The Games that Made you a Gamer

  • This is a neat idea! Thanks for putting it out there @Ruaidhri18 !

    1st Game: There is actually debate among my family on this. Ask my father or grandfather, they'll say it was Wolfenstein 3D and DOOM when I was really small. I also remember Super Mario Bros. and Super Mario Bros. 3 on my father's NES. But the game I believe was truly my first was Spyro: The Dragon that came bundled with a PS1 I got for Christmas when I was five. Oh yeah, Pokemon. How could I forget that? It was my childhood.

    Game(s) that clicked and made me a gamer: I still say it was the above games. When you're a kid and Spyro and Crash Bandicoot are your only PS1 games, you play them quite a bit. Wolfenstein and DOOM I have such higher regard for today and even now, I feel like booting up the Xbox 360 emulated versions and an episode of them every now and then.

    Favorite Game: If you've seen me here, you probably already know its Final Fantasy VII. But to those of you who don't, I won't bore you to death going into great detail. All I can really say is about every aspect of the game just hooked me from the moment I first saw it: Characters, Music, Story, Battle system, Summons, Monsters, Locations. Fun fact: I first saw this at a friend's house and he progressed to the first Jenova fight on the ship (That was the first thing I saw). The rest is personal history

    (Yes, it was the first FF game I saw, lending to the argument that the first FF game you see is potentially your favorite) Also, favorite moment: Assaulting Shinra HQ (Both times). For more thoughts from me (why would you though), check out the community's top 100 games and top 50 characters lists. If you're new to the forums, those are well worth your time!

  • What was your first game?
    I can't be certain, but I'm gonna go with Freddi Fish and the Case of the Missing Kelp Seeds, the the pivotal 1994 classic from Humongous Entertainment. I'm sure I played other weird CD-ROM games from HE prior to that, but this is the first game I have memories of playing. I have no clue where these games came from; I can only assume my parents bought them, but they never liked me spending time on the computer, so it's a bit of a mystery. I still think fondly of this game, despite being 4 or 5 when I played it.

    What was the game/s that clicked and made you a "gamer" and why?
    This one is a toss-up between Super Mario World (the GBA port) and Pokémon Blue. They were my first and second non-CD-ROM games, respectively, and I never looked back. I wish I had some log of how much time I've put into each. Hell, I still play Super Mario World when travelling, that game holds up like no other. The reason it was these games is that these games showed me that video games were even a thing, as I was 6 when I got my GBA and had never been exposed to "real" video games before. I suspect a big reason why these games hooked me is that I sucked at both of them so finishing each took a lot longer for me that it probably did for most people. Thankfully both those games are great, so that meant a lot more time enjoying them. Then I guess I just wanted more of that.

    What is your favorite game and why?
    This question is impossible for me to answer, so I'm going to cheat and list 4: Super Mario World, Jak and Daxter, Pokémon Emerald, and TF2.
    I really think Super Mario World is pretty self explanatory.
    Pokémon Emerald was my next Pokémon game after Blue, so the improvements were vast and I sunk way too many hours into it for me not to include it.
    Jak and Daxter is a tight, solid game with a setting I really love (and would have loved to see explored more in sequels....). There's a lot the game does so well, like characterization and dynamic loading, which served the game very well (unlike some certain sequels....). This was another game <10 year old me sucked at. Funnily, I went back and played it a couple months ago and was surprised when I beat it in just over 11 hours. 7 year old me must have really sucked at games. Also fuck the sequels.
    TF2 is like the SSB of shooters. Anyone can hop in, play, and have fun, but there are layers of complexity that, once understood, make you hate playing with those people who are hopping in, playing, and having fun for the first time. This is definitely my favorite multiplayer game ever. I've put in hundreds of hours playing with friends and getting better at it with them, and not one minute of that time has ever been stressful. Well, not the bad kind of stressful, anyway. The cartoonish quality, the importance of movement and speed, and everyone playing to have a good time also make this a fantastic game.

  • What was your first game?
    Cosmic Avenger on ColecoVision. My dad loved it, so I had to figure out what it was so great. It isn't the game I played the most on the Coleco, but the sounds will live in my head forever.

    What was the game/s that clicked and made you a "gamer" and why?
    Venture, again, on ColecoVision. It was the first game I realized I could "break" by looping through it multiple times, filling my treasure slots until the game didn't know what to do with the treasure any more.

    What is your favorite game and why?
    Action RPG. Still my favorite genre, and the mix of exploration, strategy and stupidly long passwords makes me happy.

  • The first game I played is kinda hard to remember, although it was probably either Galaga, Pac-Man, or a Jurassic Park game that Chuck E Cheese had.

    As for the games that clicked I have multiple answers, as they all came along at times that made me want to dig a little deeper into gaming.
    Theres SMB1/DuckTales/TLOZ/ and it was either MM2 or 3 as they were the first console games I had.
    ( probably going to come back and finish this part)

  • First game

    The very, very first game I ever played might've been an arcade game such as The Simpsons, Mortal Kombat II, or Lethal Enforcers. But this would've been around 1993/1994 when I was 4 or 5 years old, and my memory's not clear enough.

    The first game that I clearly remember playing is Solitare on a Windows 95 laptop, immediately followed by Doom II. This was around 1995/1996 when I was 6 or 7. I was really impressed by how I was able to run around in and interact with a 3D environment.

    First game that clicked

    By 1997, the only console and handheld I had seen was my neighbor's Sega Genesis and Game Gear (my mother wasn't keen on me having my own console or handheld, mainly for fear that I would become addicted, but also because of the cost). I was only familiar with Nintendo from comic book ads and store flyers, and I thought the name sounded like it was for little kids. The Sega name and style screamed "this is big kid stuff" to me, so I had no interest in exploring Nintendo further.

    Then around October 1997, at a video rental store, I saw a Nintendo 64 demo station running Star Fox 64. I tried moving the analog stick around a bit, and my mind was blown by how the ship moved perfectly in sync with my movements, and how the lighting, reflections, and shadows changed as it did so. It was an other worldly experience for me. I couldn't stand to play 2D games after that.

    Not long after, I convinced my mother to let me rent a Nintendo 64 with 3 games once every 3 weeks. This went on until I finally got my own in 2002, though because of the cost, I continued to rent the games (I didn't own a game until I got an Xbox in 2003, which was bundled with some). I got acquainted with a huge portion of the Nintendo 64's library (and quite a few Xbox Live games) this way.

    Favorite game

    Worms Armageddon on PC. (See the rest of my top 5 here.) I played the Nintendo 64 version first, and was quite impressed, especially by the physics engine and atmosphere. But the PC version is in another galaxy. Online. More maps. Extra weapons. Smoother animations. Higher resolution. More settings. New features and bug fixes. And FULL control over the Ninja Rope. 0_o

    I've seen it on several best PC games lists. It has universally positive reviews, and boy does it deserve them. The only, and I mean ONLY thing wrong with it is some networking bugs (which is why I can only give it a 9.9/10). it's one of the most customizable non-modding/crafting games ever. Edit maps. Import maps. Or randomly generate over 4 billion maps. Tweak every scheme setting that you can think of including weapon delay, mine count, crate probability, sudden death speed, donor cards, fixed worms, weapon/ammo carryover, and lots more.

    You can have up to 6 teams with 8 worms per team for a total of 48 worms on the map. And utilities such as Select Worm, Pneumatic Drill, Parachute, and Girder add SO much depth, you almost can't comprehend it!

  • What was your first game?

    I don't remember my exact first game but I'm sure like most people it was a mario game of some sort. One of my aunts used to babysit me my brother and my cousins a lot and she had a NES that she would let us play whenever we wanted and we would definitely play mario the most.

    What was the game/s that clicked and made you a "gamer" and why?

    I'm gonna twist this question a bit because I'm not sure if there was a particular game that made me a gamer. Really I think my older brother made me a gamer by making me play games with him when i was a kid. But I can remember what made me the TYPE of gamer that I am which is primarily a jrpg gamer. The first game being Breath of fire 2. One of the first jrpg's I ever played and def defined the kind of vibe I love from jrpg's. That goofy, anime inspired high fantasy type vibe. Of course i played a few final fantasys but those didn't gel with me as well. But then I found the game that would launch me down a spiraling path of jrpg weeb-dom. Tales of Phantasia. The tales series to me is what the final fantasy series is to most jrpg enthusiast. It's my favorite game series of all time.

    What is your favorite game and why?

    So if you read the previous paragraph you know that he Tales of series is my favorite game series. So obviously one of the game sin that series must be my favorite game. That game is "Tales of the Abyss". The why could take me forever to explain but one of the main reasons is I feel like this game has the most relatable protagonist out of all of the tales games and the way he grows and matures over the course of the game is so well written and planned out . And then there's that PLOT TWIST! in the middle of the game I did not see coming.

    This game was originally released for ps2 but if you have a 3ds they re-released it there and if you have ever thought about trying the tales series I highly recommend this game. There's no bad place to start in this series really. Like the FF series there like 15 or so entries in the main series but none of them are connected canonically except direct sequels of the same name.

  • What was your first game?

    Not sure, my grandma got us a SNES with a bunch of games, the first ones i remember were Super Mario, Mario Kart, or Batman Returns, Aladdin, and Mickey's Mystical Quest so one of those must have been the first.

    What was the game/s that clicked and made you a "gamer" and why?

    Persona 3, I was already really into gaming before that, so it may not be the most accurate answer, but without it I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be as much into gaming as I'm now. It was the game that had had the biggest impact on me, and the one that made me start looking into games more in depth.

    What is your favorite game and why?

    Persona 4, because it is glorious and it does so many things so incredibly well and it just fits me perfectly, before that it was Persona 3, and I'm hoping this will change once April 4th comes.

  • What was your first game?
    It was between two. PaperBoy on the Sinclair ZX Spectrum +2 or Mortal Kombat 2 on Commodore Amiga 500. I was about 3/4 years old at the time so I can't remember which one was first.

    What was the game/s that clicked and made you a "gamer" and why?
    Mortal Kombat 2 for sure. It was the fact that I could tap left on the joystick, and the fighter would go left. I'd tap right, he'd go right. I'd tap up, he'd jump. Then pressing left, left, trigger he'd through a harpoon and shout "Come here!"

    What is your favorite game and why?
    This is always difficult. So here are the main ones. Shenmue because it was revolutionary at the time and displayed an epic storyline whilst introducing me to aspects of Japanese culture.

    Super Mario 64 because it's just a fun, happy adventure with so much imagination on display, and still remains my favourite Mario. I was lucky enough to have this cartridge by the voice of Mario himself, Charles Martinet!

    There are at least 20 I can put here, but for now those two will do. I will always love them.

  • What was your first game?

    My first game I remember playing was a game called Goldrunner on the Atari ST. My father had been out and bought it back home along with what I believe was a copy of Solitare as well. It's a vertical scrolling Shmup, but quite a basic one. I played it quite a bit, but only because it's all we had.

    What was the game/s that clicked and made you a "gamer" and why?

    The Dizzy games, Treasure Island Dizzy specifically. I guess this was my introduction to my favourite genre - Adventure games. While they didn't exactly have strong stories, the "worlds" were still a delight to explore and I loved the core gameplay of locating items, adding them to your inventory and then figuring out how and where they are to be used to progress. Dizzy also got me into speedrunning as they were relatively short games once you know what you're doing and I would always try and beat my best times.

    What is your favourite game and why?

    Final Fantasy VIII. Absolutely everything just clicks for me in this game: characters, story, music etc. I could go into detail as to why I think it's a good game in general, but that has little to do with it being my favourite. FFVIII is my favourite for reasons I can't really explain to other people, it simply resonates with my personal likes and tastes more than any other game I've played, before or after.

  • What was your first game?
    My first game was either Super Mario Bros. or The Legend of Zelda on NES. I remember playing both of those games a lot when I was young which lead to my parents getting me an N64 for my birthday.

    What was the game/s that clicked and made you a "gamer" and why?
    I think the game that really clicked with me was Mario 64. I think I got it with my N64 and I played it and others non stop kicking off my gaming hobby. I believe it was also the first game I actually beat on my own and I still remember it.

    What is your favorite game and why?
    Mario 64 is a good contender, but I think my favorite of all time would have to go to TES Oblivion. I really liked Morrowind and I totally agree with a lot of the critiques the game has received, but there's something about Oblivion or maybe the time in my life that it came out that was just right. I probably put a few hundred hours into it between PS3 and PC and even wrote a song about it for my band at the time heheh.

  • Sonic the Hedgehog 2 was my first game. Got a Genesis with that and Jurassic Park for Christmas in the first grade. Been a sega man ever since

    Knights of the Old Republic was the game that put me in another level of gaming, I'd been a fan since getting Sonic, but KOTOR really showed me that a game could be more than gameplay, that there could be an awesome story

    Final Fantasy VI is my favorite game, everything from the music, the characters and the gameplay is perfect. There isn't really anything in there I would changer other than Zozo and it being a town that has random encounters, though I guess it really is more a dungeon. But for what ever reason, its the only part of the game I don't like. I even remember the clock time, 6:10:50. What really stands out is the characters and their stories, and to steal a line from Brandon in their retrospective, their stories are often more tragic than the impending doom of the world (or something along those lines)

  • What was your first game?
    My first games were Sega Bass Fishing and Chu Chu Rocket on Sega Dreamcast. Chu Chu Rocket was way to frustrating at the time, so I spent most of the time making them big catches.

    What was the game/s that clicked and made you a "gamer" and why?
    The first game that changed my perception of games and pulled me in was Pokemon Gold on game Boy Colour. I remember falling in love with the idea of catching them all, something that I never achieved...

    What is your favorite game and why?
    This is tough one, but it's probably either Metal Gear Solid or Final Fantasy VII on PS1. Only played them both last year, but they captivating me and reinvigorated my love and passion for video games in a time of great uncertainty.

  • What was your first game?
    The first games I ever played were Rayman and Mortal Kombat, but I don't remember what I played them on. MK was the first game I played with my siblings and my sisters were terrified of Baraka.

    What games made you a "gamer" and why?
    I played plenty of games before it, but Kingdom Hearts 2 was the first game I sat down by myself and played and beat. My sister had a boyfriend at the time who introduced me to Steam but most importantly, Counter Strike. I played a good amount of CS Condition Zero and soon got introduced to one of my favorite games ever, Team Fortress 2. Playing TF2 for countless hours made me interested in looking for other online multiplayer games to get into.

    What is your favorite game and why?
    Terraria. That game has given me over 200 hours of entertainment and joy. I didn't get into the game when it was released, but when I did start playing it, it had so much content. There was so much for me to explore and discover and I've had tons of fun just spelunking to find loot and amass a collection of weapons, armor, items, and furniture. It's my cozy, feel good game that I come back to every now and then to be happy and get lost in a charming 2D pixel world.

  • @Faaip said in The Games that Made you a Gamer:

    but I think my favorite of all time would have to go to TES Oblivion. I really liked Morrowind and I totally agree with a lot of the critiques the game has received, but there's something about Oblivion or maybe the time in my life that it came out that was just right. I probably put a few hundred hours into it between PS3 and PC and even wrote a song about it for my band at the time heheh.

    I'd love to hear the song. :-)

    I've got 223 hours and counting on one Xbox 360 save file, no major DLC. Just finished the Thieves Guild, now collecting souls for armour upgrades.

  • @Oscillator Ah unfortunately we never recorded it.. though we did play it live all the time :[

    Its been years since I've played it. I've been thinking about grabbing it on steam with some mods to jump back in

  • What was your first game?
    I guess that would be Silent Hunter. A submarine naval warfare game on PC from 1996. But I think I was too young at that time to actually played it, i usually watched my dad play it and baby-me would fall asleep. I think I also played the game soon after.

    What was the game/s that clicked and made you a "gamer" and why?
    That would be The Settlers 3. A strategy game from 1998 on PC. Why? Not quite sure, to be honest. It was sooo colorful, the visuals were just so nice and pleasing. Great art direction. Then I guess there were the freedom to build your own kingdom or an empire. The creativity of managing your empire and the strategy of development and warfare that the game allows made it always interesting. Also, overtaking your enemy with a giant army was extremely fun.

    What is your favorite game and why?
    Prince of Persia: Warrior Within (2004). It was the first game where my jaw dropped multiple times. I was so shocked and impressed that a game can look so good, have so amazing combat, have so intense and surprising story and that it could make character so real. A single game achieved all of that for me and very few games achieved equal or better quality. Even after replaying it MULTIPLE times, I lways learned something new or I've always something else that I admire about it. To this day, I think both Sands of Time and Warrior Within are one of the "best games ever" though everyone can interpret that list differently.

  • What was your first game?

    First game was Turrican II on Amiga 500. I love this game to this day, and the Soundtrack has been engraved to my brain, permanently. I can see myself on my later years, demented, on a wheelchair, humming music from this game.

    What was the game/s that clicked and made you a "gamer" and why?

    That would be Secret of Mana on SNES. I played that game with my friend, and we loved every moment of it. That point onwards, I knew I wanted to play even more games, and have fun.

    What is your favorite game and why?

    I will have to give this to Ancient Domains of Mystery, or ADOM as it's often referred as. I love the depth, the possibilities and the world of this game. Yes, it's pretty rough for a newcomer to find this game appealing, because of the very steep learning curve, but I assure you, it's at least worth to try it out. And best of all, anyone can do that FREE.

    I feel like I'm repeatedly praising ADOM and Turrican II, but I can't help it. I love those two games, and nothing will change that easily.

  • First Game: i think it was either the tengen copy of afterburner on nes or megaman 3 not sure i got my mom's friends son's nes when he got a snes this was probably 1996 or 97

    First game that resonated with me: mario 3 it was the first game i would ask friends about and wed share cheats however by the time i got mario 3 i was in grade 2 or 3 so the n64 was already out

    Favorite Game: Ocarina of time i would finish that game just to start over from the very beginning again loved that game and while i dont play it much anymore i still go back from time to time

  • @Oscillator Oblivion has some awesome DLC, check out the Shivering Isles

  • @ACardAttack said in The Games that Made you a Gamer:

    @Oscillator Oblivion has some awesome DLC, check out the Shivering Isles

    Maybe, after I've had my fill of the base game.