Nioh, Horizon, Nier, Mass Effect or Persona V?

  • @bard91 I just realized that P5 will probaly the only one without a german translation, and those are usually closer to the original japanese text (like in FFX when Yuna says "I love you" in english when in the original she actually says Arigatou, the german subs actually say Thank You, or the removal of memes that the english translation of World of Final Fantasy has) so I'm less worried in that regard about NiOh and Nier tbh.
    In case of P5, with such a massive game it's of course impossible to be 100% sure, here I have to trust websites like Nichegamer and OneAngryGamer who report on this kind of stuff, Youtubers like CensoredGaming and my friends on the SuperNiche forum and Twitter who care about these issues as well. I mean they already spotted some bad translations in a P5 Stream a while ago (and I hope Atlus uses the delay to fix them), some people are pretty good at that.

  • I'm probably only buying one game on release for early 2017. I'm really leaning toward Ni-Oh right now but I'm interested to see how Horizon turns out. I'm excited about Mass Effect too, so I'll see if its worth grabbing when it releases.

  • @Musou-Tensei fair enough, there was much salt for dubs for my taste on those sites from what I just saw, but as we discussed in another thread, I'm much more open to localizations that the people in there from what I can see.

    I'll play both versions of the game in any case, so I'll just judge that after going through them.

  • Well, I've preordered the collectors edition of P5. The others I'll wait for the reviews on.

  • I hardly pick up games Day 1 anymore, only games that I know I will love. Even then its usually just within the 2 week Prime window and not necessarily Day 1. It takes me a while to beat games so there are enough game already out for cheaper to keep me occupied.

    Nioh - Not my style of game.
    Horizon - I am very interested. I played the demo at PSX and enjoyed the little taste of it. I won't preorder it but I will most likely pick it up with Prime unless the reviews for it are overwhelmingly negative.
    Nier - I don't know much about it but its not calling out to me.
    Mass Effect - I enjoyed 1 and 2, haven't played 3 yet. I haven't followed it that closely yet but I probably won't pick it up right away. Definitely wait to see if we have a stinker first.
    Persona V - I have never played a Persona before but all of the Allies' hype for Persona, and V in general, has got me interested. I enjoy the genre so I'm sure I'll end up loving it. Most likely a Prime purchase from me.

  • For anyone not sure about Nier, there is currently a very nice demo available on psn, and if you don't feel like downloading that, Damiani already played it for you!
    Youtube Video

  • All of them.

    Because I truly believe they will all be incredible games in their own right and deserve my time and money.

    If I only had the cash for one though I'd go for Persona 5.

  • Horizon, yeah, I'll probably be there day 1, or close to it. I've been pretty pumped for that game since it was announced, and I've heard only good things from people who've gone hands-on with it. The past couple of trailers have seemed like a little much to me, but I'm still excited.

    Nioh I am almost definitely going to buy, but probably not day 1. I missed both demos, and actually EZA was the only reason I even know what it is. I anticipate picking it up, but I'll probably wait a bit so I get some more opinions on it and get a better sense of what it is.

    I'm interested in Persona 5, having never played a game in the series before. I remember Greg Miller gushing about Persona 4 Golden, and EZA has gotten me more interested in this one, but that would probably be further down the line, not the top of my list.

    Nier is a maybe? I really don't know much about it besides the original reveal trailer looking cool Is it one of those things where I would feel dirty not playing the first one?

    I don't think I'll be picking up Mass Effect. I never played the original 3, and the gameplay they showed at the Game Awards didn't really grab me. I could be swayed, but right now it's a no for me.

  • Nioh and Persona 5 day one for sure. Not sure why you went with roman numeral for Persona though.

    Mass Effect I'm curious about, but the third game killed that franchise for me. I used to love Mass Effect, but that ending retroactively ruined both 1 and 2 for me. They are going to have to prove to me that this new one is worth me being interested again. Because right now my hype is at 0.

    Horizon looked cool when it was shown off the first time, and I'm sure it'll be a solid game. But the demo where they climbed the giraffe thing and it was just a walking tower was such a Ubisoft-class hype destroyer it wasn't even funny. I need reviews before I can consider buying that game.

    Nier. I have the demo, still haven't tried it. But it looks cool. Not a day one purchase for me, though. Maybe someday later down the line.

  • Bioware RPG's are like chocolate cake, just too good to turn down. I'm excited to jump back into mass effect.

  • P5 has already been preordered, and for the special edition too. That's how in I am on that game.

    And considering Mass effect is my fave series, that's a definite day one purchase.

    Otherwise I don't go day one for any brand new game series, only for ones I trust. I know I'm going to like new Persona and new ME.

    That being said, I am interested in Nier now. That demo was a lot of fun, and I loved reading that there's stuff in the game to sorta mess with players. But I'll still wait on a review of it before I buy it. Which works since I'll have For Honor in February, ME Andromeda in March and P5 in April.

    Nioh looks amazing, but I am not good with those games.

    Horizon is a game I would have loved a couple years back but I'm kinda bored with that cell tower/crafting/killing wildlife thing. If reviews and some let's plays show me something interesting, I might bite. It won't be until it drops in price though. If the BF is super excited for it though, it might get purchased sooner. He does love those Far Cry type games.

  • nioh and persona 5 are day one ill probably pre order the special edition with the dufflebag. neir is a square game so i dont think ill have any trouble tracking down a copy in the summer sometime. No interest in mass effect wrpgs arent my thing a few have surprised me but not many. As for horizon until i see that its actually different like the setting suggests ill hold off.

  • We really need a special edition for Nioh though. I don't think the developers should turn down such a golden opportunity as the demos were well received by fans.

  • @Inustar I also have the SE of Persona 5. Been burned hard with the last 2 Special Edition games I was sure were going to be amazing. I'm breaking the cycle with P5. It helps that it's been out and reactions have been positive.

  • I am going to get Mass Effect day one, I loved the Mako in the original even though the worlds were barren. The only thing that can let me down is the direction the story arc will take. Nioh and Nier I will get eventually.

  • Hm, Horizon has been rated 12+ in germany, not sure what to think about that.

  • Hmm I think I will be picking up Nioh day one. It feels like a slightly tougher souls game, which is one of my favorite series, and unlike some of the others on this list, it has already proven to me that it will be great with the beta. I will probably also pick up Persona V day one. Not worried about it being buggy and I think the longer I wait on that game, the more chances it will get spoiled for me.

    Mass Effect and Horizon I will probably wait on reviews

  • Banned

    It's hard to get excited for the new Mass Effect when Bioware lost a majority of its original talent.

    It's like being excited for a new Rare game. You're just setting yourself up for disappointment.

  • Nioh and Horizon is day one for me.
    Neir Automata depends on what I am doing at the time of release
    Persona 5 depends on if I have finished Persona 4.

  • Horizon and Nioh.