What Are You Listening To?

  • @capnbobamous lol I didn't even know that it's already dropped. Really excited to listen to that.

  • @bam541 Let me know what you think!

  • @capnbobamous just finished listening to it, took one full listen and repeated a couple tracks. I also listened to bits of Ginger and Iridescence just to remind myself for comparison sakes.

    My first impressions is that Roadrunner feels tighter and more consistently great to me, while Ginger is front loaded with its best tracks, and it can feel a bit samey later on. Roadrunner has a better flow from track to track, although there's 1 or 2 transitions that sounded weird. I also feel that Roadrunner is much stronger when you listen to it as an album, it's one of those albums where context matters a lot. I like the rock and jazz influences in some of the tracks (like those guitars in The Light, which is easily my favorite track from the album). Ginger's melancholic vibe is something I really dig though. They're both really catchy overall. Loved both of them, but Roadrunner is certainly the better album.

    I won't even bother comparing them too much to Iridescence because that album just feels so different to me. It can get quite crazy and scatterbrained at times, but I do enjoy the album as a whole, that's part of the charm for me, I guess. I think there's some really wild tracks there (J'OUVERT is still one of my favorite Brockhampton tracks ever), but it's not their best work for sure.

    P.S. listened to it a few more times, I think I'll stand by with my first impressions.

  • @bam541 I think that's fair. Ginger has some great tracks, but it also has some of my least favorite in their whole discography, and like you said it doesn't really have a consistent through-line. For me, some of the tracks felt a little forced, like they were trying to capture a vibe but didn't really know how (i.e. Big Boy and Love Me For Life), whereas I think Roadrunner has songs that want to capture the same vibe and do so seamlessly (Old News, What's the Occasion). Not trying to drag Ginger, because I did like it, but I feel like Roadrunner captures a lot of the same moods and tones without sacrificing its energy.

    As for Iridescence, yeah you're right it kind of is in a lane of its own. Through all of its faults (and I think there are many), it is pretty damn original so I give it credit for that. Also J'ouvert is excellent.

  • (heavily featuring the "Landlord stab")

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  • Little Simz back at it again. Absolutely amazing song and video. The epic orchestral section adds so much to the whole thing.

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  • Can't even explain this to myself, I have very varied musical tastes but nothing speaks to me like Black Metal does. I can even spend years without ever listening to the genre but inevitably I'll return to it. Maybe it's a nostalgic think, it does bring memories of the 90s, going with friends to the forest, drinking bear, listen music and doing fire breathing.

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    Today is the 25th of April, date when in Portugal we celebrate the 1974 revolution and the transition to democracy. Is also known as the Revolução dos Cravos (Carnation Revolution) because people offered carnations to the soldiers and they wear them on their guns as a sign of peace to what end up being a peaceful revolution.

    This song was among those that were transmitted in national radio as a secret code among the military indicating that it was time to take down the government.

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    ^ New Offspring album is like the last one in that it has two solid tracks surrounded with 'whatever':

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