What Are You Listening To?

  • I suppose i can make my top album list of last year too. Here's mine:

    1. Death Grips - Year of the Snitch
    2. Parquet Courts - Wide Awake!
    3. The Voidz - Virtue
    4. Against All Logic - 2012-2017
    5. MGMT - Little Dark Age
    6. Interpol - Marauder
    7. Sons of Kemet - Your Queen is a Reptile
    8. Last Dinosaurs - Yumeno Garden
    9. Twenty One Pilots - Trench
    10. Jack White - Boarding House Reach

    2018 was such a great year for music, for me personally. Many of the artists i mentioned above were artists that i didn't think too highly of before, and all of them came out with fantastic records this year. I previously struggled with Death Grips, and this time i completely fell in love with the new record. It's pretty much like that with the others, except for The Voidz (I have always enjoyed anything Julian Casablancas makes), A.A.L. and Sons of Kemet.

    Also, shoutouts to JPEGMAFIA's Veteran, Kids See Ghosts' self titled, Daughters' You Won't Get What You Want and Brockhampton's iridescence.

  • I guess I'll jump in with a top 10 as well:

    1. JPEGMAFIA - Veteran
    2. Earl Sweatshirt - Some Rap Songs
    3. Pusha T - Daytona
    4. Kids See Ghosts - Kids See Ghosts
    5. Denzel Curry - TA13OO
    6. Vince Staples - FM!
    7. Anderson .Paak - Oxnard
    8. Janelle Monae - Dirty Computer
    9. Twenty One Pilots - Trench
    10. Noname - Room 25

    To be perfectly honest I only really enjoyed the first nine on there, but I can't just do a top nine and leave it uneven, so insert Noname. I really like that Noname has her own unique style -- and I think her production is really great -- I just don't enjoy the sound of said style.

  • Sekai no Owari's Rain that is ending song to Mary and Witch's Flower
    Also their other song RPG
    and Bump of Chicken x Hatsune Miku and yes he is wearing a kilt
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  • Three albums from artists I enjoy came out last Friday. Whew!

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    Deerhunter over here quietly dropping an album of the year contender in January. I was reading an interview with Bradford Cox before the record released where he touched on some interesting subjects - how he believes nostalgia hinders us as people, how this album isn't as introspective as their others, and his views on the various forms of escapism. While I don't necessarily agree with all of his viewpoints, he's always had an interesting perspective on life and that shines through on every Deerhunter release. My only complaint about this album is its length - my favorite Deerhunter moments are long and drawn out, exploring every corner of a sound. Here, we're given ten tracks and none of them are especially long. Still, it's lush and varied, worth many listens in the future.

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    Speaking of album of the year contenders.... James Blake comes out swinging with his usual moody, experimental, slightly hip-hop influenced record. I've always loved how he's intertwined some somber piano melodies into his work and with collaborators like Andre 3000 on here, it really elevates things to a whole new level. With Blake, I usually enjoy a handful of songs on an album but not the entire thing. Luckily, this breaks that streak for me.

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    Toro y Moi's first three albums are extremely close to what I'd consider perfection, especially Underneath the Pine. After that, I've been becoming less interested with each new release and his last work (Boo Boo) felt like it didn't even have a pulse. When Freelance dropped as a single, I was immediately hooked and ready for what this album would bring. Unfortunately, there's about two or three songs that are real bangers and the rest feels like something a failing radio station might play at 3 am. I can't fault Chaz for trying new styles all the time but a lot of this record just lacks a heart for me. Listen to Ordinary Pleasure and Freelance though, those are great.

    Foals announced they'll be releasing two albums this year, Broken Social Scene has a record coming out as well. 2019 is a beast in the music world so far.

  • Stumbled upon this thanks to Youtube recommendations, this is pretty sick.

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  • @bam541 That's crazy, she just got announced to play in my city in May.

  • @sabotagethetruth Nice. I would love to see her play, checked out her other songs and it's pretty cool.

  • Sonic Mania's Stardust Speedway Zone 2 music reminded me of this. Absolute banger.

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  • Youtube Video

    I've really been feeling Modest Mouse lately, so I decided to go back and listen to a few of their albums. I started with my favorite from them, The Moon & Antarctica. It's very mellow (mostly) like the albums that proceeded it, but there's some nice production techniques like strings that really tie the whole thing together. There's also some tracks (The Stars Are Projectors, for instance) that are just dense and sprawling and create soundscapes that were absent in their earlier works. I will say though, this is the first time I feel like the back half of the album is a little weaker than the first half. It's still my go to Modest Mouse record though by far.

  • Listened to 3 electronic EPs:
    Iglooghost's Clear Tamei & Steel Mogu. Clear Tamei feels... classical, and has pleasant moments, while Steel Mogu is energetic and violent, rushing at high speeds to hit you. Both are amazing, can't pick which one's better.

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    Aphex Twin's Collapse. It's like being in VR and seeing the digital world around you collapse wink, producing frantic, otherworldly and inorganic sounds. It's also amazing, might be my favorite among the three.

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  • LCD Soundsystem's new live album, Electric Lady Sessions is awesome. It's mostly live renditions of their songs (mostly from american dream), with some covers. The performances are great for the most part, great song selections too. I really loved every song here except for Home, this version's first few minutes kinda weirded me out a bit.

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