I want Activision to lose the 007 licence

  • They must of thought that MGM gave them the licence to kill because that's all they've done to James Bond in video games.

    I don't know which studio I'd like to handle it next, though. Any ideas?

  • I think they have lost the licence, it's why 007 Legends is a rushed buggy mess and Eurocom got shut down. GoldenEye Wii/Reloaded though is great and so is Bloodstone.

    Kyle & Huber did a first fifteen on 007 Legends if you're interested.

    Youtube Video

  • @TOPHATANT123 I didn't know that. I wonder whos picking it up.

    And I've tried both of them and I find them tragically boring.

  • While Goldeneye was a masterpiece of it's time on N64, I really don't know if we need a James Bond game. I guess the gadgets could be cool, but otherwise I think it could be quite difficult to transform the Bond franchise in a game without it being just a generic shooter with a Bond license. But if anyone has great ideas for a Bond game, I would love to hear them. Since if done right, I would definitely play it. It needs to bring the charm of the character to the game, not just the action.

  • @Budi A bond game should only ever turn into a shooter in the last 30 minutes of the game. I'll share my idea for a Bond game when I get home and get on me laptop lol.

  • @DarthAmmii I loved Tomorrow never dies and the World is not enough for the Ps1. The gadgets were the highlight for sure.

  • @Budi Right, I'm home. I'm gonna write a little game idea that I've had for a Bond game, so here goes.

    The game starts with you landing in Spain during the 1970s, you walk to the Mercedes-Benz that was shipped over by MI6. When you enter, you put your finger on a scanner that is built into the rear-view mirror and then a female/computer voice welcomes you and then the dash turns into a mobile HQ.

    After familiarising yourself with the mission description, you drive to the 5-star hotel and check yourself in. When you're in your room, you wait for nightfall and you go to the nightclub where a local millionaire is said to be meeting an ex bomb disposal professional who is on the CIA's watch list.

    When you enter the club, you go to the bar and order your favourite vodka & Martini, Shaken not stirred obviously. While seated you look at your TAG watch and press a button, when pressed it shows a map with one dot. That dot is your CIA contact, Rose. She has been undercover for almost a year and is playing besties with the millionaires wife.

    After making contact, you two proceed to the VIP lounge where you are under the guise of being Rose's brother and you have to plant your tracker/mic on the millionaire so you can record their conversation and find out what their meet is about.

    And that's all I can be bothered to write, haha, but you get my point.

  • @DarthAmmii Hah, that's great! I actually imagined in my head how this would play out. =) I like that you put emphasis on the car and driving, since those have always been a big part of Bond franchise.

  • @Budi I like my cars so that had to centre stage lol