What Are You Listening To?

  • @sabotagethetruth Same here, it's like they have an epiphany or something after their last album.
    Speaking of great albums, this year is already pretty packed for me, i have like 5 albums (including this one) that i just can't help but gush about. Usually there's just one standout album for me.

  • the mystery of love
    I downloaded many movies to my computer (yeah, I am a movie fanatic), maybe the movies are too much that the hard drive capacity of my computer is not enough, but I don’t want to delete any one of them. Some movies are in MP4 format, is there any MP4 to DVD converter recommended? I think it will be wonderful to burn my loving movies to disc for storage...

  • Kicking it old school.

    The Jam - In the City

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  • Guess I've been on the same wavelength as Ben lately, since we've both been enjoying Daft Punk's Discovery quite a bit.

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    Despite it being saturated with disco and funk samples, there's something "human" about this album in comparison with nearly all other electronica out there. It could easily be performed by a live band and you wouldn't lose much, which is a testament to all the thought that went into this record. I'm listening to it via the CD player in my car (which is rare because I own very few CDs these days) and it has begun to skip in areas because I've been spinning the same disc since middle school. I don't use the word perfect very often but Discovery was perfect upon release and remains so to this day. I'm going to be listening to this on my death bed, guaranteed.

  • Listened to The Jimi Hendrix Experience's Are You Experienced. This is probably the first time i completely fell in love to an old album (i tried Beatles, Led Zeppelin and Velvet Underground, can't say i liked them much). Wonderful guitar work by Jimi, still sound awesome today. Here's my favorite tracks.

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  • Feeder - Turn

    From the album Echo Park (2001). Amazing song.

  • Just revisited one of my favorites of all time, Muse's Origins of Symmetry, and i still love it as i did years ago. It's probably my favorite Muse album (Absolution is very close), it's very consistent quality wise and it has some of the most hard hitting moments in their entire discography. It also felt the most "raw" (despite many parts that sounds quite clean), something the later albums traded in exchange for more over-the-top dramatic vibes.

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  • Stumbled upon this earlier, cool vibes.
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  • @bam541 Also my favorite Muse album by a country mile. I miss Muse sounding like.... Muse. Their last few albums, woof, rough.

  • @sabotagethetruth Agreed, the last one i liked was The Resistance. Also, the new singles they released recently are kinda meh. I don't have much faith in Muse anymore, but i'm hoping the new album is better.

  • New music, ahoy!

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    Death Cab is a band that used to mean the world to me but each new release generally made me less and less excited about them overall. While I don't think this album reaches some of the brilliant heights of their past work, it's much better than their previous two efforts - the back half of the album in particular is a lot more sonically pleasing and takes more risks. A step back in the right direction, if nothing else.

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    Trevor Powers was known as Youth Lagoon before dropping the moniker in 2016. As Youth Lagoon, he quickly became one of my favorite songwriters in the business, blending some really dynamic sounds with introspective lyrics. I haven't been able to fully wrap my mind around this newest release of his, all I can say is that I enjoy it immensely. It's a bit of a challenging listen, which I appreciate. It has potential to be my favorite release of the year (so far) but I need to give it a few more listens to really solidify that opinion.

    There's also a new Animal Collective release but I was decidedly too sober to enjoy it properly, I'll rectify that soon enough.

  • @sabotagethetruth The Death Cab track is pretty nice, might be time for me to start listening to their albums.
    XTQ Idol's not really clicking with me, i guess it's just me not being in the mood for that kind of music.

  • Kokia & Suede.

  • Watched the archive of Easy Livin Porky Pig gameplay, and heard the allies talking about a bad remix soundtrack in RE Director's Cut. I looked it up, and i think i found it... it's pretty hilarious.

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  • Pink Floyd - Wish you were here.
    Oasis - Morning Glory. I just grabbed the Vinyl from HMV.

  • @sheria Wish you were here/Animals is my favorite Pink Floyd

  • Finally got around to Gorillaz's The Now Now. It's a good, laid-back easy listen. Can be a bit too easygoing at times though.

    Now i'm listening to Franz Ferdinand's Always Ascending. They released this album back in February, and i only found this out yesterday. IMO it stands out a bit style-wise from the rest of their discography, and i'm digging it.

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    My most anticipated album of the year is finally out and.... I love it! For me, Interpol has always released albums that grow on me rather than obtain my immediate praise. I remember the first album I bought from them in high school (Antics), I ended up thinking it really wasn't very good, but I kept coming back to listen to it for whatever reason. I eventually fell in love and repeated that process for pretty much all of their albums. Strangely, I gravitated towards this very quickly, so I imagine this is going to become my go-to album over the next few weeks.

    @bam541 the new Franz Ferdinand also flew under my radar! Going to have to check that out myself sometime soon.

  • @sabotagethetruth Didn't realize it's already out, gonna check the album out soon.

  • The Wolfenstein II OST was M.I.A. at the game's launch, and i just found out that it was released 2 months ago (shame on me). This makes me want to play the game again, and i would... if my brother didn't take my copy away.

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    I'm particularly fond of "The New Colossus", "Right Trigger Warning" and "Der Zerstorer". I think the first U-Boat level track is missing, which is a shame.