What Are You Listening To?

  • been listening to meatloaf lately

    ''I would do anything for love'' specifically

  • @FF7Cloud "Paradise by the Dashboard Light" is a great Karaoke duet (if there isn't too much of a queue behind you)

  • Right now i am in love with Avenged Sevenfold new album The Stage, but I'm trying to listen to more 70's/80's metal.

  • I've been listening to this a lot for over a month a now, for anyone that is into sad and calm music I can't recommend it enough, and the story behind the album is incredibly sad and it adds a lot more power to the music.

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  • I was just on another journey with this pretty weird-ass yet absolutely lovable ragtag group of individuals in OUTER SPACE and now I can't get enough of The Chain again.

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  • @Sentinel-Beach Fleetwood Mac is godtier. Is The Chain in Guardians 2 or something?

  • I of course have to talk about Humanz! I love all of the singles, and a lot of the album only tracks. I think the album takes a bit of getting used to but that's not really a bad thing. I'm sure I'll grow to admire it even more as time passes. But for real, The Apprentice, Let Me Out, and Andromeda are all incredible! (I'm also very fond of Ascension, Out of Body, and Busted and Blue.)
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    I'd also like to spotlight IU's new song JamJam. It's a silly name but not a silly song. I feel like in the past few years she's really come in to her own and her music is really starting to have a distinct flavor rather than generic Kpop ballad. 23 was also excellent. But yeah, I just really love this song. It's nice to see such a wonderful voice mixed with such amazing music.

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  • @michemagius I really wanted to like the new Gorillaz album, I really truly did... but I just can't get into it. I share a lot of thoughts with this fella on the subject matter.

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  • Been listening to the Your Name soundtrack, defiantly something to listen to before going to sleep

  • The Guardians of the Galaxy vol 2 soundtrack!


    Just like the first, this one is amazing. It also has a fun new song with David Hasselhoff! It's dumb and great ☺

  • This post is deleted!

  • I do listen quite the variety of music, across most genres (I have said many times during my life when asked what kind of music I listen to that I listen to pretty much all genres except Finnish Rap, because that SUCKS ( I also dislike some of the more popular artist among teens, Bieber among with those ).

    That said, I'm currently on a mood to listen all kinds of silly songs, here's one example (Warning, this song has tendency to become a earworm):
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  • Hi there, cloud cult is my favorite artist.

  • EUROVISION! \o/ When we get the results soon (in an hour or over) I'll tell you what my clear favourite is. The hype level depends on the results a bit.

  • I LOVE HUNGARY this year! Joci Pápai and "Origo". This is what this whole competition is about. Originality, drawing from your own culture, emotion, beauty, pure art and passion. My God this is beautiful. Not just the song itself which I now adore, but what happens on the stage as well. That dance combined to this all just really hits me. Beauty in its purest form. Literally, I feel like crying with this. And the way that small pause is used in the song, just perfect. You can feel everything you see and hear. Hungary finished 8th this time (out of 26), but they're without a question my winner.

    If you've ever been curious about Eurovision, check this out. There's that other playful side in the competition with many songs, too, but this is the other approach which speaks to you way more deeply at its best.

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  • Welp, this year is turning out pretty interesting for me musically. In 2012, my favorite album of the year was Shields from Grizzly Bear. In 2013, my favorite album was Evil Friends by Portugal. The Man. Both are releasing records in the following months.

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    Grizzly Bear is a band with a growing sonic presence. I'm a sucker for layered instrumentation with slight psychedelic influences and these guys just scratch that itch in a way few others can. While recording for this one, the fellas said they wanted to make more adventurous music and while that doesn't necessarily show in this single, it's still a great song.

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    Portugal. The Man has to have one of the most interesting evolutions I've ever witnessed in an artist. Their initial album was frantic and pulsing, almost feeling like a screamo act with a better singer. They've been extremely prolific and I mostly just followed them with a passing interest until Evil Friends came out. That album easily makes a short list of things I can listen to whenever and it consumed me for well over a year - and still does on occasion. The cohesion present, the way songs not only flow thematically but also reference lyrics from previous/future tracks on the release is absolutely masterful. They've gotten much more weird, insightful, and downright funky. This album might be one that tops my favorites of the year if they keep up their recent pedigree.

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    I don't think this track has been confirmed on their new album Woodstock, but it's certainly worth sharing. And hey look, it's Mary Elizabeth Winstead/Ramona Flowers.

  • The awesome soundtrack to the documentary "The Smash Brothers"

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  • Stefan Babcock from pup looks like Bosman's twin
    Also Finn Wolfhard from stranger things who also stars in 2 of pup's music videos could pass as baby bosman
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    Just throwing that out there, also pup is pretty cool. L&R

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    So besides this being an incredible cover of an already great song, it's done something else helpful for me - it's allowed me to get into the proper mindset to remove a huge mark of shame in my life. I had previously only seen about 4 or 5 Cowboy Bebop episodes and after listening to this jam right here, I fell in love so quickly that I'm already halfway finished with the entire series. I know I'm not saying anything new here, but Cowboy Bebop is a damn masterpiece.