Nioh, Horizon, Nier, Mass Effect or Persona V?

  • Which of the above games are you going to be picking up day 1 and why?. Which ones are you going to wait for a price drop and why?.

    They all look so good but I am gravitating towards Nioh and Persona V day 1 but I am completely unsure of the other three

  • I don't buy games day 1 anymore. I wait for reviews, and then look at them. That said, being huge Elder Scrolls fan, I might end up pre-ordering Elder Scrolls 6. But I try to resist the temptation.

  • I've already preordered Persona 5, I might do the same on Mass Effect, but I will probably hold off on inital reviews.

    Also have Yakuza 0 preordered

    I'm interested in Horizon and possibly Nioh, but I'll most likely wait for reviews and a sale

  • For NiOh, Nier and P5 I will wait for confirmations that no censorship was applied and that the translations are accurate and meme free. If that is confirmed before release, the confirmed games will be day 1 purchases.
    Unsure about Horizon.
    No interest in ME.

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    Ive tried to drop down on my day 1-buys. Main reason are that my backlog are becoming too big. I kinda see it like "do I NEED this on day one?" like for example, is it a multiplayer game that my friends pick up at day 1? if so I might get it early. If its a single player game where I am not SUPER worried about spoilers I can wait a bit to grab it until it has gone down in price. Also to cite Brandon Jones from latest cup of jones "dont preorder games, just dont do it"

  • There are no guarantees, but...

    Probably. I loved the Alpha and Beta. It's my most anticipated game of 2017 and basically all they need to do is to add more stages, weapons, enemies, etc. onto what they have me in the Beta and I'll be happy.

    Looks cool, but I'll need to know more about how it plays before I can decide, which means I need to read some previews/reviews.

    Based on the demo it seems promising. So if it's like the first game but with tighter combat I'll most likely get it day 1.

    Mass Effect
    The combat looks cool (just watched the latest trailer) but the rest of the game doesn't really get me excited. I feel like there is too much being rehashed from ME1-3 in terms of races and such. The dialogue and voiceacting hasn't exactly impressed me either. I'll need to see and know more before I decide.

    Persona V
    I sort of liked 3, I liked 4 and 5 is supposedly better. So probably? Again, waiting for some previews/reviews.

  • None. I don't buy stuff day one. Only interested in Mass Effect since it's available across multiple platforms. Maybe Nier, if it comes to PC, but even then I'm not that interested in it. I also doubt it'll be a good port.

  • Nioh is not for me, i don't have a lot of trust in Horizon or ME, so I'll wait to see what is the reception on those, Nier I'm very excited for but I'm not starting any games that could take a significative amount of time in march, so I'm problably not buying it at release.

    P5 is the reason why I'm not starting games in March, because once it is out I expect to devote April to it, I've already spent close to $300 on it, including the japanese version I already have with me (haven't gone past the 5 minutes mark)

  • I'll probably get NieR day one, as I liked the first one and loved the demo.

    I'll probably hold off on Horizon and Persona for the price drops, seeing as March is looking pretty expensive...

  • @Musou-Tensei Out of curiosity what source do you use to check if you approve or not the localization?

  • I think they all get pushed until I finish Zelda (if it stays March) and/or all of the games from fall I still haven't beaten. Until then, Gravity Rush 2 is my only day-1, playing straight until completion.

  • Nioh, no question. After playing the Alpha I knew this was going to be something special and it just keeps looking that way. There is a foundation of Dark Souls there, but there are a lot of elements the devs are including which feel like this game will have its own identity. Also, it looks gorgeous and what we've heard of the soundtrack is masterful. This is going to be amazing.

    I've always felt a little off towards Horizon. I just feel like the world doesn't quite fit. One thing that irked me is the fact that humans have moved on for centuries yet the narration and conversation is done in stereotypical American accents. I just have a feeling it'll be a bit of standard open world game with nothing that stands out.

    I am into Nier Automata but I'll wait for that one. As for ME and Persona, I didn't get into ME and have no experience with Persona but I hope they turn out great!

  • I don't have a PS4, so Nioh/Horizon/Perona V won't be an option for me. (Something I might bother fixing soon, but I already have too many games to play).

    For Honor and Ghost Recon Wildlands are probably higher on my list than any of those 5. I have a few friends who are pretty hyped about Wildlands.

  • I have Horizon, Mass Effect, Nier, Persona, and Yakuza 0 preordered. Will probably pick up Nioh, even though gameplay wise, I sucked at the alpha and beta, just because I enjoy the fact that I get tired of European mythology being the default setting for these kinds of games and i want to reward the devs for doing something else.

  • Nier
    I was sold the moment it was announced

    Loved the Alpha and Beta, so yeah im getting it, doesn't hurt that it the closest thing there is to a new Onimusha.....for now.

    Cyborg Dinosaurs, Sold

    Mass Effect
    Going to be cautious of this one, there are parts of Inquisition I liked, but the boring combat, and generally uninteresting characters, has me a bit worried about ME.

    Persona 5
    Again Sold from the moment it was announced.

  • Horizon is the one I'm the most interested in. Might be even Day 1.

    The new Mass Effect hasn't yet showed anything particularly interesting, I'll definitely wait for the reviews.
    Nier: I know nothing about it.
    Nioh: Dark Souls in ancient Japan, not for me, by any means.
    Persona 5: I should play some previous ones to get any sparkle. Not gonna happen anytime soon.

  • The next 3 months are going to be sooo tricky!

    I would add For Honor and Torment: Tides of Numenera to your list of potential Day 1 buys. And that's not even counting a sexy little piece of hardware called the Switch, with Zelda, possibly Mario, and who knows what else!

    I don't know, at this point, it's wait-and-see for every game, reviews and EZA impressions will sway me one way or another.

  • @bard91 I just realized that P5 will probaly the only one without a german translation, and those are usually closer to the original japanese text (like in FFX when Yuna says "I love you" in english when in the original she actually says Arigatou, the german subs actually say Thank You, or the removal of memes that the english translation of World of Final Fantasy has) so I'm less worried in that regard about NiOh and Nier tbh.
    In case of P5, with such a massive game it's of course impossible to be 100% sure, here I have to trust websites like Nichegamer and OneAngryGamer who report on this kind of stuff, Youtubers like CensoredGaming and my friends on the SuperNiche forum and Twitter who care about these issues as well. I mean they already spotted some bad translations in a P5 Stream a while ago (and I hope Atlus uses the delay to fix them), some people are pretty good at that.

  • I'm probably only buying one game on release for early 2017. I'm really leaning toward Ni-Oh right now but I'm interested to see how Horizon turns out. I'm excited about Mass Effect too, so I'll see if its worth grabbing when it releases.

  • @Musou-Tensei fair enough, there was much salt for dubs for my taste on those sites from what I just saw, but as we discussed in another thread, I'm much more open to localizations that the people in there from what I can see.

    I'll play both versions of the game in any case, so I'll just judge that after going through them.