Brandon Plays Pokémon - Official Discussion Thread

  • @Hoken I agree, second gen is basically a continuation of R&B, which never happened again in main games and it would be awesome for Brandon to experience the whole story. Also, the vibe of the game and the amazing lore of second gen is just soooo good! But I totally get the reasons if he doesn't play it next.

  • @seppo91 i can't remember which episode i saw but i remember jones say that the brandon plays videos takes a lot of time from his personal life and editing together so if they were to do it again with another game they would take a break for about 3 months to let it settle and not just focus on brandon plays :).

  • @Hetsig That was a recent cup of jones I believe

  • Probably the one show I look forward the most from EZA right now. I love how long they've been getting lol

  • Oh my gosh, I love this show. I'm so sad that we're going to be without it for the next few weeks. I love the questions Kyle asks. People keep asking for a sequel, but I honestly don't even know what game could possibly be played in this manner. Maybe FFIX for someone who was never into RPGs. But FFIX is a faaaaaar far shot from the popularity of Pokemon, so there's just nothing that could succeed this show.

  • @Inflorescence We can't rush it. It's all about embracing the franchise. Brandon has to watch Pokemon the cartoon for context. We need to hear how he feels the story unfolds and how the game compares. Imagine if Brandon starts collecting pokemon cards. Oh god. We're going to bankrupt Easy Allies.

  • Currently this is my favourite show on EZA. Is amazing to see how Brandon discovers everything, and how questions or notices details that I, having completed the original pokemon games a few times didn't pay attention to. Also like how Kyle manages the info he gives to Brandon, he knows this is a show about discovery, and reactions, so makes it so much better. I hope someday, after this show is completed Brandon makes a second season with Gold or Silver, just his reactions to the new Pokemon would make it worth it.

    After watching an episode, I inmediately feel the need to start a new game on Pokemon Yellow and do a run with some Pokes I've never used before. Hopefuly some day.

  • I really love this show. Makes me want to do a Nuzlock challenge.

  • This is my favourite show at the moment. Also it struck me again seeing the original drawings for these Pokemon how much better they look in that style. I wish Pokemon still looked like that.

  • I'm waiting for the episode Brandon rages because Gen 1's box system screws him over. Everyone forgets that the original games didn't automatically send Pokémon to a new box when the current is full. You had to manually go to a PC and change it before you could catch any new Pokémon

  • @SEEGAAAA Didn't that already happen?

  • @Hetsig Yeah I remember that, that's why I thought the show could go on with someone else in the meantime. Rotating cast. next maybe Ben goes through persona with someone?

  • @seppo91 said in Brandon Plays Pokémon - Official Discussion Thread:

    @SEEGAAAA Didn't that already happen?

    I remember him complaining about how cumbersome the box system is but I don't think there's been a situation in which he's attempted to catch a Pokemon and not been able to because of the box being full.

  • He accidentally discovered the box limitations when he tried to catch another trainer's pokemon. Kyle cleared up his misconception about why the catch failed and the box issues.

  • The only thing I really want see happen is Brandon discover the Eeveelutions and make it part of his team. Probably the only way this will happen is Vaporeon since he won't replace Johnny or Sparky

    And in the 'What did we miss finale' Bosman forcing the Haunter trade.

  • @Sparks Yeah I wanna hear what Brandon thinks of Gengar. hehe and I love how Kyle has teased Eevee so far

  • This show is SOOO much fun, I love it! Makes me want to record my Sun and Moon playthrough with my own fan-art comics or something.

  • Brandon Plays Pokémon is my favourite EZA show so sad that it is on break for the next few weeks.

  • @seppo91 Yeah, exactly in the same boat with you. I never officially acknowledged the existence of any Pokemon beyond Mew, so this fill me up with a LOT of nostalgia :) Fun to see somebody experience it for the first time..

  • Brandon's rant about using the rod is my favourite moment of this so far, such a great series. I hope they can pick it up later in the year for Pokemon Gold/Silver, or even Heart Gold/Soul Silver is that's easy to do since it'll already work in the 3DS.