Nioh, Horizon, Nier, Mass Effect or Persona V?

  • @Inustar I also have the SE of Persona 5. Been burned hard with the last 2 Special Edition games I was sure were going to be amazing. I'm breaking the cycle with P5. It helps that it's been out and reactions have been positive.

  • I am going to get Mass Effect day one, I loved the Mako in the original even though the worlds were barren. The only thing that can let me down is the direction the story arc will take. Nioh and Nier I will get eventually.

  • Hm, Horizon has been rated 12+ in germany, not sure what to think about that.

  • Hmm I think I will be picking up Nioh day one. It feels like a slightly tougher souls game, which is one of my favorite series, and unlike some of the others on this list, it has already proven to me that it will be great with the beta. I will probably also pick up Persona V day one. Not worried about it being buggy and I think the longer I wait on that game, the more chances it will get spoiled for me.

    Mass Effect and Horizon I will probably wait on reviews

  • Banned

    It's hard to get excited for the new Mass Effect when Bioware lost a majority of its original talent.

    It's like being excited for a new Rare game. You're just setting yourself up for disappointment.

  • Nioh and Horizon is day one for me.
    Neir Automata depends on what I am doing at the time of release
    Persona 5 depends on if I have finished Persona 4.

  • Horizon and Nioh.

  • Mass Effect. Because it'll be on PC, and I can stream it and milk that for content for a bit.

  • @Art What about being excited for Yooka-Layee from former RARE ? Surely that won't disappoint... I hope. People need to embrace the jank in games. Shepard's head randomly moving in odd ways adds to the sci-fi element... Maybe there were glitches in the Lazuraus program which caused his neck muscles to spasm.

    Youtube Video

  • Horizon and Mass Effect are day 1's for me :)

  • I finally decided to download the Nier demo and check it out so we'll see if I have a change of heart. I've heard too many good things to not spend the little amount of time to play the free demo.

  • Persona V and Mass Effect top my list of most anticipated for 2017, at 1st and 2nd respectively. I will be playing Mass Effect on my PC, but for both games I am definitely missing work the next day.

    I remember watching Ben and Huber's Reveal Trailer Analysis for Persona V, stopping the video halfway through, and buying Persona 3 FES on PS3. The day I finished Persona 3, I went out and bought a Vita and Person 4 Golden. Persona is my all time favorite franchise now and it's all thanks to Ben Moore.

    Soon after the release of Mass Effect 3 I got a new gaming laptop and the first game I played on it was Mass Effect. I played the entire series 8 TIMES before touching another game. I love every minutes of those games and can't wait to see what Bioware does next.

    I will also be getting Horizon day one. The game had me intrigued since its first trailer and no amount of "moving towers" is going to make me any less hyped.

    Nier and Nioh look great, and if I had all more free time I would probably play both of them. I'll wait for a price drop to possibly snag these.

  • @ThrillerNum1 said in Nioh, Horizon, Nier, Mass Effect or Persona V?:

    Persona is my all time favorite franchise now

    This guy knows what's up

  • "Per ... so ... na!"

  • @MSBi Mass Effect is probably the safest bet in terms of dollar per hour. The studio has a good track record and the world is somewhat well established. If you're into JRPGs more though, Persona 5 is a no-brainer. I live in Japan and the people that are playing it over here say its more of P4 in the best ways.

  • I'm interested in all of them but honestly? I'm super hyped for Mass Effect.

    I just adore Bioware games. I even love the more controversial ones like Dragon Age II. I was let down hard by the ending of Mass Effect 3 and while I feel like that has tempered my expectations a bit going into Andromeda... I can't help but be super excited to play it regardless. I just LOVE good Sci-Fi and story/character focused games. Inquisition had an amazing cast and a generally interesting story. Some of the grindy elements were harsh but if they can focus those element down a bit... man, I can't wait. I'm even super hyped on the multiplayer this time around. I hated that it was forced on us in ME3 but I ended up loving it in that game and now I'm already making plans to play it with countless friends. Probably the best horde mode style co-op I've played.

  • Persona 5. We know it will run properly(becuz it's already out in Japan with zero complaints regarding performance). Japanese press has already praised it to high heavens and even if the dub turns out to be crap(which is highly doubtable), we're getting the jap audio for free.

    Also: I want that CE, so pre-ordered has been placed since it got on amazon uk for me. :3

    Nier Automata... I wanna play it on pc, but I will wait for a pc port report.

    Mass effect: barely info, two months before launch, never played the previous game, will wait a while before buying

    Horizon looks pretty, but I'm getting open world, pointless collect-o-thon vibes so I'll definitely wait for reviews and even then I might not get it because I'm so incredibly bored with the whole exploring/gathering/crafting-systems

  • Mass Effect and Horizon could be completely cookie-cutter designs, and nothing GOTY-worthy. But I'll still pick them up regardless. Difference between "good" and "fun" in my mind. Just the settings of each of these games is enough. They probably each even have their own sequel-spinning-mystery-narratives, (queue Borderlands 2 and Assassins Creed 2 endings) which are basically objectively bad and unfulfilling. And nonetheless I will still play these games. (I think I have a problem, lol)

    And c'mon... Persona? No question. Forget GOTY; "One-Of-The-Greats"-material right here.

  • Nioh - not interested
    Horizon - I will wait for EZA review before I get this game
    Nier - will get this maybe holiday 2017
    Mass Effect - will also pick this up day 1, a little hesitant with the bugs though knowing bioware
    Persona 5 - this is preorder level for me :D

  • For Honor I get right away if there aren't some major setbacks in the beta.

    Nioh I get later, would get it sooner without For Honor being released so close to it. Rest of those games I don't really care. Might get Persona from a sale just to see what the hell is all that hype about.