Brandon Plays Pokémon - Official Discussion Thread

  • This was a great series, but the final battle was definitely a disappointment. I remember how shocking it was to transition from casual play to competitive battling in Pokemon. I had a team full of legendaries get rocked by a trick room team on PBR and it completely changed my views on battling. Just wish Kyle had leveled up some more so he could show Brandon strategies that were different from loading up your Pokemon with the same type attacks.

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  • I think it's kind of crazy to want Brandon to play other pokemon titles before Sun and Moon now.

    With the new Alolan subspecies, it seems like they're really making the play for gen 1 nostalgia—even more so than the mega evolutions of Charizard, Blastoise, Venisaur, and Mewtwo did. That leak that was confirmed in part apparently also included a bunch of Alolan versions of Kanto pokemon, like water Growlithe & Arcanine. It'll be really interesting to see Brandon digest all of these gen 1 remixes (especially Exeggutor, lol).

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    Him and Jigglypuff were the best part of the OG series

  • Just a quick drop by to say thank you, this series was incredible and i wish i could relive all those memories again for the first time. It's funny to see such an old game still holding up and getting Jones on the Pokemon hypetrain.

  • Appreciate the series. Learned a couple of things about the original games while reliving some of the wonder of those early pokemon hunting days.

  • Great series. Probably my favourite thing EZA has done yet.

  • But a spinoff, perhaps...

  • @Haru17 Awww yeah!!! Snap was so magical back in the day, I think I preferred it to Stadium. I watched a ton of animal documentaries as a kid, so getting to see the Pokemon in their natural environment was a huge hook.

  • So how will I know when to watch the stream of them watching Pokemon origins!?!

  • @tedwardy The last I heard was a plan to do the Origins stream after their group stream on Tuesday.

  • I really hope they can host this after the fact on Patron because there is no way I'm going to be able to watch it live and I really want to see them watch Origins together.

  • I think they said they won't be uploading it anywhere, but I could be wrong. Bummed because I'm definitely gonna miss it too. We'll just have to check the Twitch archives.

  • Nice, they did archive it!

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  • This was easily the best series of videos I have ever watched on youtube. Gaming related or otherwise. Thank you so much Brandon and Kyle for bringing this show to us, it was really something special.

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    I just have to agree with other people in this thread... best series on Youtube! possibly best thing EZA has done to date! I am currently watching the Origins with them and its amazing! I hope they keep on having some pokémon-themed series going!

    I would give my right arm for watching Brandon play silver.

  • i have played Pokemon several times, red, yellow, gold, emerald, but often leave it half way or i only defeat the first gym and that's it! Thanks to this show i'm on the 35hr of gameplay of red version, 70 pokemon own and over 100 seen i even catched Articuno, i really want to but a 3ds to play the newer versions, all thanks to this show.

    Best show i've ever seen.

  • I never thought I would enjoy two dudes talking about Pokemon for 10 episodes. Yet it was my favorite things to listen to every week. Brandon's enthusiasm and Kyle's excitement to share and guide Brandon was just straight up amazing

  • It's great to share things you love and see someone enjoy them. This series was incredibly entertaining largely due to the wonder that filled Brandon as he explored the beginnings of this franchise. It also leaves a bit of salt considering what they have (or haven't) done in the 20 years since.

  • I am older than Brandon by a bit and missed the Pokeman train as well so it was awesome to see what all the fuss was about from a peer. Turned a few folks at work onto the series as well.