What Are You Listening To?

  • @sabotagethetruth Didn't realize it's already out, gonna check the album out soon.

  • The Wolfenstein II OST was M.I.A. at the game's launch, and i just found out that it was released 2 months ago (shame on me). This makes me want to play the game again, and i would... if my brother didn't take my copy away.

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    I'm particularly fond of "The New Colossus", "Right Trigger Warning" and "Der Zerstorer". I think the first U-Boat level track is missing, which is a shame.

  • Kids See Ghosts by Kanye West / Kid Cudi is the rare hip-hop album that i not only listen all the way through, but also listen repeatedly. The track "Reborn" has been stuck in my head all day long. Gonna listen to this more.

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    So Kyle jokingly started singing this song on the last podcast and it made me remember how much I liked it back in the day. Come to find out this song is extremely dark with its subject matter and I'll just poach the story straight from the comment section -

    "Lela and Raymond Howard were a couple in their 80s living in Salado, TX. (Sala-do). In June 1997, they packed a bag for the short 15 mile trip to Temple, TX for the annual Pioneer Day Festival. Their children, one of whom lived next door, knew nothing of their trip. The husband and wife were both prone to confusion in their old age, and this was made worse by Lela’s alzheimers and Raymond’s recent brain surgery.

    Reports say that they made it to Temple and were spotted at a local Walmart buying coffee. After that, they disappeared. They never returned home later that day, and by the next day, they were put on the missing persons list. Police and helicopters searched for the couple, looking all across the southeast and helicopters flew over Arkansas, while others searched woods, ravines, and twisted back roads.

    Their family had no way of knowing it, but by Saturday night, Lela and Raymond Howard were already 500 miles away in rural Arkansas. They had been pulled over for driving without their headlights once, and then 45 minutes later were stopped for driving with their high beams on. But neither of the deputies who pulled them over knew that they were missing persons, and wouldn’t know until Monday. By that time, the Howards were long gone.

    A reporter searched the Howards home looking for clues. What she found was eerie, and a sign that the couple had been suffering from more confusion and dementia than their children had realized. The T.V. was unplugged and clothes were strewn on the bed, as well as other signs that they had been planning for a long trip but abruptly left. They had also left their toiletries and hearing aids behind. It was July but their calendar was still turned to February.

    On July 12th, the search for the couple came to an end. Hikers stumbled across the crumpled remains of their car at the bottom of a 25-foot cliff, just off of a stretch of highway near Hot Springs under thick vegetation. Bodies at the site were Lela and Raymond’s, who had died from their injuries in the crash.

    A year later, the band Fastball found fame with their hit, “The Way” which was inspired by the couple and their album went platinum. The band’s leader, Tony Scalzo, still attributes that song and the story of the old couple to the band’s success."

  • I just took a break from Spider-Man to listen to the entire Queen: Live at Montreal concert on blu-ray, which I do every year around this time for Freddie's birthday.

  • This is the most positive punk song i've ever heard, and there's a jolly video to accompany it.
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    I also like to shout-out Interpol's Marauder, as @SabotageTheTruth did before. It's a great record. Interpol have never reached the astronomical heights of their wonderful debut album IMO, but this album came the closest for me, it's that good. I find their last 2 albums (the self-titled one and El Pintor) to be absolutely boring, so this is quite the surprise for me. Been listening to it almost non-stop for the past few days. I had mixed feelings with many of the songs here when i started listening to it, but i ended up enjoying all of them now. I can't get enough of If You Really Love Nothing, The Rover, and Number 10.

  • Revisited Radiohead's Hail to the Thief. It's a weird album, not in the sense of having experimental sounds, but just because of how it is structured and made. It doesn't feel as well crafted and polished as their other albums, but i think that all the songs here are good enough that it's still a fascinating listen. It's my pick for the most underrated Radiohead album, some of their best work are here. Also, i forget that this beautiful song exists.

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  • @bam541 It's actually my favorite album from them and I'd regard them as my favorite artist as well, so it's something pretty special to me. Coming off of the odd/brilliant production of Kid A/Amensiac, it just feels like the best blend of their talents and I certainly appreciated them returning to more of their instruments. It's all about tone and vibes when it comes to albums and this one always felt extremely surreal to me. It's strange hardly anyone ever talks about this one though, especially since I think it has one of their best songs as a single (There, There).

  • After taking a wrong turn last night and accidentally ending up in an entirely different town, this song came on my shuffle and convinced me to listen to Narrow Stairs again, probably the first time since release.

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    I remember a lot of my friends panning the album when it came out, but there were a few songs I was partial to. Coming back, I feel this album has aged incredibly well, showing a depth in song writing that has been lacking in the albums released after this one. Sonically, there's a lot more variety than in the rest of their catalog and a theme of regret and remorse seems to permeate the whole work. Underrated and often forgotten about, I'm glad I revisited this one despite my navigational blunder removing some sleep from my night.

  • A new theme from TLOU Part II. This rendition feels lonelier and more mellow than usual. Maybe "calm" is a better word to describe it, but there's some sort of uneasiness in the song that counters it. I keep picturing a lone desperado walking into a ghost town while listening to this.

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    Easily one of the best songs I've heard in a game for a long, long while.

  • I've been thinking about replaying The Last Guardian for a while, but i'm also drowned in new games now (just got DQXI and Hollow Knight), so for now i just settled with reliving my memories by listening through the magnificent OST. Man, i teared up a bit in some parts. This one especially.

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    Although it's an Easy Update, Ian drops a ton of artists/albums/songs to listen to, so it's pretty fitting here!

  • With no surprise to myself, Cursive recently dropped my favorite album of 2018.

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    Each day for the week leading up to information about the album's release, Tim was posting a song from each of their previous albums, discussing how their sound has changed over the years, what he was personally struggling with at the time, and how their "success" has influenced their later work. He did an excellent job not only building excitement for the upcoming release, he shed some light on interesting tidbits from the band's past. I then read an interview with him where he was talking about how important their album, The Ugly Organ, was going to be for this release. I'd easily consider it one of my top 5 favorite albums of all time (not sure where it'd rank) but Tim talked about how he had grown an animosity towards the record - a lot of people only brought up The Ugly Organ and seemed to ignore the other albums he's put so much work into. Yet he felt Vitriola, the new album, was missing something. It was too dark, too cynical, it existed only to complain. While re-listening to The Ugly Organ, Tim was reminded of a very important idea that is the foundation of The Ugly Organ - hope.

    The influence of The Ugly Organ is apparent, these albums are closely linked despite their releases being 15 years apart. Dark, ominous, foreboding... yet there exists a voice somewhere saying maybe things get better, maybe. Kasher's lyrics are immensely effective on this album and a lot of the instrumentation reminds me of early Cursive - heavier, more urgent. Still, there's that lovely cello flitting about, adding some needed nuance to the entire production.

    It's all I've listened to over the weekend and I'm not going to stop anytime soon. I love this album to bits.

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    Perfect October vibes and such a stunning OST overall. Now it's my second favorite OST from 2017 (behind the excellent Persona 5).

  • I've been in a big hip-hop mood recently. Specifically, I've been digging into Vince Staples:

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  • Never thought i'd say this, but damn, the new Twenty One Pilots album, Trench, is pretty great. The production is the best part of this album for me, it just sounds so tight. The songs are still catchy pop songs, but they just have way more personality than any of their previous songs. Also, the first 5 songs here are absolute fire. The song below, Levitate, is one of em'. The drums are sick, and the synth sounds that surround it is essential to it's moody tone.

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  • @bam541 The melon completely agrees with you.

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    I also never thought I'd say this, but it looks like I'll be listening to a Twenty One Pilots album.

  • @sabotagethetruth I figure that he would like the album since he seems to be impressed by the singles that has been released, but a yellow flannel? These are strange times we live in.