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    This was one of my most anticipated albums of the year, and I'm glad to say it doesn't disappoint. I love how radically different it feels than IRIDESCENCE, while still feeling like a natural progression. If Iridescence was Brockhampton at its most chaotic and vulnerable, then Ginger feels like the aftermath. It feels like Brockhampton finally comes to terms, and begins to healthily cope with, the loss of Ameer in this album.

    It's a little messy at points, but musically it is Brockhampton at their most mature. That's not to say they were ever immature, but they feel much more laid back and less in your face. This is especially evident in the production, and I'm kinda blown away by how much Romil, Jabari and Kiko have grown over the past two years.

    Alright, I'm gonna go over my opinion on every song because I'm bored and it seems fun:

    NO HALO: This is an excellent track. Merlyn sings a little bit (I think for the first time), and all the verses are great. This is Matt in top form.
    SUGAR: This kind of sounds like something off of Kevin's solo album, which isn't a bad thing. It's just so damn catchy, and features Bearface in his natural element. Probably one of my favorite BH tracks, and is my second favorite of the album.
    BOY BYE: Three-for-three with this one. It's one of the few Saturation-energy tracks on the album, and is just a really good time. I'm not a huge fan of Bearface's verse, but the rest easily makes up for it.
    HEAVEN BELONGS TO YOU: This is one of the first tracks that I could take or leave. Don't get me wrong, I love slowthai and I think he did a great job, but I don't think it really contributes to the album as a whole. I like how it connects to If You Pray Right, but I would have preferred it if they were just part of the same song.
    ST. PERCY: At first I didn't like this track, but after repeated listens, I've grown to appreciate it. It's dirty, abrasive, and I love the sample they used for the chorus. I'm not a fan of Kevin's verse, but Bearface makes up for it by rapping.
    IF YOU PRAY RIGHT: This is probably my second least favorite track on the album. I think all of the pieces individually are fine, but when put together they just don't work for me. I also can't get behind the trumpet they used. That said, I really like the outro (mostly because it reminds me of Boards of Canada).
    DEARLY DEPARTED: This is easily the best track on the album, and is maybe my favorite BH track period. Dom rips into Ameer with J'ouvert levels of intensity, and I love every second of it. My only problem with it is that while Dom, Joba, and Kevin are clearly talking about Ameer, Matt isn't. His verse isn't bad, it just doesn't fit with the rest of the track to me. Also the high-notes Joba hits are legendary.
    I BEEN BORN AGAIN: As a single I'm not a huge fan of this track, but when in the context of the album I kind of enjoy it. I think it's a nice, fun track after the intensity of Dearly Departed.
    GINGER: This is the most boyband-y song BH has ever made, but that's not a bad think. It's super catchy, and the production reminds me of Postal Service. You can't go wrong with Postal Service.
    BIG BOY: I'm pretty conflicted on this one. One one hand this is Joba at his finest, but on the other hand it has the worst chorus of the album. It perfectly illustrates one of my problems with Kevin as a songwriter: he'll throw things into a track without expanding upon them at all, throwing off the rhythm of the track. I know absolutely nothing about his cousin. He has never talked about his cousin. You can't say "you don't shine like my cousin" in a track that has nothing to do with him, and not at least explain a little.
    LOVE ME FOR LIFE: This kind of seems like BH's take on a basic trap song, and it kind of doesn't work. This is another one of those songs where I like all of the parts individually, but put them together and it feels disjointed and weird. It just feels a bit messy. This is my least favorite track of the album.
    VICTOR ROBERTS: This is an excellent closer. It features a verse from a previously unheard of rapper, and kind of puts the whole thing in perspective. I love the chorus, and the production is the most restrained it has been, resulting in an incredibly satisfying build.

    Is this my favorite Brockhampton record? Probably not. That said, when it shines, it shines really fucking bright.

  • I went in Swain's Negative Space expecting some head banging hard rock (just a wild guess, never heard the band's music before), but got into a ballad-esque, angsty, introspective rock album instead, which I really enjoyed. Slow melodic riffs, relatively clean production, and foreboding yet calm singing makes it feels kinda heavy, even if they never went gung-ho on the rockin' scale.

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  • Damn this album is great.. I really hope I can get tickets for the tour

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  • Stumbled upon White Denim's Side Effects, and it's a great thing I did. It has the sound of classic 60's rock, with lots of psychedelic experimentation popping up. It's lively, playful and very pleasant to the ears. Solid production too, doesn't sound too lo-fi but just enough to make it feel kinda nostalgic.

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  • I went to this

    I nailed this reply. 3/3 GOT EEEEM

  • I've been listening to these two albums on loop pretty much lately!

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    Also this playlist is pretty great

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  • JPEGMAFIA's All My Heroes Are Cornballs

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    I loved Veteran, but throughout Peggy teetered on unlistenable. So much of that album is abrasive and abstract to the point where it isn't really a fun listen. That's not to say there weren't some beautiful songs on there, 1539 N. Calvert being a particular highlight, but most of it sounded intentionally grimy and combative. In his most recent effort though, Peggy gets rid of most of the abrasiveness while still maintaining his abstract flair, resulting in a really beautiful album.

    AMHAC is a really stunning album. Peggy still has his lyrical prowess, always in the middle of satire and sincerity, but with much more polish than on any of his previous work. He sometimes implements choruses, which were pretty much absent on Veteran if I remember correctly, and he utilizes autotune to sing some parts as well.

    On Veteran, much of Peggy's stuff sounded like it could either be genius, or simply a combination of sounds that barely work individually, let alone together. On AHMAC, there is no more wondering; I truly believe Peggy is a genius producer. Much of it actually reminds me of the chaotic beauty of Nier Automata, with the frequent use of acoustic guitar. It always sounds somewhat chaotic, but it's chaos that makes sense. In fact, by the end of the album the chaos is barely noticeable, as if you forget that what you are listening to is not conventional.

    There are many moments on the album that left me in shock during my first listen, only because I couldn't believe Peggy made something so beautiful. This is truly an enthralling album, and it is 100% in contention for AOTY.

  • As much as I enjoy Ska whenever I come across it, it's not the kinda thing I've ever gone out of my way to listen to beyond just one song here and there. So I decided I'd finally change that a bit since screw it, I play THPS3 for like an hour a day anyway (no joke) I may as well listen to something new while I'm doing it.

    Hello Rockview is great stuff, liked pretty much every song on it but I think my favorite was History of a Boring Town.

  • Wilco's latest album, Ode to Joy, just came out and I'm really enjoying it. It's quite skeletal and stripped back instrumentally. Everything feels soft and pleasant.

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  • I have been revisiting some albums from years ago that I have not listened to for a while.

    Deerhoof's The Magic. Fun and eclectic lo-fi rock album. It can get too rough and crazy at times, but there's still fun to be had at those moments.
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    Preoccupation's self titled album. Very moody, cohesive and immersive post punk record. Might be one of my top 10 albums of this decade. If we ever do a best albums of the decade list here, I gotta take this for consideration.

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  • For some reason the youtube algorithm recently decided I'm a Jamiroquai fan and I mean, I don't know what led it down that thought process but I'm not complaining.

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  • cosmic death /black metal

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  • Some fantastic hip hop coming out these days.

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  • Nothing like a great new album and an awesome, free livestreamed show to revitalize one's love for a band.

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  • New Off With Their Heads is pretty good.. really needed a good depressing punk fix

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  • Have you ever unlocked something in your brain that was buried deep inside and then it sudden comes up out of the wood work and you're overwhelmed with nostalgia? Well that happened to me this month with Toto Cutugno - L'Italiano (1983)

    I was scrolling through Instagram when Formula 1 posted a video of Sebastian Vettel singing the chorus of this song and it gave me a whirlwind of memories to being 3-5 years old and singing this all the time. It was my favourite song as a little kid and something happened and I forgot it ever existed. I've probably listened to it like 50 times this month.

    M E M O R I E S!!

    Vettel sings "L'Italiano" after winning the Singapore Grand Prix
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    Toto Cutugno - L'Italiano (1983)
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  • Been listening to a LOT of Jpegmafia, the last album is fantastic.

  • @phbz It really is.
    PTSD and PRONE! are my fave tracks.

    Also, here is some Mr. Muthafuckin eXquire.
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  • @phbz it's excellent! Might be my AOTY.

  • @capnbobamous It will be that or Thom Yorke's Anima.