Top 5 video game characters.

  • Just curious to see what people pick. Does not have to be the main character of the game. Can be a boss you like the look of, the main villain of a game or a sidekick. Any individual character.

    Guess I should start.

    1. Dante.
      Kicking demon butt before it was cool. Involved in some crazy fight cinematics and actually seems to enjoy what he does,
      unlike most video game heroes.

    2. Lightning.
      Felt like a female version of squall. After having such happy go lucky heroes in ff10 and ff12 with tidus and vaan, it was nice to have a brooding, mildly annoyed all the time hero. Felt like good old final fantasy.

    3. Norman jayden.
      Best detective I've played. His commitment to the job made me like him. Survived a few fist fights and has a great set of sunglasses.
      Didn't solve the case but that is more my fault then Normans. I'm sure he could have saved the day if I didn't suck at the game.

    4. Alma wade.
      The long black haired little girl was being used so effectively in horror films someone decided to put it in a game... And it worked. Ive never been more scared of a horror game villain then I was of Alma wade. The jump scene with the ladder almost killed me.
      Then I learnt her story and felt sorry for her.

    5. Lara Croft.
      Been with lara since tomb raider 1. The adventures we have been on together. Ive seen her drown, get stabbed, crushed, eaten, spiked, bouldered over, poisoned, shot, electrocuted, burned alive, fall in lava, Swan dive off a cliff, run over by a train and she is still going strong. Always confident, loves adventuring and always looks stunning even when she was only 20 polygons.

  • I suppose my personal top 5 would be (in no particular order):

    • Snake (Solid or Naked): There's just something about David Hayter's performance that draws you to Snake as a person instead of a mindless killing machine. The writing for Snake's dialogue is also pretty hilarious at times.

    • Samus Aran: Other M aside, her character really comes from our own imagination, since she almost never says anything. To me, I always saw her as a Motoko Kusanagi (GiTS) type: no nonsense, takes command, compassionate, and occasionally playful. She's just so badass in every way.

    • Tali'Zorah: Watching her character grow from a novice adventurer to a leader of her people through the Mass Effect trilogy was pretty amazing. The final missions for her story arc in ME3 is one of my favorites of all time.

    • Karan S'jet: Homeworld is probably my favorite PC game of all time and she was the voice of fleet command. Her voice actress helped bring out a sense of both determination and desperation in her character that made you go "I can win... I have to win"

    • Nathan Drake: Nolan North, great dialogue, and just a likeable dude.

    Honorable Mention: The Bentusi. Hearing this voice always brings a chill to my spine.

  • @Mechanoid real good choices. I almost put snake in my list. I forgot about s'jet aswell Great character.
    Favourite from mass effect has to be thane krios though

  • @Ellis I love Thane too but I didn't want to add multiple characters from the same series. I suppose I was just more attached to Tali over the course of three games.

  • Okay, I admit this is a bit funny but the holy trinity of scarred, bearded and raspy voiced protagonists.

    alt text

    So Witcher Geralt, Snake from MGS and Adam Jensen in Deus Ex. They seem very stereotypical but I really love to play as them, especially Geralt and Jensen since I can make them as my own a bit in the dialogue choices. And there's always humour with these characters, mostly a sarcastic wit. Them being bad.ass always brings a smile to my face, I guess it's the same effect that Clint Eastwood has on me. And there's more than meets the eye in these characters. Especially Geralt stands out since he should be stripped of his emotions. But when you get to know him he is not at all one sided character.

    I also really miss Guybrush Threepwood from Monkey Island games. And lastly but not least Lee from Walking Dead season 1. He felt so real and wasn't just a good guy but instead had a questionable past.

  • @Mechanoid I understand. Thanes story had pretty much ended by the time we met him, tali had just begun.

  • This is too tough for me to narrow down 5 but Ill say one of my favorites. John Marston, a man who has to save his family in a rough environment. I love him because he is cool and collective but also can be dead pan hilarious. His character radiates a sense of power but also honor.

    In a game where I am free to put a bullet into every man, woman, and horse; I only shot when shot upon and would hogtie everyone else! It couldn't treat it like a GTA rampage while in the mind of John Marston, his character set me straight.

  • These are not in a a real ranked order.

    1. Alastair in Dragon Age Origins. He's hilarious. I'm sarcastic so I appreciated have a companion who was.

    2. The King of all Cosmos from Katamari. Yeah, he destroyed all the stars after a drunken night but without him, I wouldn't have my favourite WTF game. He's just super weird.

    3. Ky Kiske from Guilty Gear. His bio says he likes to collect teacups and loves smiling faces. Also I destroyed my friend with him. I will always love him best.

    4. Alys from Phantasy Star IV. She was cool and... yeah... this game was my fave as a kid, and her fate helped seal that for me.

    5. Everyone from Mass Effect. No way am I choosing. I love them all. Kaidan, Garrus, Tali, Wrex, Mordin, Grunt.... Even the Illusive Man! Okay, well I did dislike Ashley.... but then I only spent the first game with her. I swear my decision was based solely on Kaidan being with the super important bomb, I had to save him!

    I'd also say I adore Nathan Drake, John Marsden, Bart from Xenogears, Dante (original variety), and Luigi.

  • @Inustar said in Top 5 video game characters.:

    Also I destroyed my friend with him. I will always love him best.


    • Cave Johnson, Portal. Funny, awesome voice actor, good backstory. A lot of the best comedic quotes of gaming history.

    • Arthas Menethil, Warcraft. A character so distinct, interesting and so consistent that he transcends the medium. Every part of his character arc is pure perfection, in the RTS games through the MMO and the books. The center of the series best plotline to date. Some of his quotes are breathtaking literature.

    • John Marston, Red Dead Redemption. Well written, tragic but relatable character that is fun to play as. More three dimensional and developed than any other character in a Rockstar game. Great voice actor.

    • GLaDOS, Portal. No need to explain this. Classic science fiction trope villain that somehow works and becomes her own unique entity. In Portal 2 she really shines, with elaborate backstory that even manages to make you sympathise with her, which is quite rare when it comes to villains. Unique.

    • CJ, GTA: San Andreas. Here's a divisive one. Classic "I want to get out of the hood" character in a time and place where the hood is the place you're supposed to live and die in and nothing more. In the context of this world he is an admirable character trying to better himself and move up in the world, and almost the only reasonable person in the entire game. Trumps the other GTA characters because he's interesting and has depth to him. Very easy to relate to, and acts as a way to make people understand the hardships some people experience living poor amongst bad company in America.

    I restrained myself here since I can't in good conscience put characters that aren't fleshed out characters on my list. Sure, I love Pikachu, Rayman and Solaire as much as the next chum but they're not going on any of my lists. There's not that much to say about them, however memorable.

  • @Hoken said in Top 5 video game characters.:

    • GLaDOS

    God I hated her, which made me love her :heart:

  • @Mechanoid without spoiling it (people who haven't played it, do it, it's the best PC game of all time) the ending of Portal 2 is sublime and I get chills every time.

  • Not in any particular order.

    • Midna (Twilight Princess): She really made that game for me (besides the excellent dungeon design). Her story is a lot more complex, and she experiences more character development than is usual for Zelda games. Not to mention her lines are always witty and hilarious.
    • Eikichi Mishina (Persona 2): Didn't think I was gonna like him but he turned out to be amazing. He's certainly the best machine gun guitar case-wielding responsible school boss/aspiring rocker I've ever seen.
    • Shinjiro Aragaki (Persona 3): Not gonna spoil it. He's just great.
    • Kanji Tatsumi (Persona 4): Let's get real, who doesn't love Kanji? Knitting-delinquent, enough said.
    • Duster (Mother 3): Is my JRPG love showing? Probably the most reliable thief ever.

  • Dante:
    seriously he's just the greatest, people will complain how everything he says is cheesy one liners that make them cringe, i see him as a badass mother fucker, who doesn't give a fuck about shit but the job at shitty love stories, no stupid moral dilemmas (outside of the final fight in DMC3, that was warranted), he gets paid to kill demons, and eat pizza.

    Bayonetta (same reasons as Dante pretty much, with just a little more depth. Plus that body that just wont quit lol

    Handsome Jack:
    it's hard for me to explain this one, so just go watch the game theory on him.

    that's pretty much it for me, i don't get to attached to characters in games, cause i mostly play for the gameplay....but i think i might have a forth..

    The Titan bro from Titanfall 2 lol

  • @Mechanoid said in Top 5 video game characters.:

    @Inustar said in Top 5 video game characters.:

    Also I destroyed my friend with him. I will always love him best.


    I had to quote this to even see the thumbs up.... I was wondering why you just quoted me with nothing else.

  • I am almost ashamed to say I forgot Naoto from Persona 4. Totally my fave character, with Kanji a close second!


    1. Raiden from the Metal Gear Solid franchise. Instead of trying to type out all of my thoughts on this guy, here's a link to some great reading on him and MGS2 in general:

    2. Lucas from Mother 3. A boy who had his mother taken from him, fighting for the good of the universe through the tears and facing tragedy after hardship after terrible incidents. He teaches us about the importance of friendship and having goodness in your heart. Lucas shows us that you can rise to the occasion even when it seems impossible, and that being a good person and loving first is how you succeed.>!

    3. Veronica Santangelo from Fallout New Vegas. A strong female character with ties to a faction she both loves and openly wants to change for the betterment of the wasteland. She punches stuff and it dies. Also she's gay but that isn't her whole character, and its great to have strong LGBT characters in games where they aren't pigeonholed or weirdly romanticized for the purpose of having a gay player companion.

    4. Garrus Vakarian From Mass Effect 1-3. Badass ex-cop who doesn't play by the rules, and is also an alien with 3 dimensional characteristics. Loyal but not amoral, Garrus giths alongside his shipmates following his own strict and Batman-esqu morals, aside from the no killing part.

    5. Harold from Fallout 1 and 2, not his likeness in FO3 (I'd rather forget it). He was a deep, rich and funny character who provided a lot of context and flavor to the world, and also had a damn tree growing out of his head. I could listen to his stories forever

  • @Inustar Lol, well there's one for the bug report.

  • Hmmm, I'm sure I'm going to forget a bunch of important ones, but off the top of my head...

    • GladOS
    • Pyramid Head (though I like Valtiel nearly as much)
    • Dr. Nefarious
    • Jill Valentine (sexy, smart, tough, musician...)
    • Victor Sullivan

    You know what I could do without though? Another gravel-voiced tough-guy loner. Like imagine Snake and Geralt having a conversation:

    Geralt: "I'm looking for a woman."
    Snake: "Meryl?"
    Geralt: "She smells of lilac and gooseberries."
    Snake: "There's no place for flowers on the battlefield."

    Ugh. Not that they're bad characters necessarily, but come on, it's like a 12-year-old boy's idea of macho. Show a little fucking creativity, game designers.

  • -Raiden (Metal Gear Solid 4/ Revengeance variety)
    -Ezio Auditore- probably one of the better charecter developments I've seen in video games.

    That's really all that comes to mind.. Though I'm missing a couple great series that I've seen above from my belt.