What Are You Listening To?

  • right now i'm listening so some classical music while being kept on hold for 20+ minutes

  • This last Friday saw two worthwhile releases. The Friday conspiracy deepens.

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    Fairly prolific weirdo Toro y Moi released his 5th studio album and it's pretty solid overall. Some of his "chillwave" vibes have come back, fleshed out with some disco fringes here and there and some of his most introspective lyrics to date. Songs like "Don't Try" show a lot more lyrical versatility and vulnerability, which is a nice change of pace. There's still some real dips in the album like "Pavement" which just seems to suck all of the energy out. It's still not quite on the level of some of his previous work but it's laid back and interesting enough to warrant a few listens.

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    Easily a contender for album of the year, personally. I've been a long time fan of Broken Social Scene and they are at their most diverse here. There's dark anthems like the one I've linked here and then just some fun tracks sprinkled throughout, with horns weaving their way throughout the entire album. There's so much energy, love, and passion put into nearly every single track and despite them all being varied, they have an excellent flow. It has been 7 years since their last record but damn was this worth the wait.

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    This artist didn't happen to have a new album release but I just discovered them today and it's everything my day needed. Some great hip hop beats with soothing melodies layered over it all, in a very similar vein to Nujabes. If you need to relax, this is going to get you there, quick.

  • Been listening to a lot but in terms of new stuff, Arcade Fire & The National have albums coming out relatively soon and have released a few songs from both. Can't wait for the albums.

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    (Also released , The System Only Dreams in Total Darkness)

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    (Also released, Everything Now & Creature Comfort)

  • I haven't been able to stop listening to the Dear Evan Hansen broadway album. It's so damn good!

    @tokeeffe9 I heard The National's previous released single, but hadn't heard this one and wow that's good. Are they capable of making a bad song?

  • @TheChrisGriffin Agreed, I love Guilty Party in particular but you're right, they don't do bad songs. Cannot wait for the album to drop in September.

  • Been listening to the thermals, pretty much their whole discography. Each album is so good i could listen to it over and over and also the fact that their albums are short. But the album i listen to the most is "Now we can see". Its just an all around great album that anypne can get into.

    Also listening to modest mouse "strangers to ourselves" and the strokes

  • @tokeeffe9 Really stoked for both of those albums actually.

  • I've been listening to all sorts of stuff
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  • TUPPERWARE REMIX PARTY! Get on board! They're one of the only western bands that I listen to and their unique brand of 70's/80's future funk is incredible!

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  • @michemagius I was pretty obsessed with the songs The Hit and Computer Wife.



  • @michemagius @Inustar , it's about time we got some TWRP AND Ninja Sex Party in here. My life always has room for more Danny Sexbang and Ninja Brian.

    Let's just say a certain karaoke song has been stuck in my head lately.

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  • @SabotageTheTruth There are moments that I suspect you and I are the same person, but then you say something crazy like the P5 cast is better than P4.

    I am though a big fan of comedy music, and that does include NSP. Never posted any here cause... Well a lot of it is of a particular taste 😁

    The safest of the songs...

  • @Inustar Well other self, I need you to know that P5 has a much better cast. I know it's hard to face the truth but I need you to handle that, otherwise you'll create a shadow version of yourself.

    NSP definitely is an acquired taste. I didn't like them at all at first but the more I grew accustomed to Danny's lovely soul, I began to accept them into my heart. If I had to give it up for the best band that incorporates comedy into their music though, I gotta give it to these lovely fellas.

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  • @SabotageTheTruth
    alt text
    Flight of the Conchords is amazing and great.
    This song rather embarrassingly gets stuck in my head often.

  • We should all cherish Flight of the Conchords. Every so often I'll listen to a bunch of their tracks.

  • So my line of works usually leads into seeing specific movie trailers upwards of 20 times. Although I really don't care for the Closet Monster trailer, I found myself really liking a certain aspect of it... this great backing song. Who knew a song that called me a bitch could be so enjoyable?

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  • I've found myself really getting in to rookies this year and in 2016. There's some great talent coming up. Here are some of my favorites.

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    Youtube Video

    (warning on this one: the videos a little dark so watch at your own risk I guess)
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    Also this remix of one of my favorite Twice songs.

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  • So the new Arcade Fire album came out this last Friday. I had heard a single or two and definitely wasn't feeling it, but I decided I would give the album a try anyway since I had a long drive ahead of me on that day.

    30 minutes and quite a bit of cursing later, I had to stop listening to it. While I feel the Gorillaz release earlier this year was a letdown, it wasn't offensively bad like Arcade Fire's Everything Now. Lyrics that go nowhere and talk about mundane things like bank loans, disco beats the 70s killed off long ago, and a lack of any cohesion... I felt disgusted.

    I then quickly switched to Funeral.

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    Just listening to the passion, creativity, and overall talent on this track (and the rest of the album), along with the grandoise Neon Bible, and the award-winning The Suburbs really makes me wonder what happened to this band. If you value your ears, avoid Everything Now at all costs... but at least sink into their older work if you're feeling nostalgic.

  • @SabotageTheTruth I'm still listening to Everything Now a few more times before giving it my full verdict.

    I'll agree that it is probably my least favourite album of theirs. Maybe that'll change as I didn't think too much of Reflector for the longest time but I actually listen to a decent number of tracks off that album.

    On Everything Now, I think it just has a lot of filler really that just isn't that interesting. As an example, it has two tracks for infinite content and I actually like the sound of the first track in particular but it's all very meaningless really or just lacking in particularly interesting lyrics.

    That said I like the tracks they released previously and really like Put Your Money on Me and We Don't Deserve Love. Also Everything Now is a much better overall track with the intro from the album.

    I do see your point though, going back to their old stuff and it of course being fantastic. I am okay with them doing new stuff even if I concur that overall it feels like a slight misstep.