Praise for the community

  • @flower_arrangement
    Indeed :clap: :clap:

  • You guys rock so hard!

  • Totally agree, it is so refreshing to be part of this community when you see how toxic internet as a whole often gets. Let's hope it always stays that way!

    Love & Respect to y'all!

  • I agree. I just joined the forums today, but I can already tell this is a great bunch of people. It stands to reason though. The EZA crew are, far as I'm concerned, the most humble, thoughtful, passionate, and funny gamers on the intertubes. No surprise that their fans are largely the same. Much love, and much respect!

  • After being in several communities that have been pretty negative at different points, it's so refreshing to be in such a positive one.

  • Yeah, a few people have already said it, but the positive vibes of the allies and their infinite passion, enthusiasm and jolliness brings in those of similar outlooks. Love and Respect, and Praise the sun!

  • You know, I watch a ton of gaming podcasts and videos. Probably too many to be considered healthy. Even if I have a stretch where I'm burned out on actual gaming, I still keep up with the news and the podcasts. And of all the people I regularly pay attention to, the allies are the only ones that make me think, "damn, it'd be fun to hang out with those guys." I think it's just that they're so down-to-earth. I don't think you could find an ounce of ego among them. even when the whole crew is packed into Jones's garage. No bullshit posturing, just an obvious and infectious passion for the hobby. I was so sad when GT got shut down, even though it was pretty easy to see coming. But I was equally hyped to learn they were back, and on their own terms this time! As long as we continue to follow their example (and I have no doubt that we will), this community is going to be something truly epic.

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    @Mortambulist spoiler: they are indeed fun to hang out with. I gotta move back to LA.

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    We Love & Respect you guys too not just on the Twitch channel but across all the stuff Easy Allies is on

  • I like the friendly vibes goin' on here! :D

  • I have been shocked at the little to no trolling. I don't even think I have seen a post in the negative on rep yet which is really cool. I wasn't a fan of the reddit style upvote/downvote at first, but it seems like it is being used in a non-trollish manner and is typically rewarding people well. Also most Allies are typically not dickish people

  • The community here really seems to reflect the positivity and enthusiasm for gaming that the EZA crew puts into their videos/streams.. So far I'm really enjoying reading the discussions and I'm glad to have a forum that seems to enjoy gaming!

  • It feels great to be a part of this community, something about EZA feels different than anything else on the net I've been a part of.

  • Love and Respect all around, such a jolly community really helps represent what EZA is all about and what the guys try to preach: have passion for and enjoy the games we play and talk about.

  • @KingofDMC
    Wonder how long it would take for him to get banned?
    But yeah so far no trolls, and that's always a plus

  • In a world where I see so much political negativity, mudslinging, and bs on Facebook, I am so happy that I joined a community that is actually friendly to each other and isn't always critical about everything. It's okay to be a bit critical, but not all the time. I've been in forums where everyone is so freaking critical of every little thing! Anyways, I'm happy to see the Love and Respect from everyone here.

  • Best Community.


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    @Lexad There's really no way downvote. So even if people do leave stupid comments there's no way to show negativity towards it. Unless I'm just blind. I don't see a down arrow.

  • L&R to you all, we've got a good thing going on here