How many stars do you give the game you are playing right now?

  • Overwatch.... when I'm with a good team it's a 5 star game. Other times its a 4 star game. I love those characters and it's feels good to play, so even when I'm annoyed it's not too terrible. But it does shine when playing with friends.

    Bayonetta 2 is a crazy 4.5 star game. It's just too weird not to love, for me anyway.

  • Dishonored remastered and I would give it 3.5 of 5 just due to lack of fun stealth toys which I hope its fix in the future but outside that and general AI weirdness its a good game.

  • Grand Kingdom, an easy 3 1/2 stars.

  • Kingdom hearts 1.5 remix - I have some issues with it but it's still a solid 4 stars
    Pokémon Alpha Sapphire - One of the best Pokémon games imo 4 stars
    Persona 4 Golden - This game has sold me on Persona 5 and makes me want to play Persona 3 and Tokyo Mirage Sessions. The dungeons and combat could be better therefore it's only a 4.5 stars.

  • I'm replaying P4 to ramp up the hype for the P5 release, and maybe it's the sheen of nostalgia but I love everything about this game. Combat gets a little repetitive at times, but honestly as a player I care so much more about the characters than the dungeoning and so I actually appreciate that the game doesn't punish me for not constantly grinding for levels to gear up for the next boss. It's barely July in my game (7/5? around there) and I'm already full social link with Strength, and ramping up quickly with most others. It makes me care about the characters and really get immersed in believable small-town high school life, complete with little hints of well-intentioned mischief here or there. Easy 5/5.

  • Pokemon Blue - 4/5.
    As I said in another thread, I took a page out of Jones' book and started working my way through a series I'm quite unfamiliar with. I absolutely adore my team right now and I squeal with delight every time I come across a Pokemon I recognize :D

  • Persona 2:Innocent Sin- 4/5. I want to give it a 5/5 but it was hard to get in to in the beginning.

  • Project X Zone 2 - 4.5 stars. I love this series, seeing all these different characters come together is a dream come true. Not since the days of Marvel vs Capcom have I felt this much joy with a crossover game. I love being able to match Phoenix Wright with Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine or have Kiryu and Majima from the Yakuza series team up with June Lin Milliam of Star Gladiator and have them suggest to her to use a stripper pole to dance fight with OR have Lucina and Chrom team up with Ulala because of all the dance energy they will generate. Teaming characters up with one another will trigger new dialogue between the group which either result in a nice nod to either series or some humorous dialogue like if you pare Ryu and Ken with Segata Sanshiro, Ryu will ask Segata about his rough training regiment to which Segata answers "The path to victory can only be achieved by playing Sega Saturn" which Ken then questions with a bewildered look.
    Sure the game's story isn't anything to write home about as the main selling factor is the cross over but if you like having a good hearty laugh, love flashy looking combat and enjoy video game music then Project X Zone 2 is for you.

    Excuse the image dump and the quality of the following images.

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  • It's Overwatch, so 4.5 Stars

  • I'm playing FF9 right now for the first time and I would give it 4 stars so far

  • I'm playing Paper Mario And The Thousand Year Door for the first time and i'm loving it ! i played the original Paper Mario last year and I adored it but so far this is even better ! i'm at the "wrestling" chapter and if the game keeps being soo good i'ts easily a 5 stars.

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    Just finished Watchdogs after having owned it since its release. Did a full playthrough no side quests from start to finish.
    2 and a half stars

  • I want to say 4 and a half stars for Animal Crossing New Leaf, because stuff like the permanent dead grass spots and limits on number of public works projects and placement could be better. The fact that I'm still playing it daily three years later however makes me confident in bumping it up to 5 stars. Every game has things that could be better. Doesn't stop them from being masterpieces in their own right.

  • Been playing:

    Wasteland 2, 20 hours in and I'd give it a solid 3.5/5. Could easily become a 4 or 3 depending on how it progresses.

    Deus Ex: Human Revolution, I've played it multiple times and I adore this game. 4.5/5

    Overwatch, fantastic game, even better with friends. Balanced and interesting gameplay, competitive is officially starting soon and I am pumped for it. 5/5
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    Dark Souls 3: 5 stars. Might be my GOTY.

  • Playing through The Witcher 3 for the first time right now. So far I'd give it 5 stars.

  • Environmental Station Alpha

    It's a really well designed map. A lot of the platforming puzzles are interesting applications of your tools and movement. The boss fights are probably the best part of the game, and are satisfyingly difficult when you beat them, even if you get the optional powerup for your gun. Victories really feel won.

    But do you know what's not freaking fun?! Walking around and making sure that you stand on EVERY SINGLE TILE, and making sure you shoot EVERY SINGLE TILE, because for some reason we've accepted this trope in the Metroidvania genre, and Environmental Station Alpha finds it necessary to hide key progression points behind out-of-the-way secret destructable tiles.

    3 stars. It's a fun game, but severely marred by progression that relies on you checking every corner you passed in the entire station. Multiple times.

  • Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition - 4 Stars

    I played through the original version of this game on the PS3 when it first came out and I enjoyed it then. I was pretty disappointed with the story and the overall tone on that first playthrough though. I felt like they had a chance to really separate this franchise from the typical action game formula with an emphasis on survival and realism. After the wonderful intro they all but abandon those ideas and by the end it blows them away entirely (and literally). Personally, I think it would have been a much stronger and more engrossing experience had they focused more on exploration and puzzle solving outside of combat and honed in on stealth and ingenuity during combat. I think they improved on a lot of what Naughty Dog did with the Uncharted series and yet The Last of Us ended up delivering a lot of what I wished Tomb Raider had provided. All that being said, I'm having a lot more fun on this second go around because I've adjusted my expectations accordingly and I'm just enjoying it for what it is. I think the harsh tone they set up in the beginning of the game still conflicts with the actual content of the experience but it's still fun to play. At the end of the day, that's more important than delivering an enthralling atmosphere. If only they didn't lock the platinum trophy behind the tacked on multiplayer portion of the game!

  • I just finished the first Yakuza. I would give that 4 stars.
    I'm playing Pesona 4 Golden. 5 stars for sure.
    Also, I just started Akiba's Trip: Undead and Undressed. Only been playing for 6 or so hours, but I would give it 3.5 stars right now.

  • I am about to play Baten Kaitos. I have played it years ago and almost finished it, but lost my save file. I would have rated it five out of five stars before, so lets see if I will still do so!