What Are You Listening To?

  • We've got a thread for games and movies, but nothing for music listened to on a consistent basis. I'd smugly refer to myself as an audiophile and would love an on-going discussion about all the albums we're listening to here. So let's get it going!

  • Personally, 2016 felt a little strange for me. Some of my favorite artists released albums that didn't resonate with me (Radiohead, Bloc Party, Miike Snow, M83) but towards the end of the year, it felt like some more interesting stuff was released. So in no particular order (besides my favorite), I'll list some albums I dug this year.

    Starfucker - Being No One, Going Nowhere -- My favorite of my year and a super surprising one. I thought their debut was stellar, each track had its own vibe and energy and a lot of Alan Watts quotes were thrown in the background for good measure. After that though, they really failed to make a cohesive album; certain tracks were great but nothing really rose above the surface. I remember putting this album on for my lengthy journey to work and initially not thinking too much of it until the track "Open Your Eyes" came on, and just like the name suggested, I started listening a little more intently. What I found was an album that toned down their energy a tad and focused on the groove more, which was a resounding success to me.

    Justice - Woman -- There was a time when I stated this French duo would take over the open throne left by Daft Punk and then they dropped their second album, making me realize I was a fool and they might have already run out of ideas. I cautiously approached this third effort and... damn, funk is well and alive. Less emphasis on the dirty bass these fellas are known for and much more focus on the funk. While certain tracks could be described as filler, others like "Safe and Sound" and "Chorus" (my favorite song of the year) do elevate this album for me. I still don't know if it compares to Cross, but they've overcome their sophomore slump.

    Yeasayer - Amen & Goodbye -- These fellas have gotten... weird, and I love it. Keeping on the idea of favorites, they take the prize for best music video with "I Am Chemistry" and its brilliant use of stop-motion. They are a band that seems to consistently get better with each album and have evolved tremendously. Definitely worth keeping an eye out for their next release, I'm hoping it reaches Kid A levels of strange.

    Red Hot Chili Peppers - The Getaway -- When I heard Danger Mouse decided to work with these fellas, I was instantly foaming at the mouth for what they would create. Although it doesn't quite reach some of the heights of their iconic albums, it's their best in a decade and it takes them in a new direction. Hearing a piano track in any of their work is pretty mind-blowing in itself. I have yet to hear a bad album produced by Danger Mouse and this keeps that title going.

    We Are Scientists - Helter Seltzer -- In very similar fashion to Starfucker, this album got repeated listens from me because the band toned down the energy a tad and focused more on the groove. There's certain songs that seem extremely stripped down for a band that became "famous" by running away from a giant man in a bear costume, but I think it fits the fellas. They've had trouble finding their voice but I love this direction.

    Honorable mentions I don't feel like writing a blurb about:

    Local Natives - Sunlight Youth
    Warpaint - Heads Up
    Phantogram - Three
    Tycho - Epoch

  • I'm having a serious lull/lack of interest in music lately.. I'm just not really into anything and have been mostly listening to podcasts when I would normally listen to music.

    I've been enjoying the new Green Day album though. I'm also spinning some good old Mastodon, Pogues and some 70's stuff like Edgar Winter, Focus, Zeppelin.. I don't know, I need help.

  • sadly the type of music i listen to is all but dead with only chris stapleton hank williams the 3rd and jamey johnson still keeping it alive

  • @Faaip @FF7Cloud I'm not sure if either of you have Spotify, but if you do, I highly recommend the playlist they make for you each week. Since it's based off of your listening habits, you'll hear tunes you're familar with and then it may dive into some uncharted territory for you. I started doing that during the lulls of this year and got into bands like Grandaddy and Quasi that I may have otherwise missed.

  • Ladies Code recently put out their second mini-album following the loss of Rise and EunB. Ever since their music hasn't been quite as high energy but there's been no loss in quality. I really liked all of the tracks, especially the title (The Rain) and the remixes from the first mini (although those are Physical CD tracks only). Really I'm just in love with the voices of Sojung, Zuny, and Ashley.
    Ladies Code - Strang3r

    Another album that really captured me this year was Lee Hi's Seoulite. Her voice is so unique and her music has this infectious groove to it, I can't help but sway along to the songs. Some stand outs to me were: World Tour, Hold My Hand, Official, My Star, Blues, Video, and Missing U. I'd also really recommend checking the music videos for this album (Hold My Hand, Breathe, and My Star).
    Lee Hi - Seoulite

    Brown Eyed Girls are living legends and their latest album Basic, did not disappoint. I just can't say enough good things. The title tracks were just phenomenal, especially Brave New World. I really liked: Track One (can't type out the Korean name), Warm Hole (way cheesy but I can't not groove to it), Wave, Brave New World (if you like Michael Jackson you'll like this), Obsession, Track 6, Atomic, and Track 9. The music video for Brave new world is just amazing.
    Brown Eyed Girls - Basic

    I'm gonna mash together two albums for this one. Both by the Wonder Girls (AKA the Wonderlegends). They recently switched from a primarily dance group to an instrumental band and the results have been WONDERFUL. Reboot was a pitch perfect 80's themed album. I can't even single out my favorite tracks, they're all certified jams. The same goes for their recent mini album Why So Lonely. WG are really just too good.
    Wonder Girls - Reboot
    Wonder Girls - Why So Lonely

    Sorry to flood the thread with Kpop but it's just too good.

  • @SabotageTheTruth I still don't have spotify.. a bunch of people have recommended it though so I'll definitely try it out soon. Thanks for the playlist tip!

  • 2017 is upon us! Here's a decent list of what to look forward to for this year (found here.)

    For me personally? Grizzly Bear, Gorillaz, LCD Soundsystem, Arcade Fire, and St. Vincent are probably going to rock my world at various points in the year.

  • Been listening to the new Childish Gambino album a lot lately as well as the Westworld soundtrack. Would highly recommend both

  • @Ruaidhri18 Gambino's new album is such a left turn. It is wonderful and expressive in all the right places.

  • 2017.. could this be the year that we get a new Tool album?

  • I know it's not the sort of thing people like on here, but I'm really like the feel good vibe of Ed Sheeran's new track

    Youtube Video

  • Ohhh shit.. King Crimson is touring the US this year. I doubt they'll play near me though :[

  • Been going through a pretty long bout of insomnia, havent really been able to sleep more than a few hours at a time since the middle of December, so I've been listening to a lot of vaporwave mixes at night. I find them to generally be pretty relaxing and chill. Stuff like this:

    Youtube Video

  • @TokyoSlim Love me some vaporwave

  • Been listening to this album lately, gloomy but great. Found them on a random Spotify playlist.

    Cemeteries - The Wilderness (2012)

    PS: Does anyone know how to properly embed Youtube links? I forgot how and the methods I tried aren't working.

  • I have been listening to Blue Stahli and Beartooth a lot lately. Both bands can be found on Spotify.

  • @Gloop Just copy and paste the link, that's all you have to do. Just make sure a timestamp isn't included in the link, this place doesn't seem to like them. "&t=1m15s" for example would be at the end, just delete that part and it'll show.

  • Welp, we've got some artists with new singles. Let's dig in.

    Youtube Video

    Every time I heat something up, I think this song will come to mind. Spoon is such a diverse band and seemingly push themselves into unexplored waters with each album (aside from the last release) and if this single is any indication of the quality of the album as a whole, this may turn into one of my favorites for the year.

    Youtube Video

    THE GORILLAZ ARE BACK! THE GORIL... wait, what is this? Hype deflation my friends. While this track isn't necessarily bad, it's not necessarily... much of anything. It feels like a filler track on an album that gets skipped yet this is their first showing of their album. Such a strange choice, I hope this vibe doesn't carry over to the rest of the record. I Hate Everything (a great content creator) has one of the top comments on the video currently - "Weird thing to lead with, makes me think of those art video installations you see in various exhibitions which you watch through once and never really think about again. Not bad necessarily, just not Gorillaz to me particularly. Relax though everyone, I'm sure when the album finally releases it'll be worth the wait."

    Youtube Video

    Chaz (from Toro y Moi) collaborating with the Mattson 2 creating some chill sounds. The video for this premiered today, yet I can't find it through YouTube and can't be bothered to search properly for it. Still, this sound is more reminiscent of his second album, Underneath the Pine, which happens to be my personal favorite so... I'm hoping this develops into an album if it hasn't already.