately things got interesting with the second track, and for the most part the interest level in me is kept pretty high.

    Corporation, Ice Station Zebra, Respect Commander, Over and Over and Over, and Respect Commander are the highlights.

    The last few tracks got a bit slower and mellower in terms of how it sounds, which i would thought as a good change of pace. The last track, Humoresque, is pretty beautiful, i like how they end this crazy album with a soft kiss in the cheek.

    There are shorter tracks here and there that feels kinda unnecessary, even though they're kinda fun to listen to.

    The instrumentation is playfully experimental rock, at their best it sounds like the band were having tons of fun. The production is very crunchy, the guitars in particular sounds awesome. If you're a rock fan, definitely give this a try. (8/10)

    My favorite song is this one, one of the best rock songs in recent memory for me. Full of swagger, and spirals to craziness at the final third.

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  • Just listened to two great records:

    • Parquet Courts' Wide Awake. Absolutely loved it, feels very groovy and cohesive as an album. Has a lot of punk influences and a bit of psychedelic touch here and there. The album's length is perfect, just enough to make me wanting more. Probably my favorite album of this year so far.

    • Fleet Foxes' Sun Giant EP. It released years ago, and i only found this out yesterday. It feels like a extension of the their debut album, and it is worth your time. Mykonos and Innocent Son are easily up there with their best work yet.

  • Even though I've been listening fairly consistently, I haven't really posted my impressions of the new Gorillaz album as a whole. Here we go!

    Youtube Video

    Honestly, it feels like this album picks up right after Plastic Beach, which is going to help me forget Humanz exists even more now thankfully. It's a really great summer album with a cohesive style and feel throughout, with a few standout tracks really taking center stage - Tranz, Lake Zurich, and the beautiful Souk Eye. I do wholly agree with the complaints lobbed against the album though - it does play things a bit too safe and there's not a lot of experimentation on display here. It's no Demon Days or Plastic Beach but it's still worth your time and is probably going to be my record for the summer.

  • @anonfriction I've been addicted to this song. I hope to hear Dante's new theme as well as the "mysterious" V.

  • Listened to LCD Soundsystem's This Is Happening. It's really good, but it's certainly not my favorite LCD album. It's a bit weird and playful than Sound of Silver, and that's cool and all, but in some songs it lost some of the swagger that made SoS sound so good. Pow Pow is a great though, despite being so weird structurally. That song felt really confident in it's tone for me, which helps it a lot. I also like it less than American Dream, because that album felt heavier for me. Not necessarily emotional-wise, it just sounds like the band were hitting each note harder. It's more... impactful, i guess.

    But still, this is a great album. Dance Yourself Clean's transition to dance-mode is so good, I Can Change is a great romantically-charged tune, and Home is a fantastic album closer. Drunk Girls and Somebody's Calling Me bring it down for me (SCM in particular doesn't fit with the rest of the album), but that doesn't stop this album from being a must try.

  • June and July really crushed it in terms of new music, at least for my tastes.

    -Chromeo’s new album “Head Over Heels” is definitely in my top 10 albums now.
    -Gorillaz’ new album “The Now Now” is awesome, as expected. Still not sure where it places in my personal ranking of the Gorillaz albums, but it’s up there.
    -Red Velvet’s Japanese Debut was killer. I loved both new songs, and their older songs included on the mini-album are some of their best.
    -Taeyeon’s new song “Something New” has been on repeat for days. I lowkey have some beef with SNSD, but I can’t deny that she’s an amazing singer and that her music is great.
    -Kyungri (From 9Muses) just made her solo debut with a stellar song, “Blue Moon”! Everything about this era is to die for.
    -Katie Kim’s debut single, “Remember”, is just beautiful. Her voice is so unique and lovely. I really reccomend it.
    -Tenny’s “159cm” is an incredible song with a great message and music video. It deserves way more attention than it’s getting.
    -Twice’s “Dance The Night Away” quite literally, just came out and I think it’s one of their best comebacks. Here’s hoping that people stop sleeping on Jihyo because she really shines in this era.
    -NeonPunch just debuted as the first group from a new and small company. It’s sad to see them get ignored because their debut single “Moonlight” is killer.
    -This isn’t technically new music, but it’s kind of adjacent to it? EXID saved my life with their performance and Kcon! It’s so great to see them getting the recognition that they deserve! I so wish I could have been there!
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    I’ve also been getting into music from older artists. The fact that some of these folks have lasted as long as they have really goes to show how much talent and charisma they have.
    -Lee Hyori will forever be one of the 3 true Queens of Kpop. She just has this insane presence that you can hear through her music, and though her latest releases have been a bit different than her usual style, they’re still totally bewitching.
    -BoA, another one of my Queens. The more I explore her enormous catologue of albums and singles, the more I realize that she straight up only makes great music. Not only that, but even 18 years after he debut, she’s still setting the standard for exceptional performance.
    -Um Jung Hwa, the third Queen. This woman is literally unstoppable. In an industry that usually forces idols to retire by the age of 30, Um Jung Hwa is out here at 49, absolutely crushing it, and outperforming most other people in her field.
    -G.O.D. has some great timeless hits that will instantly boost your mood.
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