Gaming Figures for my Desk

  • Hey everyone! I'm a total nerd but haven't shown it as much at work. I'd like to get some gaming figures to put on my desk that aren't too expensive. Anyone have a good recommendation for a type or place to get them? Something to show off what I'm into at work.


  • I have a soft spot for the Funko Pop vinyl figures. I don't have any video game ones, but they've made quite a few. Amiibos are also pretty cool if you're a Nintendo fan. I like the Super Mario 30th anniversary ones.

  • If you don't mind spending some money every month, Lootcrate DX has some higher quality geeky stuff every month for about 50$ / month, and you can get promo codes from majority of youtubers so you can get it even slightly cheaper. It'll be random, but at least you'll get something each month. If you want to know more, search for few unboxings from youtube to see if you would be interested or not. I can't recommend regular lootcrate because that stuff can be somewhat disappointing, at least if you ask me, though there are some cool stuff in those as well.

    But as for straight up figures, Play Arts Kai figures are some of the best, but they are pretty pricey as well. Some of them can be gotten with collectors editions of older games for relatively cheap compared to what one figure normally would cost. And some collectors editions with statues/figures can be found relatively cheap if you look around. (Ubisoft usually has cool stuff with their games) And if you're into super-deformed and more childlike stuff, Pop! Vinyl figures are something that can be found pretty much everywhere, but look retarded to me. Funko Legacy figures look alright though, might take a look myself when I get some extra money.

  • Amiibos are great for the desk now. Especially since the hype for them have died considerably.

    Also, if there's a comic shop near you that sells anime and manga, they might have some video game gashapon (capsule toys) available which are also dope.

  • I think Funko and Amiibo's are easy ones to go with. I have a few on my desk at the moment myself.

  • Knowing what you're into would help narrow down what kind of figures to recommend and where to get them.

  • if you like japanese stuff is great and they have an absolutely massive selection. has some real fancy stuff too but a fairly limited but unique selection

  • Depends on what you are into. Todd Mcfarlane toys brings out a couple of gaming stuff and for a good price, check him out

  • I would have to say go for quality over quantity. Get one or two figmas and chance their poses ever so often.