How many stars do you give the game you are playing right now?

  • Jet Set Radio. It's hard to score because it excels in some areas and not so much in others. 3/5. Love the music and the overall feeling of the game, but the controls are so wonky.

  • Wrapping up Ratchet and Clank pretty soon, I'd say it's a solid 4 stars. I had never played a Ratchet and Clank game before, so this was a good jumping on point for me. I think it's really fun, and the leveling/progression system is really rewarding, along with the collectibles. The weapons are cool to use, the environments are great, and the story/humor itself was really good and worked.

    It did get repetitive at times with certain mechanics, one that comes to mind are the two hoverboard races in the game. Between the Bronze, Silver, and Gold Cup for each, it felt like there was more to be done there. Once you beat the Bronze Cup, that was essentially all there was to see, but you had to do the same track a couple more times with a re-skin to fully complete it. Still really fun though, enjoyed the game a lot! Getting close to the Platinum Trophy!