LTTP: Super Metroid

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    So you may have seen my LTTP for A Link to the Past. I continued that SNES trend by going staight to Super Metroid. This one shouldn't be as long!

    Atmosphere/Soundtrack/Art - I love it. Maybe the best thing about the game. The sound and soundtrack set the tone perfectly. It just gives you that feeling of being isolated in this unknown area. Each area felt unique due to the colour palette, it's own theme and obviously new enemies etc. It's small things but it does help in the overall presentation of the game.

    Exploration - Another SNES game, another one which is hugely focused on exploration. I'll restate this, but the best things about games are the surprises whether that be a new area, a new twist... whatever it is. I think that why we love to explore and find secrets. This game is just oozing with secrets. Between finding new upgrades and items or just discovering things to do with your new equipment, it's all fantastic. I ended up with 72% collected so I was pretty happy with that and it was easily my favourite part of the game.

    Combat - Okay, so this was hit and miss really. The combat in general is fine. What I mean by that is switching between different types of weapons and bombs to combat certains situations is interesting and adds to the fun. However having to aim the gun downwards and upwards can be a serious pain. The bosses in the game were generally pretty fun and had some of the coolest moments in the game (3rd last boss and final boss).

    Platforming -I'd say platforming might be the weakest element from the game. It feels very floaty, there were times I didn't really feel in control. Also learning how to wall jump... oh man was that a frustrating one for 5-10 mins just trying to figure out how to do it. Also Maridia is just a horrible place. Constantly being irritated by quicksand and just sand in general. Made platforming even more annoying I thought.

    Little things - Oh how I wish the map told me the door colours. That would have saved a lot of time travelling and would have let me known if I needed to go back and explore an area. (This was resolved in Metroid Prime)
    The amount of damage Ridley takes is insane! :)

    Overall - Similarly to LTTP, this entry isn't my favourite in the series, I must admit I preferred Metroid Prime & 3. In fact I even admire those games more as the teams who developed those really understood what made Metroid games great.

    However with that said Super Metroid is a great game. It's tough to hold it in the same light as others do since it's been ripped off so much in the years but it truly is an amazing achievement in level design and atmosphere. So I'd definitely recommend it to anyone really.

  • Good stuff! It's always interesting to go back and see the improvements and/or missteps these games have made over the years. But I have to ask... did you save the animals?

  • @Mechanoid Oh no! I feel bad now. I didn't save any animals.

    That said, context searching me will still question how they survived unless we're assuming they were able to get into Samus's ship.

  • Wall jumping... :anguished:

    Played this game for the first time on Wii U a few years ago and almost gave it up because of wall jumping. Straight garbage mechanic.

  • @tokeeffe9 A little more exploration should satisfy your context searching cravings :wink:

  • @benoit489 it's not that hard. But it's just not that easy either. You can only do it while flipping. So flip towards a wall. Hold the dpad in the opposite direction. When Samus' flip animation changes to the wall plant frame, hit jump. Once you figure out its not a simultaneous pressing of buttons, it's pretty and you'll nail it every time. Dont get mad, get good. Love how the game teases gameplay mechanics when you leave the title screen on long enough. The mystery of learning the mechanics on your own was rewarding.

  • [One of the] Best. Game(s). Ever.

    Perfect controls, perfect atmosphere, perfect music, awesome boss battles, just all around great.

    My favorite music is none other than that overgrown brinstar section. :(
    My favorite part of the game? The first time you got the speed boots! Just zappin' through the rooms like that!? Why did Nintendo NOT give that boot more love!?