Crackling audio during Bosman v Wozniak

  • Hi everyone,

    Kyle asked for suggestions on how to solve the crackling audio during his streams.

    Most of the time, the audio starts to crackle 2-4 minutes into the playback of a YouTube song. However, it can also happen when no YouTube music is playing. For instance, on timestamp 02:16:55 in the sound coming from the emulator crackles too.

    So it seems to be a general problem with XSplit or the computer, and not just related to YouTube or the browser.

    Usually, the problems stop for a while after the sound output from the PC itself (emulator, YouTube playback) stops. That suggests to me that constant audio output is causing some buffer to overflow, and only a pause in audio output allows the buffer to clear itself.

    Let's collect some suggestions and fix this problem together.

  • I wouldn't know, I honestly never noticed. At one point I thought it was an inside joke I somehow missed.

  • @ElTorro

    I would say change the audio sample rates on xsplit and windows to something lower like 48khz 16 bit or perhaps 44.1khz 16 bit. I think the problems is that kyle has 3 audio inputs going on at once and there isn't enough bandwith.

  • If nothing else works, it might be worth to make the switch from XSplit to OBS.

  • Maybe this?

    Go to Start -> Control panel -> Flash Player -> Advanced

    I deleted all "Site Data and Settings

  • Might want to run LatencyMon during a stream and see what exactly is causing the issues in Windows.

    It's also probably worth trying a different browser (just set up Firefox or something as your dedicated Youtube browser), or turning off (or on, depending on what the current setting is) hardware acceleration in Chrome.

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  • I found another youtube video which you probably already seen that says on Xsplit go to tools, general settings, uncheck silence detection.
    Also how many USBs are plugged into the computer. Is the webcam plugged into the back. Are the USB devices getting enough power?
    Could it be possible if you can test it out on your own twitch channel with your webcam and microphone unplugged while a youtube song playing at the same time as you're playing tetris.

  • Kyle should choose a time to do a test stream for troubleshooting purposes. Basically what he should do is add one thing at a time and confirm when it fails (youtube audio only, youtube+game audio, youtube+game+microphone audio). In addition, he should hear the viewer's end by listening to it with headphones on his phone. Audio issues are some of the hardest problems to resolve, so isolating the problem is key. Just trying random stuff is like wandering in the dark.

    Anecdotally, I have never heard the crackle...probably because I watch his stream on a TV. I also watch the VOD on twitch, so I don't know if it is just an issue during the live stream. The only thing resembling crackle that I hear is what I assume to be Kyle mashing on the controller. I always figured the reason we hear it a couple of minutes in is that as the game becomes faster/more difficult Kyle is mashing harder.

  • I agree, we should have a test stream to test out some of the options, including OBS.

  • The crackling, which actually sounds more like a garbling distortion, I've only heard after the Youtube music plays for a few minutes, and it stops when the music stops. I'd recommend a few things to look at or try:

    As some others have suggested, try a different browser to play the music. Start with Firefox (my browser of choice), which also has many add-ons which might be useful. Chrome has add-ons too, maybe Kyle is using one that is causing issues.

    If Firefox doesn't work out, there's also Opera, Safari, and just good ol' Internet Explorer that comes with Windows. (Edit: Safari for Windows is no longer supported, apparently.)

    One other thing, several weeks ago Kyle changed his mic, either got a new one or moved it. You can tell the difference because we can hear a lot more controller and keyboard noises and thunks on the table than before. If the mic is a new one, maybe the drivers are causing issues, check for updates or maybe try uninstalling and going back to the old mic as a test.

    Speaking of mics, just slightly off-topic, the mic audio during group streams needs improvement. That big mic they use doesn't pick up people more than a few feet away very well, but does pick up every bump and knock on the table it rests on. I'd recommend getting a mic that can be mounted on the TV or something like that to get it away from the table noise, something that can cover the room better and won't blow out everybody's ears when Huber emotes a war cry. I have no experience with mics like this, so I don't have a recommendation, maybe an omni-directional meeting/teleconference microphone?

  • I think it would help if Kyle made a list of all things he already attempted.

    It's a complex problem, involving audio input/output, live streaming, codecs and browsers.

    We know the problem involves:

    • Using youtube over the Browser (Chrome?)
    • Only appears after some time with the music playing and gets worse over time (something audio buffer related?)
    • "Resets" if the music is changed
    • The distortion/crackle is more noticeable in the bass/low end of the music

    Does it affect only the music and not the game audio and/or the voice? (I think so, but I'd like some confirmation)

  • The crackle also manifests outside of playing YouTube videos. There is one example in the OP.

  • I'm not positive about this, but "thinner" tracks with less low end seem to crackle less. The crackle also seems to match the beat to a degree.

  • One thing Kyle should also check is his sound card drivers. Make sure they're up-to-date and there aren't any known issues with his sound card and XSplit. And has been discussed, check the audio settings for XSplit (and if nothing fixes the issues with XSplit, trying out OBS just as a test).

    EDIT: I just listened to OP's sample at 2:16:55 and the distortion continues after the Youtube music stops WHILE the Tetris high score music is playing, and stops when that music stops. Makes me think it's some sort of overload of the audio stream, which is probably an XSplit settings or audio driver issue. EDIT AGAIN: Or Windows Audio Mixer issue, after reading this:

  • @NeverTooOld Kyle started using OBS on his last Fun Game Monday stream, so next friday we'll know if it's Xplit specific or something driver related.